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Full text of "Genealogy of the Barber family : the descendants of Robert Barber of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania"

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Edwix AtLee Barber, A. M., 





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"Genealogical Record of the AtLee Family." 

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1890. \<\ 



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The preparation of a Genealogical Record of the Barber 
Family has been delayed so long that much valuable data 
has been lost during the two centuries which have elapsed 
since ROBERT BARBER came to America. The object of 
this book is the collection and permanent preservation of what 
material is still procurable. It is not designed for general 
circulation, as the record is presumably of interest only to 
those who are directly concerned. The work was commenced 
by my father, the late William E. Barber, of West Chester, 
Pa., and when, at his death, the unfinished " tree" came into 
my hands, I determined to complete the genealogy, so far as 
the aid of the various branches of the family might be 
enlisted. I believe no similar work has ever yet been pub- 
lished which will be found to be absolutely complete. The 
difficulties encountered in such an enterprise are known only 
to those who have had practical experience in this direction, 
and the few gaps or omissions which occur herein must be 
attributed mainly to the lack of interest on the part of those 
who alone could have furnished the full information desired. 

I beg to acknowledge my indebtedness to all who have fur- 
nished the records of their respective branches, but I desire 
particularly to express the deep sense of obligation I am 
under to Lieut.-Colonel Samuel Wright, Mr. Geo. W. Halde- 
man, Samuel Evans, Esquire, Mrs. Anna E. Shoch and 



Mrs. Anne B. Essick, of Columbia, Pa. ; to Mr. Henry S. Bar- 
ber, of Freeport, 111. ; to Mr. John V. Barber, of Mifflinburgh, 
Pa. ; to Mr. John A. Dicks, of Natchez, Miss. ; to Mr. Robert 
H. Dicks, of Dayton, Ohio, and to Gilbert Cope, Genealogist, 
of AYest Chester, Pa., for the valuable assistance they have 
rendered me, in placing at my command all data which they 
possessed relating to the family history. The Robert and 
Thomas Barber branches, of Buffalo Valley, have been kindly 
furnished, for the greater part, by Mr, Henry S. Barber, from 
the manuscript record prepared by him in conjunction with 
the late William Wright, of Freeport, 111. That I have been 
enabled to produce the tolerably complete record which will 
be found in the pages that follow, is owing, in great measure, 
to the interest they have manifested in ray labors. 

I beg to extend my thanks, also, to the proprietor of the 
Columbia Spy for the use of the portraits of Mr. George W. 
Haldeman and Mr. Henry H. Houston, which first appeared 
in the issues of that paper commemorating the centennial anni- 
versary of the founding of that borough. 

The earlier history of the family, as here given, is probably 
as full and complete as it is possible, at this late day, to 
make it. 

I have to request, in conclusion, that members of the family 
advise me of any errors or omissions which they may discover 
in this edition, and also that they promptly notify me here- 
after of all births, marriages and deaths within the family, 
which may come to their notice, in order that I may be enabled 
to perfect and continue the record, with a view to publishing 

a larger edition at some future time. 

E. A. B. 
Wed Chester, March 1st, 1890. 



Of the several stocks of the Barber family which came to 
America from Great Britain, this volume has to deal only 
with the descendants of Robert Barber, of Lancaster Co., Pa., 
whose ancestry, it is generally supposed, belonged to York- 
shire, England. It has not been found possible to trace the 
pedigree back of the father of Robert, whose name was John. 

There are several distinct families of this name in the 
United States. The Barbour family of Virginia, according 
to Mr. R. A. Brock, of Richmond, claim to be of the lineage 
of John Barbour, one of the earliest Scotch poets and his- 
torians, and Arch-Deacon of Aberdeen in 1357, who died in 
1396. Some of this family settled in Virginia as early as 
1651, but no connection can be traced to the Yorkshire stock. 
The spelling of the name in the earlier records of Virginia 
was Barber. Another family of this name went to New Jer- 
sey, and a third settled in Rhode Island, at King's Town, 
previous to 1687. In the Public Records of Bucks Co., Pa., 
mention is made of one "John Barber and Elizabeth his^ 
wife, eldest daughter of John Songhurst of Shipley, County 
of Sussex, England," from list of arrivals with Wm. Penn, 
in 1682. The will of this John Barber is recorded in Phila- 
delphia.^ It was written on board the " Welcome,'" " now going 

^ Book A, p. 10, Register of Wills Office. 

2 9 


for Pennsylvania," dated 7th mo. 20th, 1682, and in it allu- 
sion is made to a brother Edward, and sisters Mary, Sarah 
and Hannah, and to his wife Elizabeth, then with child. 
According to an account of lands in Pennsylvania granted by 
Penn to several purchasers within the kingdom of England, 
Ireland and Scotland,^ John Barber received 250, and sub- 
sequently 2500, and John Songhurst 1250 (presumably acres). 
The former was evidently coming out to take up his grant, 
and is believed to have died on the voyage, or soon after his 
arrival. No connection between this family and the Lan- 
caster County branch, however, can be traced. 

A fifth family of the same name came to America from 
Scotland. There were three brothers — James, who settled in 
New York, and David and John, who went to Centre County, 
Pa. Judge John Barber, the last named, with Judge Potter, 
held the first court in Bellefonte, in 1800. 

Of the descendants of Robert Barber, of Lancaster Co., 
Pa., one branch went to Buflfalo Valley, Northumberland 
Co., Pa. (now Union), about 1785, and from there a colony 
migrated to Stephenson Co., 111., in the year 1835. 

2 See Penna. Archives, 1st Series, Vol. I, pp. 40-42. Also Annals of Penna., 
Vol. I. 







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Some time previous to the year 1688, ROBERT 
BARBAR, a cordwainer, came, it is supposed, from York- 
shire, England,^ and settled in the neighborhood of Chester, Pa. 
From what part of Yorkshire he came, or what was his history 
previous to his arrival in America cannot be ascertained. 
Neither is it known exactly when he left England, but it 
appears that he reached the banks of the Delaware about the 
year 1687. He was a member of the Society of Friends, and 
soon became prominent in Chester Meeting. The earliest 
record we are able to find of him is in the minutes of a Quar- 
terly Meeting, held at Walter Faucit's house, in Chester, on 
the 6th of 12th month, 1687. His name occurs frequently in 
the early minutes and records of Friends' ' Meetings, from 
which the following extracts are made : " Att a monthly 
meeting att Walter Faucit y*" 5th of y'' 1st m" 1688 Agreed 
that Bartholomew Copeck and Robert Barber speak to Josiah 
Taylor that hee comes to the next monthly meeting and con- 
demn his seting up his Paper." * 

At the marriage of Benjamin Mendenhall, of Concord, 
wheelwright, and Ann Pennell, which occurred on the 17th 
day of 2d mo., 1689, he was one of the witnesses present, and 
signed his name Robert Barbar. ^ 

He was one of the committee appointed to supervise the 
building of the first meeting house in Chester, as appears from 
the following extraat from minutes of Chester Meeting, under 
date of 1st mo. 5th, 1693-4 :— 

"This meeting appoints John Simcocke, Randall Vernon, 

3 The name Barber is common in Yorkshire to-day, but all efforts to trace 
Robert Barbar's ancestry have been futile. 

4 See Minutes of Chester Meeting, Media, Delaware Co., Pa. 

^ See Records of Concord Meeting, in the Historical Soc. of Penna. 


AValter fFaucet, Rob' Barber, R. Carter to meet John Bristow 
and Caleb Pusey in order to make up ye accounts w''*' y"" con- 
cerning y^ meeting house at Chester, and also to receive y® 
Deed of y^ Land the S*^ house stands upon, and give an ac- 
count thereof to the next monthly meeting, and also to bring 
ye S' Deed." ^ - 

He was married to Hannah Ogden in 1690, as is shown by 
the following, from Minutes of Chester Meeting : — 

" Att a monthly meeting att Walter Faucits y^ IS^*" of y^ 
8'^ mo. 1690 Robert Barber and Hannah Ogden boath Be- 
longing to this mo : meeting Layd their intentions of marriage 
before this meeting being the first time thee meeing orders 
Caleb Pusey and Randall Vernon to Inquier concrning his 
Clearness and Lidia Wade and Mary Hodgkins to Inquier 
concerning her clearness and make Report next monthly meet- 

" Att a Monthly meeting att Walter Faucits y' 3* of y" 9*^^ 
mo. 1690 Robert Barber and Hannah Ogden boath Belonging 
to this monthly meeting Layd their intentions of marriage 
before this meeting being the Second time and things being 
found cleare concerning them they were Left to their 
Liberty to accomplish their marriage according to the Order 
of Truth." 

He was a taxable in the township of Chester in 1693, when 
he appears to have paid the sum of 2s. 9d.'^ For a number 
of years he carried on his trade and cultivated the land 
which he purchased from time to time, from David Lloyd, of 
Philadelphia, and others. From the former he bought, 10th 
mo. 13th, 1693,a piece of land in Chester, "for the consideration 
often Pounds currant Silver Money of the said Province,"^ 
and various other deeds of property show that he became pos- 

® See Cope's Sharjiless Genealogy,]). 99. 

^ See History of Chester Co., Futhey and Cope, p. 33. 

^ See Deed Book A, p. 229, Court Records of Chester Co., Pa. 


Now owned by Isaiah H. Mirkil, 


sessed, in a few years, of considerable land on Crum Creek 
and adjoining the town of Chester. David Lloyd conveyed 
to Robert Barbar, March 15th, 169f, forty feet of ground 
in consideration of the payment of £10,'' and it was either 
on this lot or the one mentioned above that the latter erected 
a substantial brick dwelling, a portion of which is still stand- 
ing, on the northeast corner of Second Street and Edgmont 
Ave., adjoining the present Edgmont House, in the city of 
Chester, Pa. 

" The house was an imposing one in its day. The pent-roof 
over the second-story window still remains, although the porch, 
which formerly projected out some distance on -the sidewalk, 
has been removed. It has two doors; the eastern one leading 
into the parlor, and the western door into the hall-way, a 
room of the same size as the one on the opposite side, and in 
this apartment the staircase ascended to the rooms above. 
Back of this was the sitting-room, while in the rear of the 
parlor was a dining-room. The fire-places and hearths in 
the hall-room and the parlor were laid in blue tiles, present- 
ing scenes from Scriptural history, and in the chambers 
above, on each side of the fire-places, were large closets, simi- 
lar to those in most dwellings built at that period." ^'^ It is 
clain^ed that in this house, in the northwest room of the first 
floor, the wounded foot of General Lafayette was dressed, 
after the battle of Brandywine. 

The widow of Robert Barbar (who, after the death of 
the latter, married William Hudson), having lost her second 
husband, " on Nov. 19th, 1743, as Hannah Hudson, conveyed 
her life estate to Robert Barber (nephew), thus vesting in 
him the title absolutely. The latter, and Hannah his wife, 
then residing in Hempfield, Lancaster County, in considera- 
tion of ten shillings and ' the love and natural aflfection they 

9 See Deed Book L, p. 104, Ibid. 

1" History of Delaware County, by Henry Gi'aham Ashmead, p. 359. 


bear unto their son,' on August 11, 1747, conveyed the 
premises and a tract of six acres and other lots in Chester, to 
John Barber," ^^ who afterwards sold the property to Peter 
Dicks. ^'^ The house subsequently passed through several 
hands. In 1842, Thomas Robinson purchased it and in 
making alterations he had the old fire-places torn out, and the 
antique tiles were thrown into the street and carried off by 
children. In 1866 it was bought by Isaiah H. Mirkil, who 
still owns it. The only alterations he made to it were the 
addition of two dormer windows, and the renewal of the 

It has been stated in several publications that Robert Bar- 
ber, the nephew, had led a sea-faring life and was at one time 
a prisoner in France, but this is an error ; the statement 
applied to Robert Barbar the uncle. The true facts in the 
case are as follows : David Lloyd, Speaker of the Assembly, 
forwarded his notorious " Remonstrance," dated 26th of 
6th mo. 1704, together with a letter, to William Penn, by 
the hand of his friend Robert Barbar, who sailed in the brig- 
antine commanded by John Guy, to New York. On the 
voyage across the ocean Robert Barbar was taken by a cruiser, 
and carried to France and thrown into prison. The nature 
of these papers was not known to the bearer, as he was 
induced to believe that they were official documents of import- 
ance from the Assembly. ^^ How long he was detained in France 
does not appear, but his imprisonment could not have been of 
long duration, as, at a Council held in Philadelphia on March 
19th, 170f, he was appointed one of five persons to survey 

^1 Historical Sketch of Chester, on Delaivare, by Wm. Shaler Johnson, 
Chester, 1883, p. 121, et seq. (See, also, Deed Book G, p. 277, Chester Co. 
Court Records.) 

12 By a release dated Nov. 5th, 1747, "John Barber and Mary his wife ye 
Grantors named therein," this property was conveyed to Peter Dicks for the 
consideration of £160 (see Book G, p. 302, Court Records, West Chester, Pa.) 

13 See Penn and Logan Correspondence, Vol. I, pp. 331-2. 


and lay out the Queen's Road from Darby " to answer the 
bridge on Chester Creek." ^* 

Robert Barbar died without issue in Chester in the year 
1709, probably in September, as his will was probated on 
October 2d of. that year. By its provisions much of his prop- 
erty was left to a nephew, Robert Barber, son of his brother 
John, who came from England sometime between 1690 and 
1708, probably in 1099,^^ and letters of administration were 
granted to Hannah his wife. The latter soon afterward 
married William Hudson, of Chester, as appears in a deed 
from James Barber (cousin of Robert, the uncle), to David 
Lloyd, dated March 18th, 1711,^^ wherein she is described as 
" Hannah, the now wife of William Hudson," conveying 
lands fronting on the river Delaware and Crura Creek, form- 
erly belonging to Robert Barbar, to said Lloyd. 

" Colonial Records, Vol. 2, p. 237. 

15 See copy of Will in Appendix A. 

16 Book A, p. 344, Court Records of Chester Co., Pa. 



As is shown in the will of Robert Barbar, his cousin 
JAMES BARBAR, who came to America between 1699 
and 1705, resided with him in Chester. To the latter w^as 
devised the plantation at Crum Creek, which was bought of 
Walter Faucit's executrix, to hold in trust, the rents to go 
to Hannah, the wafe of Robert Barbar, until the said James 
should marry, in which event it was to go to the latter or his 
heirs. In case James Barbar had no issue, the property was 
to revert to Robert Barber, nephew of the testator. James 
Barbar was a taxable in Chester in the year 1715, when he 
was taxed Is. Sd., and continued to hold property until the 
time of his death. On March 18th, 1711, he conveyed to 
David Lloyd ninety-five acres in Ridley township, on which 
the former was then living, for £80, subject to the annual 
rental of £3 15s., wdiich was to be paid to Hannah, then the 
wife of William Hudson, according to the terms of Robert 
Barbar's will.^' 

A lot situated on the north side of Second St., west of 
Market St., in the city of Chester, was conveyed by David 
Lloyd, James Lowms and Susanna his wife, to James Barbar, 
on Nov. 27th, 1712. On this ground the latter built the 
brick house, which was until recently used as a bottling 
establishment and restaurant, in which he resided until 1732. 
It had a pent roof extending over the window of the first 

James Barbar m., about 1711 or '12, Susanna Richards, of 
Aston. He d. 173|, and letters of administration were granted 
to Thomas Hayward, at Chester, on Feb. 8th of that year. 

^^ See Deed Book A, p. 344, Chester Co. Court Records. 
^^ See Admin. Book A. 1, p. 133^, Ibid. 



She d. in 1748, and letters were granted to Joseph Kichards 
on Oct. 6th of that year.^^ 

Issue (Barber) : 

I. 1. MARY, m. John Young, a cooper, of Chester, Pa. 
He was of Middletown in 1730, and Chester from 1732 to 
1742, the year of his death. 

Issue (Young) : 

II. 1. AXX, b. about 1731 ; m., 8th mo. 2d, 1751, at 
Concord Meeting, Abraham Sharpies, b. in Middletown, 
1st mo. 7th, 1720, son of Joseph Sharpies. He d. in 
Nether Providence, in 1784. She d. in 1769. 

Issue (Sharpies) : 

III. 1. Mary, b. 5th mo. 6th, 1752; m. Gideon Hizer. 

III. 2. Phineas, d. in his first year. 

III. 3. Phebe, b. 11th mo. loth, 1755; d. 1787; m. 
Abner Coppock. 

III. 4. Esther, d. about 1776, aged about 19 years. 

III. 5. Abraham, b. 10th mo. 16th, 1758; d. 8th mo. 
30th, 1849 ; m. Dinah Flower. 

III. 6. Lydia, b. 8th mo. 18th, 1760 ; d. 4th mo. 14th, 
1818; m. James Moore. 

III. 7. Grace, b. 3d mo. 9th, 1761 ; buried at Middle- 
town 6th mo. 7th, 1816. 

III. 8. Rebecca, b. 9th mo. 16th, 1768; d. 1794, unm. 

III. 9. Enoch, d. aged about one year.^^ 

19 See Book 2, p. 59, Ibid. 

20 From Genealogy of the Sharpies Family, by Gilbert Cope, p. 178. 



(i) I. ROBERT BARBER, the head of the Lancaster 
County branch, was the second sun of John Barber, of York- 
shire, England, and came to America to join his uncle, Robert 
Barbar, of Chester, Pa., about the year 1699,"^ as an appren- 
tice at the trade of shoeraaking. At the death of the uncle, 
in 1708, the nephew inherited a considerable portion of the 
estate (see will of Robert Barbar in Appendix), and soon took 
his relative's place in public and religious affairs. 

(2) He married, 5th month, 17th, 1718, Hannah, daughter 
of William Tidmarsh. According to the records of Chester 
Meeting (Certificates of Marriage, Vol. 9, p. 46), the follow- 
ing relatives of the bride and groom were present : James 
Barbar (his father's cousin), William Tidmarsh, Rose Tid- 
marsh and Sarah Tidmarsh. 

Robert Barber seems to have entered actively into politics 
at an early age. At a Council held at Philadelphia, Oct. 3d, 
1719, which was presided over by the Honourable William 
Keith, Esq., Governeur, to receive the returns of an election 
for sheriff and coroner, " Nicholas Fairlamb and Robert 
Barber being returned for the office of sheriff, Nicholas Fair- 
lamb is appointed." Robert's defeat does not seem to have 
discouraged him, for we find him soon after running for the 
office of coroner, and at a Council held at Philadelphia on 
Oct 4th, 1721, he was declared elected coroner of the county 
of Chester. 

In 1724 he was elected a member of the Board of Assessors 

21 It is supposed that Robert Barber came to America with the children 
of Mrs. Williams, a sister of Hannah Ogden, reaching Cliester in the 3d 
month, 1G99, their passage being paid by Robert Barbar, the uncle. The 
records, however, dn not show this. Of these children, three were bound to 
Robert Barbar. The fourth was bound to David Ogden. 

Novo embraced within the limits of Columbia, Pa. 


of Chester County, and it was while acting in this capacity, 
and on duty in Conestoga township, that he discovered the 
land on the Susquehanna, which he afterward purchased. In 
the year 1726 he took up 500 acres of land on the eastern 
bank of the river, above where the town of Columbia now 
stands. This tract was conveyed to him by purchase, on 
August 19th, 1726, by Jeremiah Langhorne, agent of the 
proprietors. The title runs — 

Wm. Penn to George Beale, of Surrey, England, 17-18 of 
11th mo., 1701. 

George Beale to Jeremiah Langhorne, 17-18 Oct., 1718. 

Jeremiah Langhorne to Robert Barber, 19-20 Aug., 1726. 

Under date of August 30-31 , by lease and release, Robert 
Barber conveyed to Susanna Wright, at Chester, 100 acres ; 
and by similar instruments, September 20th, to John Wright, 
150 acres of this tract. Samuel Blunston purchased, August 
23d, 1726, from James Logan, 300 acres adjoining the above- 
mentioned 500 acres, and subsequently, from the same, under 
date of January 10th, 1733, 300 acres, to which he afterward 
added, by Patent, June 2d, 1741, 225 acres purchased from 
the Penns, bringing his lands to the Chicques Hills, as stated 
in Miss Barber's memoirs.'""^ John Wright and Samuel 
Blunston left Chester and Darby for Conestoga, in order to 
begin a settlement at Shawanah town on Susquehanna, upon 
the 12th day of September, 1726. The tradition is that 
Robert Barber preceded them and selected the site. They 
were all members of the Society of Friends. None of them 
seem to have settled permanently with their families upon 
this land until a year or so later. The exact date of Robert 
Barber's return to the Susquehanna is not known, but he 
probably left Chester with his family some time in the year 
1728. He and his wife were present at Chester Monthly 
Meeting, 6th month, 28th, 1727, as representatives from 

22 See Appendix D. 


Chester Preparative Meetiog. At a moDthly meeting held 
1st month 25th, 1728, at Providence meeting house, the 
records of Chester Meeting show that " Robert Barber being 
about to Remove himself and family to Conastogo Requests a 
Certificate to Newgarden monthly meeting on that account." 
The certificate was granted at next meeting, held 2d month 
29th, 1728. 

The Barbers do not seem to have availed themselves of this 
certificate, however, and did not connect themselves with any 
meeting in Lancaster County during the lifetime of Robert. 
On the 28th of 3d month, 1733, Chester Monthly Meeting 
" being informed by a member of Newgarden Monthly Meet- 
ing that Robert Barber still neglects to deliver his Certificate 
to that meeting which he received from this several years 
ago although he hath formerly been advised thereto, Jacob 
Howell and Samuel Levis Jn' are apointed to write to him 
again and lay the ill consequence of the neglect thereof before 
him." The committee wrote to him, but the result does not 
appear ia the records. At that time New Garden Monthly 
Meeting included the territory which in 1737 was set apart 
for Sadsbury Monthly Meeting. The New Garden records 
do not contain anything about the Barber family. In con- 
sequence of this neglect on the part of Robert Barber, the 
dates of birth of the children born in Lancaster County 
are not found in the records of any of the monthly meet- 
ings, and it has not been found possible to procure them 

Just below where Columbia now stands, Robert Barber 
built his house, near the present residence of Mr. Jacob C. 
Stoner, but the old building has long since been torn down. 
The old log prison stood about fifty feet in front of where Mr. 
Stoner's house now stands. He continued in politics for several 
years, and at a council held at Philadel})hia, on May 8th, 
1729, he was appointed first sheriff* of Lancaster County, 
after its erection, and his commission was ordered to be pre- 


pared. At a council held at the same place, on Oct. 4th, 
1729, he was reappointed sheriff. He was not a candi- 
date for reelection the following year, as Lancaster had 
been made the county seat, much to his disappointment ; 
and he was succeeded by John Galbraith of Donegal, on 
Oct. 3d, 1730. 

Robert Barber was one of seven persons appointed to view 
and layout a road from Lancaster to the division line between 
the counties of Chester and Lancaster, at a council held at 
Philadelphia, Jan. 29th, 1730. In 1740 he was elected Com- 
missioner of Lancaster County. He was prominent in Cres- 
sap's war, and though he did not bear arms he was active in 
the interest of the Penns. He was for many years amongst the 
foremost men of Lancaster County in all public enterprises, 
but gradually went out of notice, and devoted the latter years 
of his life to the support of his large family. 

Robert Barber died at Columbia, in September, 1749, aged 
about 57. He was buried in a part of the old Columbia 
cemetery which was called in early days the " Brick Grave- 
yard," because it was enclosed by a wall, the bricks of which 
were brought from England. The Barbers being Friends, 
their graves were unmarked, and now all traces of them are 
lost. Sheriff Barber died intestate, and letters of administra- 
tion were taken out Oct. 6th, 1749, by his widow,-^ who, with 
the children, had entered into an agreement to divide the real 
estate, under date of Sept. 17th, 17-19. 

No portrait of Robert Barber seems to be in existence, but 
his signature and seal are here reproduced from an old docu- 

23 At a monthly meeting of Sadsbury, held at Lampeter 3d of 3d mo., 1755, 
" Widdow Barber jiroduced a certificate from Providence bearing date the 29th 
of ye 2™o 1728 Recommending her in unity, and its Rec^, 'Ihe Widdow Bar- 
ber's Children Requests to come under care of Friends." At a monthly meet- 
ing held at Lampeter the 5th of 5th mo. 1755, "The Widdow Barber's 
Childrens Request is granted." — Yrom Minutes of Sadshunj Monthly Meeting, 
p. 71. 


ment, dated Jan. 12th, 1739, which has been furnished by 
Samuel Evans, Esq., of Columbia : — 


Issue of Robert and Hannah Tidmarsh Barber : 

(3) II. ELEAXOR, b. 11th mo. 1st, 1718. First Branch. 

) 11. JOHN, b. 8th mo. 13th, 1720. Second Branch. 

85) 11. ROBERT, b. 10th mo. 10th, 1722. Third Branch. 

083) 11. THOMAS, b. 10th mo. 20th, 1724. Fourth Branch. 

064) 11. NATHANIEL,b. 9th mo. 9th, 1727. Fifth Branch. 

259) II. ELIZABETH,b. 1st mo. 24th, 1729. Sixth Branch. 

260) II. MARY, b. 3d mo. 8th, 1732. Seventh Branch. 




II. SARAH, b. . Eighth Branch. 

275) II. JAMES, b. . Ninth Branch. 

542) II. SAMUEL, b. . Tenth Branch. 



(3) II. 1. ELEAXOR BARBER, eldest dr. of Robert and 
Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. at Chester, Pa., 
11th mo. 1st, 1718 ; m., in April, 1734, John Wright, 
Jr., b. Mar. 18th, 1710, in Manchester, England, son of 
John Wright and Patience Gibson. He d. Oct., 1759, 
at Wright's Ferry, York Co., Pa. She d. . 

Issue (Wright) : 

(5) III. 1. James, b. June 30th, 1735; d. in infancy. 

(6) III. 2. Patience, b. Mar. 24th, 1737; m. General 

James Ewing, an officer in the Revolutionary Army, 
who d. about 1806. She d. in 1794, at Nottingham. 

Issue (Ewing) : 
(s) IV. 1. ELEANOR, m. Johu Mifflin, of Cecil Co., Md. 

Issue (Mifflin) : 
(10) V. 1. James Ewing, b. May 25th, 1791 ; m., July 

4th, 1839, Susan Eleanor Houston, dr. of James 

Houston. He d. April 1st, 1842. She d. . 

(See 117, 118.) 

Issue (Mifflin) : 
(12) VI. 1. Eleanor Ewing, b. May 20th, 1840 ; ra.. 

May 27th, 1857, George W. Mifflin. She d. 
June 7th, 1860. 


Issue (Mifflin): 

(u) VII. 1. James Warner, b. Oct. 11th, 1859; 

• d. Aug. 18th, 1862. 

(is) VI. 2. James Ewing, b. Oct. 22d, 1841 ; ra., 

June 28th, 1866, Annie Wright, b. Nov. 1st, 
1844, dr. of John Lowdon Wright (see 1212, 

Issue (Mifflin) : 

(17) VII. 1. James Ewing, b. April 19th, 1867. 

(i8) VII. 2. John Lowdon Wright, b. Dec. 25th, 


(19) VII. 3. Howard E., b. Sept. 27th, 1874; d. 

June 9th, 1875. 


(20) III. 3. James, b. Sept. 21st, 1739 ; d. , unm. 

(21) III. 4. Robert, b. in 1741 ; d. May 1767, unm. 

(22) III. 5. John, b. Sept. 12th, 1744 ; m. . 

Issue (Wright) : 

(24) IV. 1. ELEANOR, b. ; d. Feb. 17-52. 

(25) III. 6. Susanna, b. Nov. 18th, 1747 ; d. in infancy. 

(26) III. 7. Susanna, b. Aug. 24th, 1752 ; m., May 6th, 1773, 

Dr. John Houston, b. in 1743 ; grad. at Edinburg 
College, Scotland, 1766; studied medicine with Dr. 
Shippen, of Philadelphia ; served in the Revolution- 
ary war, as surgeon, for seven years ; appointed 
by Governor Mifflin one of the Justices for Hemp- 
field township, Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1790. She d. 
Aug. 9th, 1829. He d. June 5th, 1809. 

Issue (Houston) : 
(28) IV. 1. PATIENCE, b. Oct. 31st, 1774 ; d. Aug. 4th, 



(29) IV. 2. JOHN WRIGHT, b. Dec. 27th, 1775. He was 

a physician and d. Mar. 4ih, 17^7, soon after 

(30) IV. 3. MARTHA,b.Sept. 29th, 1777; m. Joseph Mif- 

flin. She d. Feb. 12th, 1819. He d. . 

Issue (Mifflin) : 

(32) V. 1. John Houston, b. Feb. 7th, 1807 ; m. 

Elizabeth A. Bethel Heise, who d. May 9th, 
1855. He d. Feb. 13th, 1888. 

Issue (Mifflin): 

(34) VI. 1. Bethel, b. Mar. 14th, 1845 ; d. Dec. 12th, 


(35) VI. 2. Lloyd, b. Sept. 15th, 1746 ; unm. 

(36) VI. 3. Martha Elizabeth, b. July 21st, 1848 ; 

d. July 29th, 1849. 

(37) VI. 4. Houston, b. Sept. 29th, 1850 ; unm. 

(38) VI. 5. James DeVeaux,b. Mar. 8th, 1852; unm. 

(39) VI. 6. Mary Bethel, b. Dec. 26th, 1853 ; d. 

Feb. 24th, 1881, unm. 

(40) VI. 7. Charles West, b. May 6th, 1885; m. 

Jennie C. Cameron. She d. , without 


(42) V. 2. Deborah Ann, b. Oct. 5th, 1808 ; d. Jan. 

4th, 1834, unm. 

(43) V. 3. James Houston, b. Aug. 19th, 1810; d. at 

Edenton, Ga., unm. 

(44) V. 4. Joseph, b. July 7th, 1812; m. Julia Dun- 

can Stewart. He d. Jan. 1885. 

Issue (Mifflin) : • 

(46) VI. 1. Lloyd, b. ; d. . 

(47) VI. 2. John H., b. ; d. . 

(48) VI. 3. James A., b. ; d. . 


(«) VI. 4. Deborah Ann, b. 

(50) VI. 5. James A., b. ; d. . 

(51) VI. 6. Martha J., b. . 

(52) VI. 7. Alexander Stewart, b. ; ni. 

(51) VI. 8. Hannah H., b. . 

(55) VI. 9. Anna E., b. ; m. . 

(57)' VI. 10. Joseph, b. . 

(58) VI. 11. Julia D., b. . 

(59) VI. 12. William S., b. ; d. . 

(60) VI. 13. Hacker, b. ; d. . 

(ei) VI. 14. Arthur, b. ; d. . 

(62) V. 5. Martha, b. in 1815 : d. in 1815. 


(63) IV. 4. JAMES, b. May 24th, 1779; m. Anna Rhoda 

Wright, b. Aug. 27th, 1783, dr. of John Wright, 
3d, and Amelia Davies. He died Aug. 7th, 1809. 
She died . 

Issue (Houston) : 

(65) V. 1. John Wright, b. Aug. 12th, 1807 ; m., Sept. 

26th, 1833, Mary Bloomfield Martin. He d. 
May 24th, 1869. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(67) VI. 1. Annie Rhoda, b. June 22d, 1835; ra., 

May 27th, 1856, Gen. Lewis Merrill, U. S. 
Army, now of Philadelphia. She died Nov. 
21st, 1882. 

Issue (Merrill) : 

(69) VII. 1. Sallie Lewis, b. March 11th, 1858. 

(70) VII. 2. John Houston, b. Oct. 31st, 1859. 

(71) VII. 3. Mary, b. May 31st, 1862; m., June 

22d, 1880, Lieut. Hugh Lenox Scott, U. 
S. Army. 


Issue (Scott) : 

CO VIIL 1. David Hunter, b.Xov. 6th, 1881. 

(^0 VIII. 2. Anna Merrill, b. March 13th, 

CO • VIII. 3. Lewis Merrill, b, Oct. 28th, 1885. 

W VIII. 4. Mary Blanchard,b. July 3d, 1887. 


00 VI. 2. George Martin, b. Dec. 16th, 1836; m., 

Sept. 27th, 1866. iSow of Harrisonville, Mo. 

Issue (Houston) : 

00 VII. 1. John Harvey, b. Sept. 11th, 1867. 

(^0 VII. 2. William Martin, b. Nov. 30th, 1868. 

W VII. 3. Charles W., b. Oct. 1st, 1870. 

00 VII. 4. Anna Merrill, b. Nov. loth, 1872. 

(^0 VII. 5. Nellie Bloomfield, b. Jan. 16th, 

(^0 VII. 6. Henry Howard, b. April 16th, 1877. 

W VII. 7. Chellie Armour, b. Jan. 21st, 1879. 

00 VII. 8. Jessie Hale, b. Oct. 19th, 1881. 

(sO VII. 9. Lulu May, b. Jan. 23d, 1884. 

W VL 3. Eliza Brown, b. Feb. 6th, 1839; m., 

Oct. 25th, 1866, Capt. Charles N. Warner, 

U. S. Army. 

Issue (Warner) : 

(^0 VII. 1. Charles Nelson, b. Mar. 4th, 1868 ; 

d. Nov. 5th, 1869. 
00 VIL 2. William Houston, b. Nov. 10th, 1869. 

(^0 VII. 3. Nelson Charles, b. Sept. 6th, 1871. 

(^0 VII. 4. Mary Bloomfield, b. April 17th, 

00 VIL 5. Eliza Sarah, b. Jan. 15th, 1876. 

00 VIL 6. Susan Eleanor, b. Sept. 14th, 1879. 



(96) VI. 4. Susan Eleanor, b. Feb. 1st, 1841 ; unm. 

(97) VI. 5. Emily Wright (twin), b. Feb. 1st, 1841 ; 

m. Colonel Richard H. Alexander, U. S. A. 

Issue (Alexander) : 

(99) VII. 1. Edmund Brooke, b. April 26th, 1869. 

(100) VII. 2. John Houston, b. Sept. 1st, 1871. 
(loi) VII. 3. Richard Henry, b. Dec. 20th, 1873. 

(102) VII. 4. Mary Bloomfield, b. Aug. 2d, 1875 ; 

d. June 10th, 1879. 

(103) VII. 5. Elizabeth Craig, b. Aug. 29th, 1878. 


(104) VI. 6. Sarah Wright, b. March 27th, 1845; 


(105) VI. 7. MaryBloomfield,b. Jan. 10th, 1845; m., 

Sept. 8th, 1869, Ivanhoe Stees Huber. 

Issue (Huber) : 

(iot) VII. 1. Levi Houston, b. Jan. 20th, 1871. 

(108) VII. 2. John Houston, b. Feb. 2d, 1873. 

(io9) VII. 3. Margaret Elizabeth, b. Dec. 17th, 

(no) VII. 4. Mary Bloomfield, b. Feb. 10th, 1878. 

(ill) VII. 5. Gertrude Stees, b. July 29th, 1885. 


(112) VI. 8. William Augusta, b. Sept. 1st, 1850 ; 


(113) VI. 9. James (twin), b. Sept. 1st, 1850 ; d. in 


(114) VI. 10. Rachel Vincent, b. ; unm. 

(115) VI. 11. Eleanor Wright, b. Aug. 10th, 1853; 

m. Carl Speghtman. 



(in) V. 2. Susan Eleanor, b. ; m., July 4th, 1839, 

James Ewing Mifflin, b. May 25th, 1791, son 
of John Mifflin. He d. April 1st, 1842. She 
d. . (See 10, 11.) 

Issue (Mifflin) : 

(119) VI. 1. Eleanor Ewing, b. May 20th, 1840: m., 

May 27th, 1857, George W. Mifflin. She d. 
June 7th, 1860. 

Issue (^lifflin) : 
(m) YII. 1. James AVarner, b. Oct. 11th, 1859; 

d. Aug. 18th, 1862. 
(122) ' VI. 2. James Ewing, b. Oct. 22d, 1*841 ; m., 

June 28th, 1866, Annie Wright, b. Nov. 1st, 
1844, dr. of John Lowdon Wright (see 15, 
16; also 1212, 1213). 

Issue (Mifflin) : 
(m) VII. 1. James Ewing, b. April 19th, 1867. 

(125) VII. 2. John Lowdon Wright, b. Dec. 25th, 


(126) VII. 3. Howard E., b. Sept. 27th, 1874 ; d. 

June 9th, 1875. 


(127) IV. 5. ELEANOR WRIGHT, b. Feb. 3d, 1781 ; d. Aug. 

27th, 1867, unm. 

(128) IV. 6. ANN SUSAN, b. Dec. 24th, 1782 ; d. Jan. 16th, 

1863, unra. 

(129) IV. 7. WILLIAM FREDERICK, b. Jan. 5th, 1787; m. 

(1st) Amy Hunter McCorkle, who d. March 27th, 
1819. He m. (2d) Sarah Whitehill, about 1834. 
She d. about 1836. He d. Feb. 2d, 1838. 


Issue, by 1st marriage (Houston) : 

(i32) V. 1. ChristianaM.,b. May 16th, 1812; m., Sept. 

10th, 1838, Rev. James L. Scott. She d. at sea, 
April 16th, 1848, on their way home from India 
as missionaries. 

Issue (Scott) : 

(i3i) VI. 1. Amy Jane, b. June 16th, 1839; d^ , 


(135) VI. 2. Edward Houston, b. Sept. 24th, 1845; 

d. Mar. 28th, 1871, unm. 

(i36) VI. 3. Anna Eleanor, b. ; now a mission- 

ary at Woodstock, India ; unm. 


(137) V. 2. John Frederick, b. Mar. 9th, 1814; m.. 

May 17th, 1836, Catharine Jones Fisher, b. 
Mar. 26th, 1814, dr. of George and Ann Shippen 
Fisher. He d. April 18th, 1876. She d. Nov. 
19th, 1876. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(139) VI. 1. Georgiana Fisher, b. 1837 ; d. Sept., 


(140) VI. 2. William Frederick, b. 1838. 

(m) VI. 3. Amy Eleanor, b. July 27th, 1842 ; d. 

Nov. 30th, 1876, unm. 
(i42) VI. 4. Henry Edward, b. 1854. 

(us) IV. 8. ROBERT WRIGHT, b. Sept. 20th, 1788; m. 

Sarah Ann Jones, b. Dec, 1809. He d. Jan. 24th, 

1855. She d. Dec. 27th, 1836. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(h5) V. 1. Mary Robinson, b. Sept., 1832 ; d. Jan. 17th, 

(ue) V. 2. Susan Wright, m. Rev. Robert Gamble. 

■\V >•.•<•■ »". 


Issue (Gamble) : 

(lis) VI. 1. Robert Houston. 

(i«) VI. 2. Alexander Dill, b. Dec. 4th, 1863 ; d. 

Aug. 13th, 1865. 

(i5o) IV. 9. SAMUEL NELSON, b. at Wright's Ferry, York 

Co., Pa., Nov. 25th, 1791 ; was educated at Bur- 
lington College, N. J. ; studied med. in Philadel- 
phia; was a member of Capt. Henry Shippen's 
Company of Horse, in the War of 3812. He m., 
Mar. 13th, 1817, Susan Strickler, b. Jan. 25th, 
1797, dr. of Col. Jacob Strickler. He d. Nov. 
14th, 1878. She d. July 31st, 1864. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(152) V. 1. John James, b. April 2d, 1818 ; m., in April, 

1857, Anna 11. Blakiston. He died in Sept., 

(i5i) V. 2. Henry Howard, b. Oct. 3d, 1820 ; m., April 

9th, 1856, Sallie Sherrerd Bonnell, of Philada. 
In 1847 he entered the Philadelphia office of 
D. Leech & Co., the leading canal and railroad 
transporters of Pennsylvania. Here he dis- 
played such executive ability that he attracted 
the attention of Col. AVilliam C. Patterson, 
President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com- 
pany, and in ]850 he was selected to organize 
the freight business for this road, and until 
1865 he labored unremittingly in this broader 
field, the results of his efforts being still ap- 
parent. Since then he has been engaged in 
special transportation enterprises, and is now 
interested in several local and transconti- 
nental lines, and is part owner in more than 
twenty ocean steamers, including the great 
steamers— the " City of Paris " and the " City 


of New York." He is a director in the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad Company, the Pittsburgh, 
Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad, the Inman 
and International Steamship Companies, the 
t Erie and Western Transportation Company, 

and a number of other organizations of a 
similar nature. He is also a trustee of the 
University of Pennsylvania and of Washing- 
ton and Lee University, Va. He is an active 
member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
and resides in Germantown, Phila. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(156) VI. 1. Cornelia Bonnell, b. in 1857 ; d. in 1857. 

(157) VI. 2. Henry Howard, born Oct. 5th, 1859 ; 

grad. University of Pennsylvania in 1878 ; 
d. in Rome, Italy, May 13th, 1880. 

(158) VL 3. Sallie Bonnell, m., Nov. 17th, 1884, 

Charles W. Henry, of Germantown, Phila. 

Issue (Henry) : 

(160) VIL 1. T. Charlton, b. Mar. 25th, 1887. 


(161) VL 4. Eleanor Anna, b. May 5th, 1863; d. 

Jan. 22d, 1875. 

(162) VL 5. Samuel Frederic, m., Nov. 9th, 1886, 

Edith Atlee Corlies, dr. of the late Samuel 
Fisher Corlies, of Philadelphia. 

Issue (Houston) : 

(16*) VII. 1. Edith Corlies, b. Nov. 12th, 1888. 

(i65) VI. 6. Gertrude. 

(166) V. 3. Emily Strickler, b. April 15th, 1823; d. 

July 6th, 1826. 


(i67) V. 4. Eleanor Wright, b. May 6th, 1826; d. 

Nov. 20th, 1880, unm. 
(168) V. 5. Martha Mifflin, b. July 5th, 1832; m., Jan. 

10th, 1853, Stephen Greene, now of Philadel- 

Issue (Greene) : 
(i"o) VI. 1. AYilliam Houston, b. Dec. 30th, 1853. 

("0 VI. 2. Susan Strickler, b. Jan. 11th, 1856; m., 

Oct. 20th, 1880, Charles T. Evans. • 

Issue (Evans) : 
(^'0 VII. 1. Martha Houston, b. Oct. 15th, 1881. 

(^'0 VII, 2. John James Houston, b. Dec. 11th, 

(^"0 VII. 3. Annie Greene, b. Aug, 19th, 1885 ; 

d. Mar. 12th, 1886. 
M VII. 4. Sarah Fifield, b. Feb. 22d, 1888. 


(ht) VI. 3. Eleanor Houston, b. July 20th, 1858 ; 

d. Sept. 17th, 1859. 
(178) VI. 4. Sallie Houston, b. July 8th, 1860. 

(^'0 VI. 5. Annie Mary, b. June 3d, 1863. 

(i^o) VI. 6. Mabel Martha, b. Dec. 4th, 1870. 

O'O VI. 7. Cornelia Bonnell, b. Dec. 28th, 1873. 

(182) III. 8. James, b. in 1759 ; d. Jan. 22d, 1767. 



(183) 11. 2. JOHN BARBER, eldest son of Robert and Han- 
nah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. in Chester, Pa., 8th mo. 

13th, 1720. He m. Mary , previous to Nov. 5th, 

1747, as appears in a release of that date, -^ in which 
" John Barber and Mary, his wife " are the grantors 
named therein. 

By a quit-claim deed dated Aug. 11th, 1747, " betw^een 
Robert Barber of the township of Hempfield in y® 
County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania, 
Cordwainer, and Hannah his wife of the one part and 
John Barber of the township of Hallam in the County 
and Province afs"^ Yeoman oldest son and heir at law 
of the s'^ Robert Barber," -^ the old Barber mansion 
in Chester was conveyed to John, who shortly after 
sold the property to one Peter Dicks. At his father's 
death John received 50 acres on east end of tract near 
Columbia, Pa. 

Very little is known of this son, but according to the 
narrative of Miss Sarah Barber, he is supposed to have 
been killed by Indians near the present site of Pitts- 
burgh, where he had gone to trade in furs. This has 
become a family tradition, but whether true or not, we 
have nov7 no means of ascertaining. Samuel Evans, 
Esq., of Columbia, has recently discovered, through 
an old document in the Register's Office at Lancaster, 
that John Barber died in the year 1759 ; Jacob Furry 
and Samuel Bethel were the appraisers."'' By a quit- 

^* Vide Book G, p. 302, West Chester, Pa., court records. 

25 Ibid., p. 277. 

2^ The Administrator's bond was dated May 5th, 1759. In the appraisement 
of the " Sundrys Belonging to the Estate," the item '*' 15 lb of Beaver " occurs. 


claim deed dated June 7th, 1768, Mary, ^'^ the widow 
of John, released her dower to Hannah Barber, Ad- 
ministratrix of Robert Barber, deceased, for a con- 
sideration of £37. In the division of the personal 
property of the latter, made by order of the Orphans' 
Court in 1769, it is stated that John, Thomas and 
Elizabeth Barber, miiior children, died intestate, under 
age, unmarried and without issue, a manifest error, so 
far, at least, as applied to John, who was married and 
twenty-nine years old when his father died in 1749. 
It is believed that John left no issue. 

^^ " It appears John Barber is gone out in marriage, therefore two Friends 
is to go and treat with him." From Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Sudshury, 
5th mo, 5th, 1755. 

At a Monthly Meeting of Sadshury "held at Lampiter," 1st of 3d mo. 1756, 
*' After Deliberate Dealing with John Barber for his outgoing in marriage, two 
friends is to prepare a testimonial against him." 



(185) II. 3. ROBERT BARBER, second son of Robert and 
Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. in Chester, Pa., 
10th mo. 10th, 1722; m., 9th mo. 26th, 1746, 
Sarah ,-^ dr. of Samuel and Elizabeth Wright Taylor, 
of Tinicum Island, Pa., who was b. 12th mo. 3d, 1729. 
He was first lieut. of the first company formed in 
Hempfield township, Lancaster Co., in 1775, of which 
his brother James was captain, his brother Samuel was 
second lieut. and his son John was a private. He took 
the oath of allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania in 
H. township July 1st, 1777. He received 62 acres of 
ground from his mother on Oct. 14th, 1761, according 
to an arrangement made by his father during his life- 
time. He built the brick house, which is still standing 
in Columbia, on the same plot of ground on which his 
father's house formerly stood. The bricks in the house 
were probably brought from England. The woodwork 
w^as mainly oak, as stated in Miss Barber's Memoir, 
in Appendix. This was erected previous to the year 
1763, as it was here that the Paxton boys stopped on 
the morning after murdering the Indians.^' The struc- 
ture is now occupied as an office by the Susquehanna 
Iron Co., and by the Superintendent as a dwelling. 

^^ At a Monthly Meeting of Sadsbury held at Sadsbury the 6th of 8th mo., 
1746, " Robert Barber and Sai*ah Taylour, Daughter of Samuel Taylour, both 
of Hempfield, appeared in this meeting it being The First time, and Declared 
they have Intentions of marriage with each other, Joseph Steer, and John 
GriflFeth, is appointed to Enquire, as to the young mans conversation and clear- 
ness from all others on the account of marriage, and of Parents consent and 
that the "Women do the Like on y^ young womans account and Report to next 
Meeting." From Minutes of Sadsbury Monthly Meetiny, -p. 93. 

2® See Miss Barber's Memoir, Appendix D. 


THE YEAR 1761. 

Now oivned by the Susquehanna Iron Co. 


The main portion of the building is as it was 125 years 
ago. The projecting roof running around between the 
two stories has been removed and other changes have 
been made in recent years, such as the addition of a 
porch in front and a kitchen at one side in the rear. 
The old-style doors and window sashes have also been 
replaced by modern ones. Robert Barber d. Oct. 4th, 
1782. She d. Oct. 6th, 1793. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(i87) III. 1. Hannah, b. 9th mo. 17th, 1747 ; d. 9th mo. 
28th, 1747. 

(188) III. 2. Eleanor, b. 1st mo. 24th, 1749 ; d. . 

(189) III. 3. Hannah, b. 9th mo. 25th, 1750; d. 10th mo. 

19th, 1750. 
(i9i) III. 4. Robert, eldest son of Robert and Sarah 
Taylor Barber, was b. in Columbia, Pa., Aug. 
28th, 1751 ; m., Sept, 23d, 1775, Sarah, dr. of 
Dr. Samuel and Mary Bethel Boude, b. in Co- 
lumbia, May 19th, 1754. He took the oath of 
allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania in Hempfield 
township, July 1st, 1777. In company with his 
brother Thomas, he moved to Northumberland Co. 
(now^ Union), Pa., in 1785, in which year he was 
taxed on four horses, two cows and 580 acres of land. 
It appears that the subject of this sketch became 
possessed of property in Northumberland Co. some 
thirteen years before he left Columbia to settle per- 
manently in Buffalo Valley. It is supposed that the 
land was purchased for him and his brothers, Thomas 
and John, by their father. "In the fall (of 1772) 
Robert Barber, Esquire, built the first house on the 
White Springs tract of. which we have any knowl- 
edge, as he recites in a lease dated 9th August, 1773, 
to John Scott, that he leases him the house he had 


built last fall at the head of White Springs for seven 
years. It was on the Edward Lee warrantee, which 
Barber had purchased, in August, from Reuben 
Haines." ^^ This old log house is still standing, but 
it has been moved about one hundred yards from its 
original position, and the logs have been covered 
with weather-boards within the recollection of some 
of the family now living. It was about 20 by 25 
feet in dimensions, the large stone chimney occupy- 
ing nearly the entire width of one end. The struc- 
ture is now owned by Benjamin Chambers, who 
bought it after the death of the Misses Eleanor and 
Elizabeth Barber, who had a life interest in it. 

In 1791, Robert Barl3er built a sawmill on his 
farm on White Spring Run. In 1797, he built a 
gristmill on the same stream. In 1805 and '6, in 
partnership with Solomon Heise, of Columbia, he 
built the largest flouring mill in the county, on 
Penn's Creek, and also a sawmill. He served as 
magistrate many years, having been commissioned 
Justice of the Peace for Buffalo township, Nov. 29th, 
1792. He occupied the same farm 56 years. The 
land is now owned by his grandchildren, the Barbers 
and Chambers. Esquire Barber was a man of great 
force of character, and exercised a strong influence 
among the first settlers. He d. in Union Co., Kov. 
27th, 1841. She d. May 25th, 1818. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(192) IV. 1. jOHN,b.Sept. 13th, 1776; d. Sept. 23d, 1776. 

(193) IV. 2. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 18th, 1777; d. Nov. 9th, 


^'^ See Linn's Aimals of Buffalo Valley, p. 48. Mr. Linn is in error in 
alluding to this as the first house. It was the first house possessing glass toin- 




(m) IV. 3. SARAH BOUDE, b. in Columbia, Jan. lOtli, 

1779 ; ra., April 17th, 1803, Benjamin Chambers, 
b. in Cumberland County, Pa., May 8th, 1773. 
He d. December 19th, 1847. She d. Nov. 2d, 1860. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(i96) V. 1. James, b. in Buffalo Valley, Sept. 17th, 

1804; m., April 21st, 1828, Elizabeth Shively 
Barber, b. May 10th, 1808, dr. of Robert and 
Esther Shively Barber. He was president for 
many years of the First Nat. Bank of Mifflin- 
burgh. Pa., where he d. July 24th, 1886. She 
d. in 1870, without issue (see 583, 584). 

(198) V. 2. Mary, b. June 15th, 1805. 

(199) V. 3. Rhoda, b. Jan. 10th, 1807 ; m.. Mar. 19th, 

1840, Thomas Martin, b. in Columbia, Pa. She 
d. Aug. 31st, 1845. He died in Green Co., Wis. 

Issue (Martin) : 
(.201) VI. 1. A son ; d. . 


(202) V. 4. Elizabeth, b. June 15th, 1808 ; unm. 

(203) V. 5. Sarah, b. Sept. 20th, 1809 ; d. Aug. 16th, 

(2(h) V. 6. Robert, b. Feb. 1st, 1811 ; m., Oct. 20th, 

1835, Matilda Smith, b. in Mifflinburgh Jan. 
15th, 1815 ; d. Aug. 2d, 1863. He d. Oct. 15th, 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(206) VI. 1. Maven B., b. July 21st, 1836; m., Jan. 

12th, 1865, Annie E. Sheckler ; now of Prairie 

City, 111. 
(208) VI. 2. Catherine E., b. Dec. 16th, 1837; unm. 


(209) VI. 3. James S., b. April 4th, 1840 ; d. July 

7th, 1841. 

(210) YI. 4. James M., b. May 1st, 1842 ; m., Jan. 

18th, 1871, Mary E. Cole ; now of Manley, 111. 

(212) VI. 5. Rhoda H., b. Dec. 8th, 1845 ; d. Mar. 

31st, 1858. 

(213) VI. 6. William John, b. Oct. 19th, 1847 ; m., 

Jan. 17th, 1871, Elizabeth Amelia Boganreif, 
b. Jan. 6th, 1845, dr. of John and Mary F. 
Boganreif; now of Avon, 111. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(215) VII. 1. Grier L, b. Nov. 3d, 1871. 

(216) VI. 7. Charles M., b. Aug. 29th, 1849; m., 

Dec. 25th, 1871, Mary A. Strubb ; now of 
Girard, Kan. 
(218) VI. 8. Robert Barber, b. Aug. 10th, 1851 ; m., 

Aug. 11th, 1875, Annie E. Thompson, dr. of 
John L. Thompson ; now of Roberts, 111. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(220) VII. 1. William. 

(221) VII. 2. Robert Elmer. 

(222) VII. 3. Louis GelL 

(223) VII. 4. OraT. 

(224) VI. 9. Sarah A., b. July 16th, 1853 ; m., Oct. 

6th, 1874, George Wyland, of Williamsport, 

(226) V. 7. Caroline, b. April 21st, 1812; m.. Mar. 

6th, 1838, Andrew Foster, b. in Buffalo Valley, 
Pa. Both dead. 

Issue (Foster) : 

(228) VI. 1. Sarah. 

(229) VI. 2. Hettie. 


(230) VI. 3. Benjamin. 

(2.31) VI. 4. James. 

(232) VI. 5. Elizabeth. 


(233) V. 8. Keziah, b. June 21st, 1814 ; m., Dec. 31st, 

1835, George Nagel Youngman, b. May 10th, 
1804, son of Col. Thomas Youngman. He was 
Justice of the Peace for 35 years, having been 
appointed April 16th 1839. He died in Mifflin- 
burgh, Pa., Jan. 13th, 1881. 

Issue (Youngman) : 

(235) VI. 1. Robert Barber, b. Nov. 18th, 1836; m., 

April 18th, 1866, Catharine, dr. of John 
Opdycke, in Jersey City, N. J.; grad. at La- 
fayette College, Easton, Pa., Class of 1860, 
and now a Professor in that Institution, and 
Presbyterian clergyman. 

Issue (Youngman) : 
(237) VII. 1. Alice Gray, b. April 12th, 1869; 

m., Sept. 4th, 1889, Francis A. March, Jr., 
a member of the Faculty of Lafayette 
College, Easton, Pa. 

(239) VII. 2. Ethel, b. Dec. 9th, 1875. 

(240) VII. 3. Kate Barber, b. Jan. 20th, 1879. 
(24i) VI. 2. John C, b. in Mifflinburgh, Pa., July 

5th, 1838 ; enlisted as private in 51st Pa. 
Vols, in 1861, in Gen. J. F. Hartranft's 
Reg. Appointed by the President Ass't 
Adj't Gen'l of Vols., with rank of Captain. 
Bre vetted Major and served until close of 
war on staff of Ninth Army Corps ; m., Dec. 


16th, 1869, Hannah Jane, dr. of Michael C. 
Grier, of Danville, Pa. Removed to Wilson, 
Kan., in 1882, where he is now engaged in 
the banking business. 

Issue (Youngman) : 

(243) VII. 1. Michael Grier, b. May 30th, 1871. 

(244) VII. 2. George Chambers, b. Mar. 26th, 


(245) VII. 3. John Montgomery, b. Sept. 25th, 


(246) VII. 4. Mary Montgomery, b. Jan. 7th, 


(247) VII. 5. Jean, b. Oct. 25th, 1879. 

(248) VII. 6. Emma Porter, b. Dec. 12th, 1881. 

(249) VI. 3. Benjamin C, b. Mar. 9th, 1840; m., 

Aug., 1874, Mary Delle Bunting, of To wanda, 
Pa. Now of Clearfield, Pa. 

Issue (Youngman) : 

(251) VII. 1. Louise Bunting, b. in C, Nov. 10th, 


(252) VII. 2. Benjamin Chambers, b. in C, April 

22d, 1879. 

(253) VII. 3. Robert Harper, b. in C, Dec. 4th, 


(254) VII. 4. Lizzie Edith, b. in C, May 24th, 


(255) VI. 4. Sarah Amelia, b. June 23d, 1842 ; m., 

Nov. 6th, 1879, Benjamin S. Harvey, b. at 
Salona, Clinton Co., Pa., Jan. 29th, 1830. 
He d. at Mifflinburgh, Pa., April 10th, 1884, 
without issue. 
(257) VI. 5. Thomas W., b. July 28th, 1849. Now 

of Keokuk, la. 



(258) V. 9. Sarah B, b. April 16th, 1817 ; d. Xov. 2d, 

1889, unm. 

(259) V. 10. Rebecca, b. April 9th, 1819 ; d. Aug. 15th, 


(260) V. 11. Benjamin, b. April 19th, 1822: m., Feb. 

9th, 1854, Elizabeth E. Simonton, b. in Co- 
lumbia, Pa. Nov. 26th, 1822. 

Issue (Chambers) : 
(262) YI. 1. Sadie, b. Feb. 14th, 1856 ; m. Feb. 24th, 

1880, Rev. M. L. Ross. 
(264) yi. 2. James Benjamin, b. Sept. 13th, 1858 ; m., 

Jan. 8th, 1884, Hannah Jane Spigelmyer. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(266) VII. 1. Benjamin Caldwell, b. Sept. 24th, 


(267) VII. 2. George Woolsey, b. Feb. 18th, 1888. 

(268) VII. 3. Ralph Spigelmyer, b. Nov. 9th, 1889. 

(269) VI. 3. William S., b. April 16th, 1861. 
(2T0) VI. 4. Anna B. (twin), b. April 16th, 1861. 


(271) IV. 4. MARY BOUDE, b. in Columbia, Pa., Nov. 13th, 

1780 ; m., June 8th, 1802, Joseph Chambers, b. 
in Cumberland Co., Pa., Dec. 23d, 1775. He 
came to Buffalo Valley with his parents in 1784, 
where he d. July 28th, 1849. She d. May 1st, 

Issue (Chambers) : 
(273) V. 1. Robert Barber, b. Mar. 4th, 1803 ; m., in 

Columbia Pa., Oct. 24th, 1827, Elizabeth 
Mather, b. July 26th, 1810. Removed to 


Green Co., Wis., in 1838. He d. Oct. 9th, 

1844. She married again and d. Nov. 26th, 


Issue (Chambers) : 

(275) VI. 1. Jesse, b. Jan. 16th, 1831 ; d. Jan. 2d, 


(276) VI. 2. Hannah B., b. April 4th, 1833 ; ra., 

Nov. 19th, 1850, Joseph Musser, b. in Miffliu- 
burgh, Nov. 10th, 1824. Now of Green Co., 


Issue (Musser) : 

(278) VII. 1. Robert C, b. Nov. 19th, 1851 ; d. 

Nov. 23d, 1868. 

(279) VII. 2. Joseph N., b. Jan. 1st, 1854; m., 

Mar. 20th, 1880, Maria E. Alison, b. Mar. 
27th, 1853. 

Issue (Musser) : 

(280) VIII. 1. Mary H., b. Feb. 12th, 1882. 

(282) VIII. 2. Jane A., b. Sept. 4th, 1883. 

(283) VIII. 3. Grace L., b. Jan. 1st, 1886. 

(284) VII. 3. Mary M., b. Feb. 25th, 1856. 

(285j VII. 4. Ida Elizabeth, b. June 19th, 1858; 

m., Oct. 18th, 1877, James S. Benage, b. 
Dec. 21st, 1851. 

Issue (Benage) : 

(287) VIII. 1. Joseph Vernon, b. Jan. 20th, 


(288) VIII. 2. George Alton, b. May 18th, 1881. 

(289) Vlir. 3. Mary Evelin, b. Mar. 28th, 1884. 


M VII. 5. John A., b. Nov. 1st, 1860. 

(291) YU. 6. Minnie H. E., b. Feb. 13th, 1863. 


(292) YII. 7. Nancy Lulu, b. April 25th, 1868; 

d. Mar. 17th, 1869. 

(293) VII. 8. Walter C, b. April 19th, 1870. 


(294) VI. 3. Joseph, b. July 17th, 1835; d. April 

1st, 1837. 

(295) VI. 4. John W., b. Sept. 11th, 1837; m., Jan. 

14th, 1857, Nancy Emily Ford. Now of Fort 
Atkinsou, Wis. 

Issue (Chambers) : 
(297) VII. I.Carlos L., b. Mar. 12th, 1858; m., 

May 12th, 1886, Nellie J. Roe. 

(299) VII. 2. Evelyn, b. Jan. 4th, 1862 ; d. Oct. 

19th, 1862. 

(300) VII. 3. Elizabeth C, b. Aug. 27th, 1863 ; d. 

Oct. 1872. 

(301) VII. 4. Florence E.,b. Mar. 21st, 1866; m., 

Aug. 29th, 1889, George ^Y. Dexheimer. 
(303) VII. 5. Robert John, b. Sept. 11th, 1876 ; d. 

April 4th, 1883. 
(30i) VII. 6. Samuel L., b. Jan. 8th, 1879. 

(305) VI. 5. Joseph, b. July 4th, 1840; d. June 

3d, 1863. 

(306) VI. 6. Margaret Ellen, b. Oct. 8th, 1842; d. 

May 19th, 1844. 

(307) VI. 7. Robert B., b. Feb. 22d, 1842; m., in 

1866, Mary Bell Miller, b. Nov. 28th, 1847. 
He d. Sept. 1st, 1870. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(309) VII. 1. Tillie May, b. Dec. 22d, 1868 ; d. 

Aug. 28th, 1852. 

(310) VII. 2. Robert Miller, b. Feb. 22d, 1870 ; 

d. . 


(3u) V. 2. Sarah B., b. Nov. 9th, 1804; d. Aug, 28th, 

1852, uum. 

(312) V. 3. Kebecca, b. July 27th, 1806; d. Oct. 27th, 

1879, unm. 

(313) V. 4. Benjamin, b. Sept. 1st, 1807 ; m., Oct. 

10th, 1832, Mary C. Musser, b. April 1st, 1815. 
Removed to Green Co., Wis., in 1839. She d. 
Oct. 14th, 1851. He d. in Union Co., Pa., Oct. 
10th, 1872. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(315) VI. 1. John Alfred, b. in Union Co., Feb. 

6th, 1834; m., March 19th, 1867, Margaret 
Rockey, b. Jan. 22d, 1843. Now of Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(3it) YII. 1. Henrietta E., b. Feb. 4th, 1868. 

(318) VIE. 2. Charles Lincoln, b. Oct. 15th, 1869. 

(319) VII. 3. Ella May, b. May 4th, 1872. 

(320) VII. 4. Mary C, b. Dec. 27th, 1875. 

(321) VII. 5. Margaret E., b. Sept. 12th, 1878. 

(322) VII. 6. Benjamin Garfield^ b. Jan. 3d, 1882. 

(323) VI. 2. Joseph H., b. June 30th, 1835; d. April 

15th, 1836. 
(321) VI. 3. Mary E., b. Feb. 8th, 1837; d. July 

24th, 1838. 
(325) VI. 4. RobertM.,b. Dec. 25th, 1838; m. (1st), 

Mary A. Lockhart. She d. Sept. 15th, 1867. 

He m. (2d), in Buffalo Valley, Elsie Wool- 

sey. Now of Colorado Springs, Col. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Chambers) : 
(328) VII. 1. Benjamin L., b. Sept. 15th, 1867. 


By 2d marriage (Chambers) : 

(329) VII. 2. Eleanor, b. April 14th, 1873. 

(330) VII. 3. Bessie, b. June, 1874; d. Sept., 1874. 

(331) VII. 4. Mary M., b. Aug. 20th, 1875. 

(332) VI. 5. Eleanor Barber, b. Jan. 31st, 1841 ; m., 

Jan. 7th, 1862, J. H. Stair. Now of Brod- 
head, Wis. 

Issue (Stair) : 
(33.) VII. 1. Mary G., b. Nov. 13th, 1864. 

(333) VII. 2. Landis C, b. Sept. 1st, 1866. 

(336) VII. 3. Bobert U., b. May 18th, 1869 ; d. 

Feb. 24th, 1870. . 


(337) VI. 6. Paschal Lewis, b. March 31st, 1844 ; d. 

Sept. 29th, 1851. 

(338) VI. 7. Mary E., b. Sept. 28th, 1846 ; m., Sept. 

26th, 1866, Henry Stair. 

Issue (Stair) : 

(340) VII. 1. Elsie E., b. May 15th, 1867. 

(341) VII. 2. Lewis J., b. Sept. 9th, :868. 

(342) VII. 3. Nettie B., b. May 29th, 1870; d. 

Dec. 23d, 1870. 
(3.3) VII. 4. Sidney J., b. Feb. 2d, 1872. 

(3«) VII. 5. Mary E., b. April 7th, 1874. 

(345) VII. 6. Henry C, b. June 9th, 1876. 

(346) VII. 7. Benjamin C, b. Dec. 30th, 1879; d. 

Oct. 9th, 1881. 
(34t) VII. 8. Faith G., b. June 8th, 1884. 

(343) VII. 9. Nellie C, b. Sept. 28th, 1885. 


(349) VI. 8. Henrietta Boude, b. Nov. 14th, 1848. 

(350) V. 5. Thomas, b. in Buffalo Valley, Jan. 9th, 

1809. In company with his brother Samuel, 


he removed to Jo Daviess County, 111., in the 
spring of 1835. In 1836 he moved to Stephen- 
son County, 111. (Rock Grove) ; m. (1st), in 
Feb., 1838, Rebecca Maria Moore, b. in 1819; 
d. June 18th, 1859. They were the first couple 
married in S. Co. by a clergyman. He m. (2d), 

in 1860, Delilah Riley, who d. . He d. at 

Pagosa Springs, Col., April 18th, 1882. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Chambers) : 
(353) YI. 1. Mary Caroline, b. Feb. 13th, 1841 ; m., 

April 5th, 1864, Dr. Urban Preston Stair, 
b. Dec. 17th, 1837; graduated at Chicago 
Medical College in 1862. Now of Fort 
Atkinson, Wis. 

Issue (Stair) : 

(355) VII. 1. Lilian Elsie, b. Feb. 23d, 1865. 

(356) VII. 2. Rebecca Chambers, b. Mar. 17th, 


(357) VII. 3. Mary Eva, b. Jan. 15th, 1869. 

(358) VII. 4. Robert Preston, b. Aug. 31st, 1872. 

(359) VII. 5. Ralph Thomas, b. Sept. 4th, 1875 ; 

d. Nov. 16th, 1877. 

(360) VII. 6. Mabel Nina, b. Sept. 11th, 1880. 

(361) VL 2. Robert J., b. Sept. 17th, 1845; m., Sept. 

17th, 1862, Anna McKinney, b. Nov. 10th, 

Issue (Chambers) : 
(363) VII. 1. Ernest R., b. July 2d, 1870. 

(36^ VII. 2. EflSe L., b. Dec. 9th, 1872. 

(365) VII. 3. Joseph T., b. Aug. 6th, 1874. 

(366) VII. 4. Urban S., b. Oct. 15th, 1876. 
(36t) VII. 5. Bessie C, b. May 4th, 1878. 


(368) VII. 6. Robert J., b. Dec. 31st, 1879; d. 

Nov. 10th, 1881. 

(369) VII. 7. Rolaud J., b. Sept. 18th, 1881 ; d. 

Nov. 30th, 1885. 

(370) VII. 8. Edna C, b. Oct. 3d, 1883. 

(371) VI. 3. Avey P., b. Aug. 22d, 1847; m., Oct. 

17th, 1865, Henry Seaver, b. Nov. 1st, 1844. 

Issue (Seaver) : 

(373) VII. 1. Iva L., b. Aug. 19th, 1866. 

(374) VII. 2. Joy H., b. Aug. 26th, 1868 ; d. April 

29th, 1869. 

(375) VII. 3. Minnie C, b. Mar. 29th, 1870. 

(376) VII. 4. Joseph, b. June 21st, 1875; d. Nov. 

21st, 1879. 
(37v) VII. 5. Harry, b. Aug. 21st, 1877 ; d. Aug. 

21st, 1878. 

(378) VII. 6. Ray, b. June 23d, 1881. 

(379) VII. 7. William H., b. Dec. 7th, 1883. 


(380) VI. 4. Joseph, b. Nov. 5th, 1851.' 

(381) VI. 5. Sarah Boude, b. Feb. 22d, 1853 ; m., 

Oct. 6th, 1876, Jeremiah Beckner Stair, b. 
Aug. 31st, 1852; now of Spirit Lake, Iowa. 

Issue (Stair) : 

(383) VII. 1. Joseph Beckner, b. July 19th, 1877. 

(384) VII. 2. Ethel Victoria, b. Sept. 26th, 1880. 

(385) VII. 3. Theodore Preston, b. Nov. 20th, 1883. 

(386) VII. 4. Carrie Beatrice, b. Mar. 31st, 1885. 


(387) VI. 6. Rebecca, b. 1855; d. Sept. 5th, 1873. 

(388) VI. 7. William, b. 1858 ; d. — , 1860. 


By second marriage (Chambers) : 

(389) VI. 8. William K., b. Mar. 17th, 1861 ; d. — , 


(390) VI. 9. Charles W., b. Mar. 15th, 1865. 

(391) VI. 10. Clarence K., b. Oct. 17th, 1868. 

(392) V. 6. Joseph, b. in Buffalo Valley, Aug. 20th 

1810; m., Dec. 3d, 1839, Susanna Schrader, 
b. Dec. 7th, 1815. Now of Mifflinburgh, Pa. 

Issue (Chambei's) : 

(394) VI. 1. William W., b. Dec. 24th, 1840; m. 

(1st), May 4th, 1864, Elva Mench, b. Dec. 
5th, 1843; d. June 22d, 1865. He m. (2d), 
Nov. 25th, 1871, Elizabeth Slear, b. Oct. 30th, 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Chambers) : 

(397) VII. 1. Isaiah M., b. May 22a, 1865. 

By 2d marriage (Chambers) : 

(398) VII. 2. Effie E., b. Nov. 12th, 1877. 

(399) VII. 3. Grace B., b. June 24th, 1881. 

(400) VI. 2. Mary E., b. Sept. 14th, 1842; m., Dec. 

28th, 1867, Charles A. Hause, b. Sept. 17th, 

Issue (Hause) : 

(402) VII. 1. Irwin, b. Jan. 9th, 1869. 

(403) VII. 2. Florence, b. Nov. 10th, 1872. 


(404) VI. 3. John F., b. June 30th, 1844 ; m., Oct. 

5th, 1865, Ada Smith, b. Mar. 9th, 1846. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(406) VII. 1. Hattie May, b. Aug. 15th, 1867. 

(407) VII. 2. Joseph Edward, b. Aug. 15th, 1870. 


(408) VII. 3. John L, b. May 9th, 1879. 

(409) VI. 4. Sarah E., b. Sept. 12th, 1846 ; m., June 

16th, 1870, John Yarger, b. Jan. 2d, 1846. 

Issue (Yarger) : 

(411) VII. 1. Eva, b. May 10th, 1871. 

(412) VII. 2. Edith, b. April 28th, 1874. 


(413) VI. 5. Susanna, b. Dec. 13th, 1848; m., Dec. 

1st, 1879, Abner Shively, b. Oct. 19th, 1849. 
(415) VI. 6. Joseph N., b. Feb. 23d, 1851 ; m., Dec. 

10th, 1873, Anna Yoder, b. Jan. 5th, 1854. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(417) VII. 1. Ernest, b. Jan. 13th, 1877. 

(418) VII. 2. Wilbert,b. May 19th, 1883. 

(419) VI. 7. Robert F., b. Aug. 19th, 1853 ; ra., Feb. 

5th, 1880, Effie V. Sampsel, b. Feb. 7th, 1858. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(421) VII. 1. Jesse Clarence, b. April 1st, 1881. 

(422) VI. 8. Anna L., b. Oct. 15th, 1857 ; m.. Mar. 

24th, 1877, Herbert Bacley, b. Xov. 26th, 

Issue (Bacley) : 

(424) VII. 1. Clide C, b. 1877. 


(425) V. 7. Samuel,b. in Union Co., Pa., Sept. 23d, 1813. 

Moved to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1836; m., 
May 13th, 1841, Elizabeth A. Musser, b. May 
10th, 1819. Now of Bennet, Neb. 

Issue (Chambers) : 
(427) VI. 1. Joseph M., b. Feb. 12th, 1842; m., Dec. 

31st, 1865, Clara J. Fleming, b. Oct. 24th, 
1846. Now of Chicago, 111. 


Issue (Chambers) : 

(«9) VII. 1. Samuel, b. Nov. 11th, 1866. 

(430) VII. 2. Elizabeth Rose, b. Nov. 10th, 1868. 

(431) VIL 3. Arthur M., b. May 4th, 1871. 

(432) VII. 4. D. Herbert, b. Jan. 10th, 1874. 

(433) VII. 5. John F., b. July 29th, 1876. 

(434) VII. 6. Harry E., b. June 21st, 1879. 

(435) VII. 7. Clara L.. b. Sept. 21st, 1881. 

(436) VII. 8. Joseph G.. b. April 20th, 1885. 

(437) VI. 2. Rebecca, b. Jan. 16th, 1844 ; m., Oct. 

14th, 1862, Eli Heckman. She d. Aug. 31st, 
1871, without issue. 
(439) VI. 3. Robert, b. in Stephenson Co., Ill , Aug. 

26th, 1845 ; m.. May 31st, 1868, Bell Mc- 
Cauley, b. Dec. 23d, 1848. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(441) VII. 1. Ernest A., b. Jan. 6th, 1870. 

(442) VII. 2. S. Franklin, b. Mar. 23d, 1872. 

(443) VIL 3. Joseph L., b. April 21st, 1875. 

(444) VI. 4. Mary M., b. July 20th, 1847 ; m., Oct. 

14th, 1869, Levi McCauley. She d. Mar., 

Issue (McCauley) : 

(446) VIL 1. Samuel A., b. Aug. 27th, 1870. 

(447) VIL 2. Bessie M., b. Jan. 1st, 1872 ; d. Feb. 

26th, 1872. 

(448) VIL 3. Charles A., b. Aug. 23d, 1873. 


(449) VI. 5. John J., b. Aug. 11th, 1849; m., Dec. 

9th, 1875, Margaret E. Barber, b. Oct. 31st, 
1851, dr. of John Boude Barber. Now of 
Bennet, Neb. No issue. (See 579, 580.) 


(451) VI. 6. Aiiuie E., b. May 6th, 1852; m., Jan. 

1st, 1878, Eli Brenizner. Now of Bennet, 

Issue (Brenizner) : 

(453) VIL 1. Lulu E., b.Nov. 7th, 1878. 

(454) VII. 2. Bessie M., b. Feb. 9th, 1880. 

(455) VII. 3. Florence C, b. Feb. 1st, 1883. 

(456) VII. 4. Margaret A., b. May 6th, 1885. 


(457) • VI. 7. B. Franklin, b. Feb. 17th, 1855; m., 

Feb. 14th, 1878, Mary R. Barmore. Now of 
Bennet, Neb. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(459) VII. 1. Lloyd, b. June 5th, 1879. 

(460) VII. 2. Edvvin B., b. Sept. 14th, 1881. 

(461) VL 8. Lulu, b. Dec. 2d, 1861. 

(462) V. 8. John, b. June 1st, 1815 ; d. Sept. 12th, 1837, 


(463) V. 9. Mary, b. Sept. 1st, 1818 ; m., Dec. 17th, 

1844, Joseph Hayes, b. Mar. 30th, 1813; d. in 
1887. She now lives at Elk Point, South 

Issue (Hayes) : 
(465) VI. 1. Mary C, b. Nov. 24th, 1846 ; ra., Feb. 

5th, 1867, Wallace Hutcheson, b. Oct. 15th, 

Issue (Hutcheson) : 

(467) VII. 1. Mary Bell, b. Oct. 2d. 1867. 

(468) VII. 2. Florence L , b. Nov. 3d, 1869. 

(469) VII. 3. Annie Laura, b. Mar. 22d, 1872. 


(470) VII. 4. Edith Jane, b. May 30th, 1877. 

(471) VII. 5. Wallace, T., b. Mar. 25th, 1884. 

(472) VII. 6. Joseph Orvil, b. Feb. 27th, 1886. 


(473) VI. 2. John W., b. April 8th, 1848. 

(474) VI. 3. Annie M., b. Jan. 10th, 1850 ; m., Sept. 

2d, 1871, N. J. Wallace, b. Dec. 1831. Now 
of Dakota. 

Issue (Wallace) : 
(4-6) VII. 1. Elmer J., b. July 1st, 1872. 


(477) VI. 4. Joseph C, b. April 11th, 1851 ; m., 

Oct. 1876, Harriet O. Tucker, b. Mar. 1860. 

Issue (Hayes) : 

(479) VII. 1. Annie C, b. Oct. 24th, 1878. 

(480) VII. 2. Mary J., b. Aug. 20th, 1880. 

(481) VII. 3. Hattie J., b. Jan. 1882. 

(482) VII. 4. Myrite J., b. Jan. 1886. 

(483) VI. 5. Robert J., b. April 11th, 1855. 

(484) VI. 6. Jennie S., b. 1857 ; m., Oct. 4th, 1883, 

Herbert W. Stickle, b. April 28th, 1852, son 
of Joshua E. Stickle. Nowof Hawarden, Iowa. 

Issue (Stickle) : 

(486) VII. 1. Clara Belle, b. Aug. 4th, 1884. 

(487) VII. 2. Mary Perl, b. May 15th, 1888. 


(488) V. 10. Paschal Lewis, b. Nov. 11th, 1820; m., 

Aug. 26th, 1845, Jane W. Reed, b. April 29th, 
1824. He d. in Green Co., Wis., Feb. 5th, 
1863. She m. (2d), Aug. 6th, 1885, Charles T. 
Kleckner. Now of Davis, 111. 


Issue (Chambers) : 

(490) VI. 1. Margaret Reed, b. May 29th, 1846 ; m., 

Dec. 24th, 1867, Norton L. Mitchell, b. Mar. 
18th, 1843, son of Jacob P. Mitchell and 
Eleanor M, Pollock. Now of Freeport, 111. 

Issue (Mitchell) : 

(«2) VII. 1. Luther E., b. Dec. 11th, 1868. 

(493) VII. 2. Jane E., b. April 18th, 1872. 

(49.) VII. 3. Burton C, b. May 16th, 1877. 

(495) VI. 2. Sarah B., b. Nov. 20th, 1847 ; m. Laird 

A. Mitchell, b. March, 1842. 

Issue (Mitchell) : 

(497) VII. 1. Effie E., b. Feb. 11th, 1872. 

(498) VII. 2. Belle H., b. June 6th, 1876. 

(499) . VII. 3. Mary C, b. Nov. 16th, 1879. 

(500) VJI. 4. Maud, b. Dec. 3d, 1884. 


(501) VI. 3. John Reed, b. May 26th, 1854 ; m., Jan. 

25th, 1883, Carrie M. Becker, b. Aug. 8th, 
1860. Now of Dakota, 111. 

Issue (Chambers) : 

(503) VII. 1. Floyd P., b. April 19th, 1886. 

(501) VI. 4. Mary E., b. May 4th, 1856 ; m., Jan. 4th, 

1883, Daniel M. Zimmerman. 

Issue (Zimmerman) : 

(506) VII. 1. Mertie C, b. Oct. 19th, 1888. 


(507) VI. 5. Joseph W., b. May 14th, 1858 ; m., Jan. 

9th, 1884, Virginia Reed. 


Issue (Chambers) : 

(509) VII. 1. Lochamar R., b. Sept. 5th, 1885. 

(510) VI. 6. Georgia A., b. Aug. 15th, 1860. 

(511) VI. 7. Paschal L., b. July 13th, 1863 ; d. Sept. 

22d, 1863. 

(512) V. 11. Ellen B., b. Aug. 31st, 1822; m., Jau. 

7th, 1847, Robert Foster, b. near Mifflinburgh, 
Pa., Dec. 10th, 1842. 

Issue (Foster) : 

(5u) VI. 1. Esther Elizabeth, b. Mar. 31st, 1848 ; 

m., Jan. 4th, 1883, Charles C. Wilson, b. in 
Union Co., Pa., Jan. 7th, 1834. Now of 
Freeport, 111. 

Issue (Wilson) : 

(516) VII. 1. Robert F., b. Nov. 22d, 1883. 

(517) VII. 2. Jessie R., b. July 26th, 1885. 


(518) VI. 2. Sarah Boude, b. Oct. 27th, 1850; d. 

April 26th, 1873. 

(519) VI. 3. Elsie, b. Jan. 24th, 1857 ; m., Feb. 5th, 

1884, Dr. John Charlton Steans, practicing 
medicine in Mifflinburgh, Pa. 

(521) VI. 4. William E., b. Feb. 5th, 1858. 

(522) VI. 5. Joseph C, b. June 20th, 1860. 


(523) IV. 5. ELEANOR, b. April 21st, 1782; d. May 1st, 


(524) IV. 6. ROBERT, b. at Columbia, Pa., May 28th, 

1783; m., Dec. 16th, 1804, Esther Shively, b. in 
Northumberland Co., Pa. (now Union), Mar. 6th, 
1788 ; removed to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1838. 
He d. Nov. 16th, 1862; she d. Oct. 6th, 1854. 


Issue (Barber) : 

(526) V. 1. John Boude, b. in Buffalo Valley, Pa., 

May 1st, 1806; m., Feb. 1st, 1830, Dorcas 
Wilson, b. Feb. 12th, 1810. Moved to Stephen- 
son Co., 111., in 1838. He died Feb. 1st, 1863. 
She d. May 18th, 1878. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(528) VI. 1. Esther, b. loth, 1830; d. Jan. 6th, 


(529) VI. 2. Nancy Jane, b. Nov. 14th, 1831; d. 

Feb. 4th, 1837. 

(530) VI. 3. Robert Ray, b. in Union Co., Pa., Nov. 

4th, 1833; m. (1st), May 4th, 1858, Tamar 
A. Fisher, b. Sept. 24th, 1839, dr. of George 
W. and Barbara A. Fisher. She d. July 3d, 
1875. He m. (2d), Mar. 5th, 1877, Ada 
Hamilton. Now of Wyoming, Iowa. 

Issue, by 1st m. (Barber) : 

(533) VII. 1. Jane Ray, b. April 27th, 1859; m., 

Oct. 1st, 1882, Dr. Allen S. Chatterton. 

Issue (Chatterton) : 
(585) VIII. 1. Carle, b. Sept. 16th, 1885. 


(536) VII. 2. A son, b. July 21st, 1861 ; d. July 

21st, 1861. 

(537) VII. 3. Newcomb Williams, b. Sept. 13th, 

1862; d. Mar. 13th, 1864. 

(538) VII. 4. Horace Preston, b. Oct. 20th, 1864. 

(539) VII. 5. George Boude, b. Oct. 5th, 1866. 

(540) VII. 6. Mary, b. Mar. 21st, 1869; d. June 

16th, 1869. 


(541) VII. 7. Harriet E., b. July 29th, 1870 ; m., 

Sept. 27th, 1888, Royal Chatterton. 

(543) VII. 8. A son, b. May 15th, 1875 ; d. May 

24th, 1875. 

(544) VI. 4. Amanda, b. July 6th, 1835 ; m., Sept. 

4th, 1854, Newcomb Williams, b. at Wash- 
ingtonville, Pa., July 17th, 1828. Now of 
Wyoming, Iowa. 

Issue (Williams) : 
(546) VII. 1. Clara, b. July 19th, 1855 ; m., Aug. 

24th, 1873, Henry McCune, b. Oct. 4th, 

Issue (McCune) : 
(5*8) Vni. 1. Lillie, b. July 10th, 1874. 

(549) VIII. 2. Benjamin, b. Sept. 8th, 1879. 

(550) VIII. 3. John, b. Mar. 10th, 1883. 


(551) VII. 2. Lizzie, b. Mar. 29th, 1857; m., Oct. 

3d, 1877, Frank J. Bennett, b. Dec. 29th, 

Issue (Bennett) : 

(553) VIII. 1. John, b. Oct. 4th, 1878. 

(554) VIII. 2. Newcomb, b. Sept. 8th, 1884. 


(555) VII. 3. Edward, b. June 11th, 1865. 

(556) VII. 4. Price, b. Jan. 16th, 1870. 
(55-) VII. 5. Mary, b. Feb. 10th, 1873. 

(558) VI. 5. Nancy Wilson, b. Oct. 31st, 1838; ra., 

Nov. 10th, 1858, Samuel R. Foster, b. in 
Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 16th, 1833. Now of 
Rock City, 111. 


Issue (Foster) : 

(560) yil. 1. Franklin R., b. Oct. 10th, 1859. 

(561) VII. 2. Andrew J., b. Feb. 15th, 1862. 

(562) VII. 3. Dorcas Jane, b. Feb. 4th, 1864; d. 

Jan. 16th, 1865. 

(563) VII. 4. Jennie S., b. Xov. 22d, 1866. 
(56i) A^II. 5. Charles, b. Nov. 27th, 1872. 

(565) VI. 6. Wilson, b. June 5th, 1841 ; m., April 

8th, 1885, Etta Doolittle, b. Nov. 4th, 1853. 

Now of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
(o6t) VI. 7. Foster, b. at Rock Grove, 111., July 

21st, 1843; m., Dec. 23d, 1863, Fannie Per- 

rine, b. in Green Co., Wis., Aug. 25th, 1843. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(569) VII. 1. Libbie, b. Dec. 1st, 1864; d. Jan. 

20th, 1865. 
(5To) VII. 2. Hattie C, b. Feb. 28th, 1866. 

(571) VII. 3. Amanda, b. Sept. 9th, 1868. 

(5-2) VII. 4. Jennie, b. April 12th, 1871. 

(573) VI. 8. Harriet, b. Sept. 31st, 1846 ; d. Oct. 17th, 


(574) VI. 9. Howard, b. June 16th, 1848; m , Dec. 

7th, 1870, Mary A. Allison, b. Sept. 20th, 
1847. He is a merchant at Milledgeville, 111. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(576) VII. 1. Cora May, b. Aug. 12th, 1873. 

(577) VII. 2. Frank, b. Oct. 6th, 1878. 

(578) VII. 3. Mary Boude, b. Oct. 22d, 1882. 

(579) VI. 10. Margaret E., b. Oct. 31st, 1851 ; m., 

Dec. 9th, 1875, John J. Chambers, b. at Rock 
Grove, 111., Aug. 11th, 1849, son of Samuel 
Chambers. Now of Beunet, Neb. No issue. 
(See 449, 450.) 


(58i) VI. 11. Price F., b. Feb. 25th, 1853 ; unm. 

(582) VI. 12. Mary S., b. Sept. 22d, 1855. 

(583) V. 2: Elizabeth Shively, b. May 10th, 1808 ; m., 

April 21st, 1828, James Chambers, b. Sept. 17th, 
1804, son of Benjamin Chambers. He d. in 
Mifflinburgh, Pa., July 24th, 1886. She d. 1870. 
No issue (see 196, 197). 

(585) V. 3. Henry, b. June 7th, 1810; d. Dec. 28th, 


(586) V. 4. Robert, b. Feb. 6th, 1813; m.. Mar. 3d, 

1836, Martha Foster, b. July 27th, 1820. She 
d. in St. Louis, Mo., July 1st, 1850. He d. in 
Philadelphia, Pa., May 6th, 1852. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(588) VI. 1. John Robert, b. April 10th, 1837 ; d. 

July 10th, 1837. 

(589) VI. 2. J. Wilson, b. Sept. 20th, 1839 ; m. (1st), 

Oct. 13th, 1869, iVnna Sarah Bucher, b. Jan. 
12th, 1841. She d. Dec. 18th, 1871. He m. 
(2d), June 20th, 1876, Amelia Foust, b. Sept. 
20th, 1851. ^N'ovv in the clothing business in 
Mifflinburgh, Pa. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Barber) : 

(592) VII. 1. Ella May, b. Dec. 6th, 1870. 

By 2d marriage (Barber) : 

(593) VII. 2. Anna Mary, b. April 28th, 1877. 

(594) VII. 3. Robert Wilson, b. Mar. 26th, 1880. 

(595) VI. 3. Mary E., b. Nov. 18th, 1841 ; d. Dec. 

6th, 1860. 

(596) VI. 4. Robert, b. June 7th, 1843 ; d. July 6th, 


(597) VI. 5. Price, b. Oct. 7th, 1845; d. Sept. 6th, 





V. 5. Sarah, b. Aug. 7th, 1816; d. June 6th, 1817. 

V. 6. Henry Shively, b. in Union Co., Pa,, Dec. 
27th, 1818. Moved to Stephenson Co., III., in 
1837. Made a claim on Gov't land, Rock 
Grove, and in 1844 bought the land at Gov't 
price, $1.25 per acre. He m., Sept. 27th, 1842, 




Mary M. Fisher, b. in Union Co., Pa., April 
10th, 1819. Moved to Monroe, Wis., in 1850, 
where he engaged in the lumber business, and 
in 1863 returned to Stephenson Co., and is now 
living at Freeport, III. She d. Oct. 3d, 1871. 

Issue (Barber) : 

VI. 1. Lewis, b. Aug. 24th, 1843 ; d. Nov. 

26th, 1843. 
VI. 2. Ashley, b. Nov. 22d, 1844; m., Dec. 

28th, 1876, Mary Haughey, b. in Stephenson 

Co., 111., June 29th, 1855. 

Issue (Barber) : 

VII. 1. Harry, b. Jan. 18th, 1878. 
VII. 2. Herbert, b. Oct. 5th, 1882 ; d. Mar. 
4th, 1884. 



(606) YII. 3. Grace, b. July 22d, 1886 ; d. May 

9th, 1889. 

(6ot) VI. 3. Lewis Fisher, b. Sept. 12th, 1846 ; d. 

Feb. 8th, 1849. 

(608) VI. 4. Lizzie C, b. Aug. 24th, 1848; m., Dec. 

25th, 1873, George M. Carnifix, b. in Stephen- 
son Co., 111., Sept. 1st, 1850. 

Issue (Carnifix) : 

(610) VII. 1. Mary Barber, b. Sept. 1st, 1875. 

(611) VII. 2. Hattie Bell, b. July 30th, 1878. 

(612) VII. 3. Eddie M.,b. Jan. 22d, 1885. 


(613) VL 5. Charles F., b. May 18th, 1850 ; m., Dec. 

25th, 1872, May O. Ewing, b. June 18th, 
1853. Moved to Storm Lake, Iowa, in 1879. 
Now of Mason City, Iowa. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(615) VIL 1. Minnie B., b. Sept. 2d, 1875. 

(616) VII. 2. Ella Ewing, b. Mar. 12th, 1877 ; d. 

Aug. 16th, 1877. 

(617) VII. 3. Ethel May, b. Jan 9th, 1879. 

(618) VI. 6. Frank, b. Aug. 30th, 1857 ; d. Feb. 

17th, 1858. 

(619) V. 7. James, b. Feb. 7th, 1820 ; unm. 

(620) V. 8. George, b. May 6th, 1822 ; d. Oct. 4th, 1822. 

(621) V. 9. Sallie, b. Oct. 9th, 1824; d. June 7th, 1825. 

(622) V. 10. Joseph Green, b. in Union Co., Pa., May 

15th, 1827 ; m., Mar. 20th, 1856, in Stephenson 
Co., Ill, Anna Bike, b. Oct. 13th, 1832. Xow 
of Brodhead, Wis. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(624) VI. 1. Clayton, b. Dec. 20th, 1856 ; d. Oct. 8th, 


(625) VI. 2. Florence Esther, b. July 14th, 1858 ; unm. 


(626) VI. 3. Martha E., b. Sept. 20th, 1864 ; m., Dec. 

31st, 1883, Louis A. W. Sprague, b. June 23d, 
1862 ; of Brodhead, Wis. 

Issue (Sprague) : 

(627) VII. 1. Lelia A. 

(628) VI. 4. Albert, b. Sept. 17th, 1867. 

(629) VL 5. Jennie, b. July 30th, 1872. 

(630) V. 11. Margaret Ellen, b. June 22d, 1831 ; m., 

Feb. 21st, 1855, Rev. John Walworth, editor 
and proprietor of the Monroe Sentinel (his 2d 
wife). Moved to Richland Centre, Wis., in 
1858, where he became editor and proprietor of 
the Richland Co. Observer. He served two 
terms in the State Legislature ; entered the 
army as Chaplain of the 43d Regt. AVis. Vols., 
and served to the close of the war. He is still 
suffering from wounds received during that pe- 
riod. She d. Dec. 22d, 1857. 

(632) IV. 7. THOMAS, b. at Columbia, Pa., Feb. 20th, 

1785; m.. Mar. 26th, 1812,=^^ Elizabeth Clingan, 
b. in Buffalo Valley, Pa., Jan. 13th, 1787. She 
was a niece of Flavel Roan. Thomas Barber d. 
in Union Co., Pa., April 14th, 1856. She d. 
April 5th, 1872. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(631) V. 1. Jane Clingan, b. April 27th, 1813 ; d. Sept. 

1st, 1814. 

31 Mr. Linn, in his Annals of Buffalo Valley, quotes from Flavel Roan's 
Journal the following relating to this wedding : — 

"March 26 (1812), Thomas Barber to Betsy Clingan. Groom came with 
fourteen attendants ; thirty-seven strangers, altogether. 27th, twenty strangers, 
beside the bride and groom, breakfasted at Clingan's; twenty-two of us left 
Clingan's with the bride and groom; four joined us at Doctor Van Valzah's; 
went to Esquire Barber's, where there was a very large party and much 
dancing, although Quakers." 


(635) V. 2. Sarah Boude, b. Mar. 6th, 1815; m.,Oct. 9th, 

1844, John A. Van Valzah, son of Dr. Robert 
Van Valzah. He was born Oct. 27th, 1800 ; d. 
Aug. 26th, 1854. 

Issue (Van Valzah) : 
(637) VI. 1. Jane Roan, b. Nov. 28th, 1845 ; m., 

June 23d, 1880, Dr. Franklin H. Van Val- 
zah, b. in Centre Co., Pa., Feb. 18th, 1847. 
Now practicing medicine at Spring INIills, 

Issue (Van Valzah) : 

(639) VII. 1. John Henry, b. April 9th, 1881 ; d. 

Nov. 1st, 1883. 

(640) VII. 2. Robert, b. Nov. 1st, 1882. 

(641) VII. 3. Sarah Boude, b. Nov. 2d, 1884. 

(642) VII. 4. James Wilson, b. July 8th, 1888. 

(643) VI. 2. Harriet Rebecca, b. Mar. 23d, 1848; 

m., Oct. 21st, 1874, Robert H. Chamberlin, 
b. in Union Co., Pa. Now of Bloomington, 

Issue (Chamberlin) : 
(645) VII. 1. John v., b. May 2d, 1876. 

(Van Valzah) 

(648) VI. 3. Elizabeth Ellen, b. July 19th, 1850; d. 

Nov. 18th, 1872. 
(647) VI. 4. Flavel Barber, b. July 22d, 1852 ; m., 

Sept. 4th, 1883, Emma Jane Wolfe. 

Issue (Van Valzah) : 

(649) VII. 1. Sarah Margaret, b. June 14th, 1884. 

(650) VII. 2. Elizabeth Ellen, b. Oct. 25th, 1886. 

(651) VII. 3. Samuel Wolfe, b. Sept. 2d, 1888. 

(652) VI. 5. Sarah, b. Mar. 2d, 1854 ; d. Sept. 22d, 




(653) V. 3. Jane Roan, b. May 18th, 1817; m., Feb. 

2d, 1836, Laird Howard, b. in Union Co., Pa., 
Sept. 7th, 1804. He d. Mar. 19th, 1870. She 
now resides in Denver, Colo. 

Issue (Howard) : 

(655) VI. 1. Thomas, b. Dec. 1st, 1836 ; d. July 

17th, 1859, in Denmark, Tenu. 

(656) VI. 2. Elizabeth, b. July 25th, 1839 ; d. April 

10th, 1870. 
(65t) VI. 3. John, b. Oct. 14th, 1841 ; unra. 

(658) VI. 4. AVilliam Barber, b. Nov. 14th, 1843 ; 


(659) VI. 5. David, b. Dec. 14th, 1845 ; m., Feb. 

4th, 1885, Mary H. McAlister, of Denver, 

(661) VI. 6. Robert Barber, b. Dec. 19th, 1847 ; d. 

Sept. 17th, 1854.. 

(662) VI. 7. Sarah Boude, b. April 20th, 1850 ; d. 

Sept. 27th, 1851. 

(663) VI. 8. Joseph Green, b. Jan. 31st, 1853; d. 

Sept. 17th, 1854. 

(664) VI. 9. HarryGordon,b. Mar. 31st, 1855. Now 

of Denver, Colo. ; unm. 

(665) VI. 10. Margaret Barber, b. Dec. 22d, 1857 ; d. 

May 2d, 1876. 

(666) VI. 11. Harriet Van Valzah,b. May 8th, 1860; 

d. June 4th, 1869. 


(667) V. 4. Robert T., b. near Mifflinburgh, Pa., June 

30th, 1819 ; m., Jan. 18th, 1844, Martha Ellen 
Young. He d. at M., July 20th, 1888. 


Issue (Barber) : 

(609) VI. 1. William Young, b. Nov. 18th, 1844 ; 

moved to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1868. He 
m., Dec. 6th, 1870, Anna E. Barber, b. Nov. 
21st, 1847. Moved to Iowa in 1870. Now of 
Palo; (See 757, 758.) 

Issue (Barber) : 

(671) VII. 1. Martha Effie, b. Oct. 15th, 1871. 

(672) VIL 2. Louis Chamberlin, b. Feb. 3d, 1873. 

(673) VII. 3. Emma Alice, b. Jan. 12th, 1876. 

(674) VI. 2. Elizabeth Clingan, b. June 21st, 1847; 

m. (1st), Dec. 23d, 1873, Charles Downing 
Pearce, b. in New York State, Feb. 8th, 1842 ; 
d. Sept. 21st, 1885. She m. (2d), Oct. 23d, 
1888, L. C. Powell, b. Aug. 11th, 1843. Now 
of Shelbyville, Ind. No issue. 

(677) VI. 3. Emma Alice, b. May 8th, 1854; d. 

July 28th, 1876. 

(678) VI. 4. Thomas Edwin, b. April 5th, 1856 ; m., 

Dec. 2d, 1884, Elma W. Elliott, b. July 11th, 
1861, dr. of Evans Elliott, of Shelbyville, 
Ind. He d. July 21st, 1886, at Mifflinburgh, 
(68o) VI. 5. Sarah Jane, b. July 18th, 1864. 

(68i) V. 5. Margaret Clingan, b. Mar. 17th, 1821 ; m., 

Oct. 2d, 1865, John Wilson, b. in Union Co., 
Pa., Feb. 24th, 1824, son of John Foster Wilson. 
Now of Reedsville, Mifflin Co., Pa. She d. Mar. 
18th, 1886. 
(683) V. 6. William Clingan, b. in Union Co., Pa., July 

31st, 1823; m., Nov. 11th, 1847, Mary Wilson 
Foster, b. Aug. 2d, 1827, dr. of William Foster. 
Now of Lewisburg, Pa. 


Issue (Barber) : 

(685) VI. 1. Laird Howard, b. Oct. 25th, 1848 ; m., 

Oct. 29th, 1885, Elizabeth C. Butler, b. Aug. 
17th, 1858. He grad. at Lafayette College, 
Easton, Pa., in 1871 ; was principal of Public 
Schools at Mauch Chunk from 1875 to 1880, 
and is now practicing Law in that place. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(687) VII. 1. Fannie Skeer, b. Aug. 26th, 1886. 

(688) VL 2. William Foster, b. Oct. 1st, 1850; m., 

April 26th, 1888, Edith Irene Smith, b. May 
1st, 1866, dr. of John Smith. Now practicing 
Dentistry at Lewisburg, Pa. No issue. 

(690) VI. 3. Jane Van Valzah, b. Oct. 26th, 1852 ; 

DOW of Denver, Colo. ; unm. 

(69i) VI. 4. Sarah Boude, b. Nov. 1st, 1856 ; grad. 

at Lewisburg Female Seminary in 1878, and 
is now a teacher of Elocution, Drawing and 
Painting at Palatinate College, Myerstown, 
Pa. ; unm. 

(692) V. 7. George Clingan, b. Dec. 27th, 1826; d. 

March, 1827. 

(693) V. 8. Flavel Clingan, b. Jan. 30th, 1830; m., 

May, 1861, Mary Paine Abernathy, of Pulaski, 

Tenn. She d. . He was Major of the 3d 

Tenn. Reg't of Vols., and was killed near Rome, 
Georgia, in the battle of Pesaca, May 14th, 
1864. No issue. 


(695) IV. 8. SAMUEL, b. in Buffalo Valley, June 21st, 

1787; m., Feb. 14th, 1811, Mary Van Valzah, b. 

Jan. 22d, 1791, dr. of Dr. Robert Van Valzah. 

Samxuel Barber was elected Colonel of the 43d 


Reg't PeiiD'a Militia in 1825. He was a splendid 
swordsman and horseman, and very popular with 
the soldiery. He was an influential politician, 
an ardent Democrat, and a member of the first 
General Assembly that met west of the Allegheny 
Mountains. He was a man of positive convic- 
tions, and being well informed, and possessing a 
splendid voice, he commanded attention at all 
times. He was an active member of the Presby- 
terian Church. He d. Mar. 2d, 1846. She d. 
Mar. 24th, 1846. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(697) V. 1. Eobert B., b. in Buffalo Valley, Feb. 3d, 

1812, in the old log house built by his grand- 
father in 1772 ; grad. at Jefferson College in 
1835. Studied law and was admitted to the 
Bar of Union Co., Pa., in 1837. He was ap- 
pointed Deputy Attorney -General by Gov. 
Porter in 1839, and again in 1846 by Gov. 
Shunk, and in 1852 Aid, with the rank of Col- 
onel, by Gov. Bigler. He has been very prom- 
inent in politics and in the Presbyterian Church, 
and is a man of high literary attainments. He 
ra., Feb. 20th, 1838, Mary Jane Foster, b. May 
1st, 1815, dr. of Capt. John and Jane Foster ; 
shed. Feb. 13th, 1874. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(699) YI. 1. Hannah Miles, b. April 2d, 1840 ; unm. 

(too) VI. 2. Benjamin Ts^ewton, b. April 6th, 1842; 

m., Sept. 1st, 1866, Emma Smith, b. Nov, 
10th, 1847, dr. of Edward Smith. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(to2) VII. 1. Flora McDonald, b. July 30th, 1867. 

Oo3) VII. 2. Robert, b. Oct. 27th, 1868. 


(To-t) VII. 3. Mary Agnes, b. April 12th, 1870. 

(705) VII. 4. Charles Wilson, b. Mar. 22d, 1875. 

(to6) VI. 3. John Forster, b. Dec. 3d, 1843; m., 

July 15th, 1875, Minerva S. Svvench, b. Jan. 

18th, 1851 ; d. May 16th, 1876. He now 

resides at Hazleton, Pa. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(to8) VII. 1. Minerva S., b. May 15th, 1876 ; d. 

Dec. 4th, 1876. 
(to9) VI. 4. Samuel Gardiner, b. Nov. 13th, 1845 ; 

d. May 9th, 1860. 
(no) VI. 5. Thomas Carrol, b. Jan. 29th, 1848 ; m., 

Nov. 19th, 1874, Alice B. Young, b. Jan. 2d, 


Issue (Barber) : 

(ti2) VII. 1. Horace Y., b. June 22d, 1879. 

(T13) VII. 2. Harold F., b. Feb. 4th, 1884. 

(m) VI. 6. Mary Jane, b. Feb. 7th, 1850; m., Jan. 

19th, 1882, James S. Whitley, b. Mar. 21st, 
1850, son of Michael Whitley. Now of Mif- 
flin burgh. Pa. 

Issue (Whitley) : 

(ti6) VII. 1. John Forster, b. April 24th, 1883. 

(nv) VII. 2. Jane Elizabeth, b. June 17th, 1884 ; 

d. Aug. 14th 1885. 

(718) VII. 3. Ray Palmer, b. July 1st, 1887. 

(719) VII. 4. William Simonton,b. Sept. 22d, 1888. 


(720) VI. 7. Charles Wilson, b. Mar. 5th, 1852; m., 

Mar. 6th, 1879, Emma E. Tumbach, b. Mar. 
7th, 1858. Now of Hazleton, Pa. 


Issue (Barber) : 

(722) VII. 1. Hellen Forster, b. Aug. 21st, 1886. 

(723) V. 2. James Wright, b. in Buffalo Valley, Pa., 

June 11th, 1814 ; m., May 24th, 1836, Margaret 
Park Chamberlin, b. Feb. 21st, 1818, dr. of 
Aaron Chamberlin and Elizabeth Dale. Moved 
to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1847. He d. Aug. 
11th, 1858. The family moved to Rapid City, 
Dakota, in 1872. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(725) VI. 1. David Watson, b. at Mifflinburgh, Pa., 

April 2d, 1837 ; m., Kov. 7th, 1860, Anna E. 
Crocker, b. July 26th, 1842, dr. of Luther O. 
and Emeretta S. Crocker. He was County 
Treasurer of Bon Homme Co., Dak., and 
Judge of Probate Court of same ; also Justice 
of the Peace ; was postmaster of the old town 
of Bon Homme for seven years. He was sent 
by the Presbytery of South Dakota as Com- 
missioner to the General Assembly which met 
in New York city, May 16th, 1889. Now of 
Tyndall, S. Dak. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(727) VII. 1. Margaret Emeretta, b. Aug. 28th, 

1861 ; m., Aug. 25th, 1880, F. B. Colgan. 

Issue (Colgan) : 

(729) VIII. 1. Ellen Emeretta, b. July 15th, 


(730) VIII. 2. Alice Elizabeth, b. Oct. 8th, 1883. 

(731) VIII. 3. Anna Bell, b. Oct. 5th, 1886. 

(732) VIII. 4. James Lewis, b. Jan. 16th, 1889. 



(733) VII. 2. Ellen Mary, b. Oct. 23d, 1863 ; d. 

May 4th, 1872. 

(-34) VII. 3. Carrie Alice, b. Jan. 26th, 1866 ; m., 

May 7th, 1886, James K. Dunwoodie, b. in 
County Down, Ireland, Dec. 19th 1855, son 
of James and Mary Dunwoodie. He came 
to America with his parents in 1862 ; is 
now manager of the Tyndall Tribune. 

Issue (Dunwoodie) : 
(-36) VIII. 1. William Dale, b. Feb. 20th, 1887. 

(737) VIII. 2. A girl, b. Jan. 24th, 1889. 


(738) VII. 4. Elizabeth Dale, b. Mar. 1st, 1868. 

(739) VII. 5. James Luther, b. May 16th, 1870. 

(740) VII. 6. Lewis Fayette, b. Sept. 2d, 1872. 

(741) VII. 7. Nettie E., b. Dec. 26th, 1874. 

(742) VII. 8. John Crocker, b. Feb. 28th, 1876 ; 

d. Sept. 2d, 1876. 

(743) VII. 9. Edward Samuel, b. Oct. 12th, 1878. 

(744) VIL 10. Susan Sarah, b. Jan. 15th, 1882; d. 

Sept. 17th, 1882. 

(745) VII. 11. Samuel Van Valzah, b. April 6th, 


(746) VII. 1 2. Joseph Chambers, b. April 27th,l 887. 

(747) VI. 2. Mary Van Valzah, b. June 3d, 1838 ; 

d. Jan. 7th, 1864. 
(74s) VI. 3. Samuel Dale, b. Aug. 13th, 1840; m., 

Nov. 26th, 1862, Katherine Brown, b. Jan. 
28th, 1841, dr. of James Brown. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(750) VII. 1. James Brown, b. Dec. 2d, 1863. 

(751) VII. 2. Leila Dale, b. Aug. 13th, 1865 ; d. 

July 7th, 1867. 


(752) VII. 3. Jennie Van Valzah, b. June 23d, 


(753) VII. 4. Frank Dale, b. July 26th, 1876. 

(754) VII. 5. Anna Fearon, b. Oct. 20th, 1878. 

(755) VII. 6. Mary, b. Aug. 15th, 1881. 

(756) VI. 4. Margaret Chamberlin, b. April 18th, 

1846; d. Mar. 10th, 1847. 

(757) VI. 5. AnnaElizabeth,b. at Freeport, Ill.,Nov. 

21st, 1847; m., Dec. 6th, 1870, William 
Young Barber, b. in Buffalo Valley, Pa., 
Nov. 18th, 1844. Now of Palo, Iowa (see 
669, 670). 

Issue (Barber) : 

(759) VII. 1. Martha Effie, b. Oct. 15th, 1871. 

(760) VII. 2. Louis Chamberlin, b. Feb. 3d, 1873. 

(761) VII. 8. Emma Alice, b. Jan. 12th, 1876. 

(762) VI. 6. Ellen, b. Aug. 18th, 1850 ; d. July 23d, 


(763) VI. 7. John Charlton, b. Feb. 3d, 1856; m., 

Feb. 26th, 1880, Harriet Elizabeth Colgan, 
b. Nov. 12th, 1862, dr. of John Colgan. 
Now of Rapid City, S. Dak. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(765) VII. 1. Samuel Hugh, b. Jan. 10th, 1881. 

(766) VII. 2. Watson Robert, b. Dec. 2d, 1882. 

(767) VII. 3. Margaret Park, b. Sept. 18th, 1884. 

(768) VII. 4. Jane I., b. Jan. 2d, 1887. 

(T69) VII. 5. Ellen, b. Nov. 4th, 1888 ; d. Sept. 

4th, 1889. 

(770) V. 3. Elizabeth Sutherland, b. Oct. 11th, 1816 ; 

m., Feb. 21st, 1838, James Dale Chamberlin, b. 
in Buffalo Valley, Pa., April 12th, 1814, son of 
Aaron Chamberlin. Now of Toledo, Ohio. 


Issue (Chamberlin) : 

(772) VI. 1. Samuel B., b. Nov. 18th, 1838; d. Jan. 

29th, 1842. 

(773) VI. 2. Robert Van Valzah,b. Mar. 7th, 1842; 

m., Oct. 25th, 1871, Fidelia Whitmore, b. 
July 7th, 1847, dr. of Luther Whitmore. 

Issue (Chamberlin) : 

(775) VII. 1. Luther, b. Aug. 21st, 1872. 

(776) VII. 2. Ida May, b. May 13th, 1875. 
(7-7) VII. 3. Cora May, b. Sept. 24th, 1880. 

(778) VII. 4. Fidelia Melissa, b. May 25th, 1882. 

(779) VI. 3. Mary Barber, b. Sept. 30th, 1844; m., 

Sept. 28th, 1865, Elijah Whitmore, b. June 
20th, 1839, son of Luther Whitmore. 

Issue (Whitmore) : 

(781) VII. 1. Herbert, b. July 2d, 1866. 

(782) VII. 2. James Chamberlin, b. Feb. 3d, 1869. 

(783) . VII. 3. Alice Elizabeth, b. April 15th, 1883. 


(784) VL 4. Elizabeth Dale, b. Dec. 4th, 1847 ; m.. 

Mar. 6th, 1872, Warren Whitmore, b. July 
21st, 1842, son of Luther Whitmore. 

Issue (Whitmore) : 

(786) VII. 1. Samuel Dixon, b. Oct. 21st, 1873; 

d. June 12th, 1875. 

(787) VIL 2. Lizzie Chamberlin, b. Feb. 8th, 1875; 

d. June 15th, 1875. 

(788) VII. 3. Mary Howard, b. April 1st, 1876. 

(789) VII. 4. J. Dale, b. July 31st, 1879 ; d. Sept. 

21st, 1879. 

(790) VII. 5. Dale Chamberlin, b. Dec. 4th, 1880. 

(791) VII. 6. Elsie May, b. May 7th, 1885. 


(792) VI. 5. Sarah Barber, b. April 28th, 1850 ; d. 

Mar. 31st, 1853. 
(t93) VI. 6. James Dale, b. June 29th, 1855 ; d. July 

23d, 1878. 

(794) VI. 7. Frank Wilson, b. April 25th, 1862. 


(795) V. 4. Samuel S., b. Jan. 13th, 1819 ; ra., Feb. 6th, 

1845, Emeline Miles Foster, b. in Centre Co., 
Pa., Sept. 8th, 1820,_dr. of Capt. John Foster. 
He d. Nov. 28th, 1880. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(797) VI. 1. Mary Louisa, b. Nov. 21st, 1845 ; m., 

Dec. 28th, 1871, William Irwin Simonton, b. 
June 23d, 1847 ; d. July 20th, 1884, son of 
John W. Simonton. 

Issue (Simonton) : 

(799) VII. 1. John Irwin, b. Nov. 3d, 1872 ; d. 

Dec. 1st, 1874. 

(800) VII. 2. Samuel Barber, b. Mar. 19th, 1874. 


(801) VI. 2. John Foster, b. Oct. 25th, 1847; m., 

Jan. 31st, 1872, Laurene Young, b. Mar. 
10th, 1850, dr. of Samuel Young. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(803) VII. 1. Emily Wilson, b. June 4th, 1873. 

(804) VII. 2. Samuel Ashley, b. June 28th, 1875. 

(805) VII. 3. Mary Miles, b. Mar. 25th, 1879. 

(806) VI. 3. Edward Sutherland, b. Oct. 2d, 1849. 

(807) VI. 4. Sarah Van Valzah, b. June 11th, 1851 ; 

m., Jan. 6th, 1881, Franklin H. Forster, b. 
in Centre Co., Pa., Feb. 12th, 1847, son of 
John Forster, Jr. No issue. 


(809) VI. 5. Isaac Grier, b. May Tth, 1853 ; m., 

Feb. 15th, 1883, Kate E. Wittenmyer, b. 
June 10th, 1861, dr. of Benj. Wittenmyer. 
He grad. at Jefferson Medical College in 1877 ; 
postmaster of Middleburgh, Pa., 1885-1889, 
where he is now practicing medicine. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(Bu) VII. 1. Emma Blanche, b. Jan. 12th, 1884. 

(812) VII. 2. Samuel Miles, b. Feb. 15th, 1886. 

(813) VI. 6. James Merrill, b. July 26th, 1854; m., 

Jan. 5th, 1882, Emma Snodgrass, b. Mar. 
12th, 1859, dr. of Samuel Wilson Snodgrass. 

Issue (Barber) ; 

(815) VII. 1. Mary Harris, b. Aug. 1st, 1884. 

(816) VI. 7. Annie Foster, b. Feb. 18th, 1857. 

(bit) v. 5. Thomas Van Valzah, b. in Union Co., Pa., 

Aug. 10th, 1821; m., Jan 2d, 1851, Gertrude 
Woolsey, b. in New York State, Feb. 5th, 1822, 
dr. of Robert Woolsey. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(bi9) VI. 1. Robert Woolsey, b. Oct. 13th, 1851 ; m., 

Dec. 26th, 1888, Alice Mary Earnest, b. Aug. 
6th, 1860, dr. of John Earnest, D.D. 

(b2i) VI. 2. Anna Maria, b. April 11th, 1853 ; d. 

Oct. 13th, 1854. 

(822) VI. 3. Ellen Mary, b. Mar. 17th, 1855 ; m., Jan. 

2d, 1879, James Simonton, b. Dec. 2d, 1851, 
son of John W. Simonton. No issue. 

(824) VI. 4. Sarah Foster, b. Dec. 11th, 1856 ; unm. 

(825) VI. 5. Jane Green, b. Sept. 3d, 1858 ; unm. 

(826) VI. 6. Samuel, b. May 30th, 1862 ; unm. 

(827) V. 6. John Van Valzah, b. in Union Co., Pa., 

May 19th, 1824 ; entered the Sophomore Class 


at Princeton in 1844, but was obliged to leave 
college in his Junior year on account of failing 
health ; ra., Nov. 5th, 1846, Elizabeth Ochiltree 


Kezner, b. Mar. 29th, 1827 ; d. Mar. 5th, 1889, 
dr. of James Rezner. He has been a merchant 
in Mifflinburgh, Pa. for many years, and promi- 
nent in politics and in church work. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(829) VL 1. Edward, b. Aug. 5th, 1847; d. Aug. 

13th, 1852. 

(830) YI. 2. James Rezner, b. Nov. 31st, 1848 ; d. 

Sept 1st, 1852. 
(83i) YI. 3. Emma Jane, b. Aug. 4th, 1852 ; m., 

Oct. 15th, 1874, Albert Foster, b. in Buffalo 
Yalley, Pa., May 25th, 1841, a merchant in 
Keedsville, Pa., son of William Foster. 

Issue (Foster) : 

(833) YII. 1. Warren Oliver, b. Sept. 14th, 1875. 

(834) YII. 2. Robert Sutherland, b. April 26th, 


(835) VII. 3. John Van Yalzah, b. July 1st, 




(836) VI. 4. Herbert, b. Oct. 18th, 1854 ; d. Aug. 

25th, 1855. 

(837) YI. 5. Lizzie Van Valzah, b. June 3d, 1858 ; 

d. Oct. 14th, 1879. 

(838) VI. 6. Agnes Mary, b. Oct. 6th, 1861 ; d. Nov. 

18th, 1868. 

(839) VI. 7. Nellie, b. April 30th, 1863 ; d. Nov. 

26th, 1863. 

(840) VI. 8. Lauretta Campbell, b. Feb. 26th, 1865. 

(841) VI. 9. Mary Spencer, b. Sept. 12th, 1867. 

(842) V. 7. Sarah Hannah Boude, b. Nov. 3d, 1826; 

m., Oct. 14th, 1847, Samuel Dale Chamberlin, 
b. in Union Co., Pa., Jan. 6th, 1817, son of 
Aaron Chamberliu. Now of Toledo, O. 

Issue (Chamberlin) : 

(844) VI. 1. Mary, b. Aug. 22d, 1848 ; d. Aug. 14th, 


(845) VI. 2. Sarah Alice, b. Aug. 13th, 1851 ; m., 

Dec. 25th, 1871, Edwin George Richardson, 
of Toledo, O., b. Mar. 10th, 1850, son of 
George H. and Melissa M. Richardson. 

Issue (Richardson) : 

(84T) VIL 1. Carlton, b. Aug. 22d, 1874; d. Dec. 

25th, 1880. 

(848) VII. 2. Robert Edwin, b. July 1st, 1882. 

(849) VII. 3. Eleanor Dorothy, b. Feb. 22d, 1884. 

(850) VII. 4. Alice Ruth, b. Nov. 22d, 1889. 


(851) VI. 3. Arthur, b. in Toledo, Sept. 1st, 1855. 

(852) VI. 4. Charles Sumner, b. Aug. 30th, 1856 ; 

m., Feb. 9th, 1877, Mary Edith Smith. Now 
a physician at Kiusman, O. 


(85i) V. 8. William Edward, b. April 21st, 1829 ; d. 

May 6th, 1829. 
(&55) V. 9. William Benjamin, b. in Buffalo Valley, 

Pa., May 8th, 1830 ; m., Feb. 9th, 1854, Mary 
Agnes Rezner, b. Jan. 2d, 1835, dr. of James 

Issue (Barber) : 
(857) Yl. 1. Spencer Finney, b. Jan. 22d, 1855 ; m., 

Oct. 5th, 1882, Ada Byron Rutherford, b. 
near Harrisburg, Pa., Nov. 29th, 1852, dr. 
of Abner and Ann Espy Rutherford. Now 
living near Harrisburg. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(859) ' VII. 1. Ann Espy, b. Sept. 28th, 1885. 

(860) VII. 2. William Byron, b. Mar. 22d, 1887. 
(86i) VII. 3. James Rezner, b. Aug. 13th, 1888. 
(862) VI. 2. Susan Clark, b. Nov. 4th, 1856; m., 

Feb. 19th, 1880, Thomas Brainard Taylor, b. 
Nov. 12th, 1844. Now of Mifflinburgh, Pa. 

Issue (Taylor) : 
(86.) VII. 1. William Silverwood, b. July 10th, 


(865) VII. 2. Mary Isabel, b. Sept. 3d, 1885. 

(866) VII. 3. Spencer Barber, b. Aug. 30th, 1887. 


(867) VI. 3. Marianna Bonnell, b. Sept 11th, 1858. 
(866) VI. 4. Fannie Jane, b. June 4th, 1860. 

(869) VI. 5. HenriettaChambers,b. May 17th, 1863; 

m., Dec. 26th, 1889, James E. Cardwell, of 

Chester, Pa. 
(871) VI. 6. Eleanor, b. Aug. 8th, 1865; d. Aug. 

17th, 1867. 
(8-2) VI. 7. James Wright, b. June 6th, 1867. 


(873) VI. 8. Hannah M., b. Mar. 7th, 1869 ; d. June 

12th, 1869. 
(8T4) VI. 9. Elizabeth O., b. July 22d, 1871; d. 

April 21st, 1872. 

(875) VI. 10. John v., b. Nov. 23d, 1873 ; d. May 

6th, 1876. 

(876) VI. 11. Grace Rezner, b. Feb. 9th, 1877. 

(877) VI. 12. Eva Schuyler, b. Oct. 27th, 1879. 
(s78) V. 10. Ellen Mary (twin), b. May 8th, 1830 ; ra., 

Dec. 14th, 1854, John Hayes, b. in Union Co., 
Pa., Nov. 2d, 1829, son of Robert Goodloe 
Hayes. A merchant in Mifflinburgh, Pa., for 
many years. 

Issue (Hayes) : 

(8so) VI. 1. Margaret Barber, b. Nov. 2d, 1856 ; m., 

May 28th, 1878, Samuel Henry Orwig, b. in 
Mifflinburgh, Pa., Aug. 14th, 1836, son of 
Samuel Orwig. Grad. at the Yale Law 
School, and was admitted to the bar of Union 
Co. in 1859. Served in Co. D, 28th Penna. 
Regt., " emergency men," during the War of 
the Rebellion. Was elected to the Legislature 
of Pennsylvania in 1864 and reelected in 
1865. He is prominent in the Presbyterian 
Church, and is regarded as one of the best 
lawyers in central Pennsylvania. Now of 
Lewisburg, Pa. No issue. 

(882) VI. 2. Robert Goodloe Harper, b. Nov. 12th, 

1859 ; m., Aug. 3d, 1887, Sarah Magdalene 
Hoffer, b. June 6th, 1867, dr. of John Hoffer. 
He is practicing medicine at Bellefonte, Pa., 
having graduated at Philadelphia School of 
Pharmacy, and Jefferson Medical College in 


Issue (Hayes) : 

(884) YII. 1. Edmund Pruner, b. May 25th, 1888. 

(885) VI. 3. Samuel Gardner, b. Oct. 11th, 1861 ; d. 

Oct. 11th, 1864. 

(886) YI. 4. John Carroll, b. Dec. 25th, 1865. 

(887) YI. 5. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 21st, 1871. 


(888) Y. 11. Joseph Chambers, b. in Union Co., Pa., 

Dec. 25th, 1832. Moved to Monroe Co., Wis., 
in 1854, where he engaged in grain and stock 
dealing; ra., Jan. 25th, 1866, Louise Ritten- 
house, b. June 19th, 1845, dr. of AVilliam Rit- 
tenhouse. He d. Sept. 22d, 1880. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(89o) YI. 1. Mary Yan Yalzah, b. June 17th, 1867; 

m., Sept. 30th, 1886, Clarence Walter Twin- 
ing, b. April 27th, 1864, son of Nathan 

Issue (Twining) : 

(892) YII. 1. Joseph Laverne, b. Sept. 17th, 1887. 


(893) YI. 2. Kittie Rittenhouse, b. Oct. 22d, 1868. 

(894) YI. 3. Emma, b. Jan. 8th, 1871 ; d. Nov. 9th, 


(895) YI. 4. Jennie Foster, b. July 26th, 1874. 

(896) YI. 5. Joseph Francis, b. Feb. 13th, 1880; d. 

Nov. 12th, 1885. 

(897) Y. 12. Edward Sutherland, b. May 5th, 1835; 

d. Feb. 20th, 1846. 

(898) lY. 9. ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 28th, 1789 ; d. July 5th, 

1867, unm. 

(899) lY. 10. HANNAH, b. Mar. 9th, 1791 ; d. July 26th, 

1826, unm. 



(900) TV. 11. ELEANOR, b. April 21st, 1793; d. Aug. 

25th, 1872, iinm. 

(901) IV. 12. JAMES WEIGHT, b. ill Buffalo Valley, Aug. 

5th, 1795; m., Feb. 5th, 1823, Susan Barber, b. 
July 16th, 1801, dr. of Thomas and Mary Boude 
Barber. Moved to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1843. 
She d. Jan. 14th, 1876. He d. May 30th, 1877 
(see 992, 993). 








Issue (Barber) : 

V. 1. Charles W., b. at White Springs, Union 
Co., Pa., Oct. 22d, 1823 ; d. near Freeport, 111., 
Oct. 2d, 1889, unm. 

V. 2. Sarah Boude, b. Oct. 29th, 1825; m., May 
2d, 1854, Oliver P. McCool, b. in Lewisburg, 
Pa., Aug. 29th, 1820. Now of Freeport, 111. 

Issue (McCool) : 

VI. 1. Susan B., b. Mar. 14th, 1855; unm. 
VI. 2. James B., b. Mar. 21st, 1856; m., June 
3d, 1884, Ellen Huber, b. June 17th, 1861. 

Issue (McCool) : 
VII. 1. Harvey Loyd, b. Aug. 23d, 1885. 
VII. 2. Charles, b. June 19th, 1887. 
VI, 3. Eleanor, b. April 1st, 1857. 


(912) YI. 4, Emily B., b. Sept. 27th, 1859. 

(913) YI. 5. Joseph, b. Sept. 30th, 1861. 
(9u) YI. 6. Henrietta, b. Feb. 6th, 1863. 

(915) YI. 7. Edward, b. Nov. 2d, 1865 ; d. June 18th, 


(916) VI. 8. Charles B., b. May 13th, 1867. 


(9it) Y. 3. Thomas, b. June 12th, 1827; d. Aug. 17th, 


(918) Y. 4. Robert, b. Sept. 13th, 1829 ; unm. 

(919) Y. 5. Mary, b. Nov. 21st, 1831 ; unm. 

(920) Y. 6. Hannah, b. Feb. 2d, 1834 ; unm. 

(921) Y. 7. Amelia, b. June 29th, 1836; d. Feb. 9th, 


(922) Y. 8. Eleanor, b. May 19th, 1839; unm. 

(923) Y. 9. Benjamin, b. June 3d, 1841 ; d. Oct. 22d, 


(924) Y. 10. Susan, b. Oct. 13th, 1843; d. Mar. 10th, 


(925) HI. 5. John, second son of Robert and Sarah Taylor 

Barber, was b. in Columbia, Pa., Oct. 26th, 1753. 
He was a private in the first company of Hempfield 
township in 1775 ; took the oath of allegiance to the 
State of Pennsylvania July 1st, 1777. He was in 
the Revolutionary Army and fought at the battle 
of Long Island Aug. 27th, 1776.'^ He d. Nov. 2d, 
1806, unm. 

(926) III. 6. Samuel, third-son of Robert and Sarah Taylor 

Barber, was b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 26th, 1756 ; 
d. Feb. 26th, 1801, unm. 

(927) III. 7. Hannah, b. Nov. 12th, 1758; d. Sept. 9th, 


32 See Appendix E, for his letter to his father, written after the 


(928) III. 8. Thomas, fourth son of Robert and Sarah Taylor 
Barber, was b. at Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 
14th, 1760; m., Jan. 8th, 1783, Mary, dr. of Dr. 
Samuel and Mary Bethel Boude, who was b. at 
Columbia, Aug. 9th, 1761.^^ Moved to Buffalo 
Valley, ISTorthuraberland (now Union) Co., Pa., 
some time between 1785 and 1787, as his name ap- 
pears as a taxable in the latter year, w^hen he was a 
resident of White Deer Hole Valley. In 1793 he 
had a saw-mill at West Buffalo, Pa. He d. in 
Union Co., Pa., Feb. 5th, 1827. She d. Aug. 9th 


Issue (Barber) : 

(930) IV. 1. MARY BOUDE, b. Sept. 13th, 1786 ; d. Dec. 

28th, 1866, unm. 

(931) IV. 2. ROBEPwT, b. Aug. 3d, 1788; d. July 29th, 


(932) IV. 3. SAMUEL B., b. in Buffalo Valley, Nov. 25th, 

1790; m. Ann Campbell, dr. of Daniel Camp- 
bell, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, and 
Catharine Klinesmith.^* Samuel B. Barber w^as 
a Commissioner of Union Co. in 1835 and was 
appointed Justice of the Peace June 7th, 1836 ; 
he moved to Stephenson Co., 111., in 1843, w^here 
he d. Aug. 19th, 1862. She d. in Knox Co., 111., 

in 1856. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(93i) V. 1. Thomas, b. ; d. in childhood. 

(935) V. 2. Elizabeth, b. ; d. in childhood. 

(936) V. 3. John, b. ; m. (1st) Julia Heim ; m. 

(2d) Victoria Crandel. Both deceased. 


*' She was a sister of Sarah Boude, who m. Eobert Barber, and of 
Elizabeth Boude, who m. Paschall Lewis, in Buffalo Valley, oh Jau. 
1st, 1789. 

'* See Appendix C. 


Issue, by 1st marriage (Barber) : 
(939) VI. 1. John. 

(9«) VI. 2. Flora. 

By 2d marriage (Barber) : 

(941) VI. 3. Hattie. 
(912) yi, 4. Jennie. 
(943) V. 4. Henry Edward, b. ; ra. LucindaHeim. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(945) VI. 1. Perry, d. . 

(946) VI. 2. Flora. 

(947) VI. 3. Anna. 

(948) VI. 4. Emma. 

(949) VI. 5. James. 

(950) VI. 6. Minnie. 

(951) VI. 7. Henry. 

(952) IV. 4. SARAH TAYLOR, b. Jan. 28th, 1793 ; d. Feb. 

7th, 1865; unra. 

(953) IV. 5. JOHN BOUDE, b. in Buffalo Valley, April 23d, 

1795 ; m., June 20th, 1821, Sarah Frederick, b. 
Feb. 19th, 1799. Moved to Stephenson Co., 111., 
in 1843. He d. May 15th, 1852. She is living 
near Freeport, 111. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(955) V. 1. Mary B., b. May 21st, 1822 ; unm. 

(956) V. 2. Samuel, b. Dec. 29th, 1824; unm. 

(957) V. 3. Sarah F., b. in Union Co., Pa., Feb. 27th, 

1828; m., Oct. 30th, 1845, Joseph Jackson, b. 
in Clinton Co., Pa., Jan. 1st, 1821. 

Issue (Jackson) : 
(959) VI. 1. Sarah E., b. Aug. 23d, 1846 ; m., Sept. 

9th, 1866, Isaac Diemer, b. Sept. 25th, 


Issue (Diemer) : 

(961) VII. 1. Ada E., b. Sept. 22cl, 1867. 

(962) VII. 2. Clarence, b. Jan. 2d, 1869. 

(963) VII. 3. Joseph J., b. Sept. 27th, 1870. 

(964) VII. 4. Estella, b. Sept. loth, 1884. 


(965) VI. 2. Emily B., b. July 11th, 1850; unm. 

(966) VI. 8. John B., b. Jan. 14th, 1855 ; m., Mar. 

1st, 1874, Florence Little, b. Sept. 1st. 1854. 

Issue (Jackson) : 

(968) VII. 1. Lizzie, b. Jan. 8th, 1877. 

(969) VII. 2. Merrill, b. Aug. 20th, 1881. 

(970) VL 4. Clara V., b. Oct. 30th, 1859 ; m., Dec. 

27th, 1882, Thomas Little, b. Feb. 1st, 1850. 

Issue (Little) : 
(97-0 VII. 1. Verna, born Sept. 17th, 1882. 


(973) VL 5. Effie, b. May 16th, 1863 ; m., May 12th, 

1881, Daniel Fink, b. Jan. 22d, 1853. 

Issue (Fink) : 

(975) VII. 1. George J., b. May 26th, 1882. 

(976) VII. 2. Lulu Ann, b. Jan. 5th, 1884. 


(977) VL 6. William, b. July 1st, 1867. 

(978) VL 7. Mary V., b. Aug. 21st, 1869. 


(979) V. 4. Thomas, b. in Union Co., Pa., Jan. 6th, 

1831 ; m., Oct. 5th, 1854, Elizabeth J. Patton, 
b. May 18th, 1836. 


Issue (Barber) : 
(98i) VI. 1. Samuel, b. May 27th, 1856 ; m., Dec. 

24th, 1879, Ida E. Jones, b. May 25th, 1857. 

No issue. 
(983) VI. 2. George P., born Sept. 23cl, 1858 ; ra., 

Aug. 7th, 1879, Ida Smith, b. July 1st, 1859. 

He d. June 1st, 1880. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(985) VII. 1. Olive, b. Feb. 22d, 1880. 

(986) VI. 3. Sabina, b. May 13th, 1865. 

(987) VI. 4. Sarah J., b. May 2d, 1871. 

(»88) V. 5. George W., b. in Union Co., Pa., Mar. 5th, 

1835; unm. 

(989) V. 6. William H., b. June 14th, 1837; d. June 

4th, 1878. 

(990) V. 7. Ellen Susanna, b. Feb. 28th, 1840 ; unm. 

(991) IV. 6. ELEANOR, b. Oct. 3d, 1798 ; d. May 27th, 

1837 ; unm. 

(992) IV. 7. SUSAN, b. July 16th, 1801; m., Feb. 5th, 

1823, James Wright Barber, b. Aug, 5th, 1795, 
son of Robert and Sarah Boude Barber. She d. 
Jan. 14th, 1876. He d. May 30th, 1877. (See 
901, 902.) 

Issue (Barber) : 

(994) ■ V. 1. Charles ^Y., b. Oct. 22d, 1823; d. Oct. 2d, 

1889; unm. 

(995) V. 2. Sarah Boude, b. Oct, 29th, 1825 ; m.. May 

2d, 1854, Oliver P. McCool, b. in Lewisburg, 
Pa., Aug. 29th, 1820, now of Freeport, 111. 

Issue (McCool) : 
(997) VI. 1. Susan B., b. Mar. 14th, 1855 ; unm. 

(993) VI. 2. James B., b. Mar. 21st, 1856 ; m., June 

3d, 1884, Ellen Huber, b. June 17th, 1861. 


Issue (McCool) : 
(looo) YII. 1. Harvey Loyd, b. Aug. 23d, 1885. 

(looi) VII. 2. Charles, b. June 19th, 1887. 

(1002) VI. 3. Eleanor, b. April 1st, 1858. 

(1003) VI. 4. Emily B., b. Sept. 27th, 1859. 

(1004) VI. 5. Joseph, b. Sept. 30th, 1861. 

(1005) VI. 6. Henrietta, b. Feb. 6th, 1863. 

(looe) VI. 7. Edward, b. Nov. 2d, 1865 ; d. June 18th, 


(1007) VI. 8. Charles B., b. May 13th, 1867. 


(1008) V. 3. Thomas, b. June 12th, 1827; d. Aug. 17th, 


(1009) V. 4. Robert, b. Sept. 13th, 1829 ; unm. 
(loio) V. 5. Mary, b. Nov. 21st, 1831 ; unm. 
(ion) V. 6. Hannah, b. Feb. 2d, 1834; unm. 

(1012) V. 7. Amelia, b. June 29th, 1836 ; d. Feb. 9th, 


(1013) V. 8. Eleanor, b. May 19th, 1839 ; unm. 

(lou) V. 9. Benjamin, b. June 3d, 1841 ; d. Oct. 22d, 


(1015) V. 10. Susan, b. Oct. 13th, 1843 ; d. Mar. 10th, 


(1016) III. 9. Elizabeth, fifth dr, of Robert and Sarah 

Taylor Barber, was b. in Columbia, July 13th, 

1762; m., Oct. 30th, 1788, James Wright, Jr. (a 

first cousin of her mother's), b. Aug. 8th, 1766, son 

of James "Wright (1st) and Rhoda Patterson (his 

second wife). She died April 7th, 1830; he d. Oct. 

25th, 1838. 

Issue (Wright) : 

(1018) IV. 1. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 4th, 1789; d. Sept. 12th, 


(1019) IV. 2. SARAH, b. Sept. 7th, 1790; d. Sept. 13th, 



(1020) IV. 3. RHODA, b. Dec. 27th, 1791 ; d. April 14th, 

1864 ; uum. 

(1021) IV. 4. SARAH, b. Sept. 5th, 1793; d. Sept. 13th, 


(1022) IV. 5. SUSANNA BETHEL, b. May 4th, 1795 ; d. June 

26th, 1795. 

(1023) IV. 6. CHARLES N., b. June 4th, 1796 ; m. (1st), 

Emily Strickler, dr. of Col. Jacob Strickler, who 
d. without issue. He m. (2d), Jan. 1st, 1827, 
Susan Stump, b. May 30th, 1799, dr. of Frederick 
Stump. She d. April 12th, 1874 ; he d. May 30th, 

Issue (Wright) : 

(1026) V. 1. Sarah Barber, b. Dec. 23d, 1827 ; m., Nov. 

21st, 1848, George Charles Franciscus, of Phila- 
delphia, b. Dec. 27th, 1821 ; d. July 23d, 1870. 

Issue (Franciscus) : 

(1028) VI. 1. James Wright, b. ; d. . 

(1029) VI. 2. Lucy, m. Gardner McCandless. 

(io3i> V. 2. Mary B., b. Mar. 3d, 1829 ; m., Oct. 21st, 

1853, Andrew O. Baker, b. June 11th, 1822. 

Issue (Baker) : 

(1033) VI. 1. Susan W.,b. June 17th, 1860; m. , 

and has one child. 

(1036) VI. 2. Nathaniel L., b. April 3d, 1862. 

(1037) VI. 3. Emily W., b. May 7th, 1864. 

(1038) VI. 4. Abby, b. July 18th, 1866. 

(1039) VI. 5. Alice M., b. May 10th, 18—. 

(io«) V. 3. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 19th, 1831 ; m., Oct. 

21st, 1853, Beverly Randolph Mayer, of Colum- 
bia, Pa. 


Issue (Mayer) : 
(io42) yi. 1. Charles. 

(1043) VI. 2. Sarah. 

(1044) VI. 3. Henry C, b. April 24th, 1857 ; d. Dec. 

23d, 1861. 

(1045) VI. 4. Bettie W., b. Mar. 8th, 1865; d. Mar. 

23d, 1870. 


(1046) V. 4. Catharine G., b. July 26th, 1833; m., 

July, 1864, Mr. Breese. She died June 22d, 
1874, without issue. 

(1048) V. 5. Emily S., b. July 15th, 1835 ; d. Nov. 21st, 

1861, unm. 

(1049) V. 6. Rhoda Barber, b. Sept. 21st, 1837 ; d. Sept. 

24th, 1873, unm. 

(1050) V. 7. Charles Frederick, b. Aug. 12th, 1841 ; d. 

July 16th, 1886, unm. He was a soldier in the 
late war. 


(io5i) IV. 7. ROBERT BARBER, b. Mar. 26th, 1798 ; m.. 

Mar. 29th, 1821, Sarah Brown, b. April 24th, 
1803; d. Sept. 15th, 1854. He d. Dec. 24th, 

Issue (Wright) : 
(1053) V. 1. Elizabeth Ellen, b. April 3d, 1827; m., 
Nov. 25th, 1851, Dr. OrmsbyS. Mahon. She 
d. Dec. 24th, 1852. He died . 

Issue (Mahon) : 

(1055) VI. 1. Robert Wright, b. Dec. 18th, 1852 ; m., 

Aug. 10th, 1876, Josephine Dunlap, of 
Hagerstown, Md. He grad. at Lehigh Uni- 
versity in 1876 ; at Johns Hopkins in 1882, 
since which time he has been teaching chem- 


istry at Lafayette College, Pa., and at Rose 
Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 
She d. . 

Issue (Mahon) : 

(1057) VII. 1. Josephine Dunlap, b. Jan. 8th, 1878. 


(1058) TV, 8. ELIZABETH, b. Mar. 24th, 1802 ; d. Mar. 18th, 

1874 ; unm. She was an excellent portrait and 
landscape painter on canvas. 


(1059) III. 10. James, fifth son of Robert and Sarah Taylor 

Barber, was b. June 8th, 1765 ; d. July 11th, 1765. 

(1060) HI. 11. Sarah, b. May 21st, 1766; d. June 3d, 1841, 


(1061) III. 12. Susan, b. July 13th, 1769 ; d. June 28th, 

1824, unm. 

(1062) III. 13. Rhoda, b. Mar. 17th, 1775; d. Mar. 14th, 

1849, unm. 


(1063) II. 4. THOMAS BARBER, third son of Robert and 
Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. in Chester, Pa., 10th 
mo. 20th, 1724, and died in his minority, without 



From an oil painting on wood, ia the possession of Mr. George W. Haldeman, 

Columbia, Pa. 



(1064) II. 5. NATHANIEL BARBER, fourth son of Robert 
and Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. in Chester, 
Pa., 9th mo. 9th, 1727 ; m. Mary Conner. He received 
of his father's estate the saw-mill on Barber's Run, 
built in 1727, with about seventy-five acres of land, 
and afterwards he seems to have acquired the old 
mansion house erected by his father in 1726, which 
was first left to his brother Thomas. Nathaniel took 
the oath of allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania in 
Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co., on Aug. 8th, 
1777. He d. about June 10th, 1782, intestate, letters 
of administration being granted to Mary Barber, the 
widow, and James Barber, brother, of the deceased, 
under date of Aug. 24th, 1782. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(1066) HI. 1. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 16th, 1773; m. (1st) 
Rachel Jane AtLee, b. April 4th, 1770, second dr. 
of Col. Samuel John and Sarah Richardson AtLee, of 
Lancaster Co., Pa. He ra. (2d), April 20th, 1809, 
Harriet De Haven, dr. of Hugh De Haven, of Phila- 
delphia. She d., without issue, March 8th, 1857, aged 
77 yrs., 6 mos. He d. at Philadelphia about 1840. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Barber) : 

(io69) lY. 1. SARAH ATLEE, b. May 2d, 1802; m., July 

20th, 1824, Peter Haldemau, b. April 14th, 1801. 

He was a prominent merchant in Columbia, Pa., 

and d. June 10th, 1868. She d. Feb. 27th, 1841. 

Issue (Haldemau) : 
(lOTi) V. 1. John, b. Oct. 10th, 1825 ; now of London, 

England ; m., March 23d, 1847, Anna Reigart, 
b. June 28th, 1826. 


Issue (Haldeman) : 

(1073) VI. 1. Percy, b. Nov. 20th, 1848; ra., Feb. 

20th, 1873, Annie Gertrude Saylor. 

Issue (Haldeman) : 

075) VII. 1. Percy, b. Nov. 28th, 1873. 

076) VII. 2. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25th, 1876. 

077) VII. 3. John, b. March, 1878 ; d. 

(1078) VII. 4. William (twin), b. March, 1878 ; d. 

(1079) VII. 5. Annie Gertrude, b. , 1879. 

0) VII. 6. Emily, b. Oct., 1881. 

(1081) VI. 2. Sarah Barber, b. Dec. 30th, 1850; m., 

Oct. 9th, 1873, Rev. Edward Hyde Robbins, 
b. Feb. 7th, 1848, son of Horace W. and 
Mary E. Robbins ; a Presbyterian minister. 
Now of Baltimore, Md. 

Issue (Robbins) : 
(1083) VII. 1. Louise Hyde, b. Feb. 17th, 1876. 

(1034) VII. 2. Edward Carmichael, b. Sept. 10th, 


(1085) VII. 3. John Haldeman, b. Mar. 20th, 1880. 

(1086) VII. 4. Fannie Bell, b. Oct. 19th, 1882. 

(1087) VII. 5. Elsie Wolcott, b. Aug. 19th, 1885. 


(1088) VI. 3. John P., b. Dec. 17th, 1852. 

(1089) VI. 4. William Latta, b. Aug. 9th, 1854 ; d. 
(io9o) VI. 5. Anna Reigart, b. Oct. 19th, 1855 ; m., 

Oct. 19th, 1875, William Townsend Barber, 
b. Dec. 14th, 1853 ; a lawyer in West Chester, 
Pa. (See 1495, 1496.) 

Issue (Barber) : 
(1092) VII. 1. Kate Smith, b. May 11th, 1880. 

■ ' ••V-'--f - - • " 




(1093) VI. 6. Benjamin Franklin, b. Nov. 6th, 1857 ; 

ra., ISTov. 10th, 1887, Julia Masterton, dr. of * 
William and Anna Masterton, of Johnstown, 

Issue (Haldeman) : 

(1095) VII. 1. Donald Masterton, b. Jan. 31st, 


(io96) VI. 7. Donald Carmichael, b. Jan. 30th, 1860; 

m., June 20th, 1888, Lydia Maud Riddle, 
of Glen Riddle, Pa. Now of London, Eng- 

Issue (Haldeman) : 

(1098) VII. 1. Charlotte Riddle, b. April 6th, 1889. 

099) VI. 8. Charles Clifford, b. Sept. 8th, 1861. 

100) VI. 9. Kate Reigart, b. Mar. 9th, 1863 ; d. 
loi) VI. 10. Emily Hopkins, b. July 9th, 1864. 

102) VI. 11. Philip Wager Reigart, b. April 22d, 

103) VI. 12. Robert Jenkins, b. June 24th, 1867. 
) VI. 13. Henry Howard, b. May 28th, 1869. 
) V. 2. Peter, b. Feb. 15th, 1827; d. July 22d, 


) V. 3. Mar}^ b. Mar. 23d, 1828; d. Jan. 12th, 


) V. 4. Rachel Jane Atlee, b. July 31st, 1829. 

) V. 5. George Washington, b. Mar. 29th, 1831 ; 

m., Feb. 21st, 1854, Jennie M. Wood, b. Oct. 
10th, 1835, dr. of Thos. and Maria Wood, of 
Philadelphia. He is a prominent merchant in 
Columbia, Pa. ; he was President of the Borough 
Council of Columbia in 1876; now Vice-presi- 
dent of the First National Bank of Columbia, 





Issue (Haldeman) : 

(mo) VI. 1. Louise Wood, b. Nov. 14th, 1854; d. 

Nov. 3d, 1855. 

(nil) VI. 2. George Herbert, b. Feb. 21st, 1858 ; d. 

July 29th, 1869. 

(1112) VI. 3. Thomas Wood, b. Nov. 29th, 1859; 

m.. May 30th, 1882, Emily Cassel Thompson, 
b. Nov. 9th, 1861, in Ashland, Pa. ; dr. of 
Theodore Samuel Thompson and Annie E. 
Cassel Thompson. 

Issue (Haldeman) : 

(iiu) VII. 1. George Thompson, b. Mar. 1st, 

(1115) VII. 2. Theodore Thompson, b. Aug. 4th, 

(me) VII. 3. Jennie Wood Thompson, b. Mar. 

8th, 1886. 
(1117) VI. 4. Charles Howard, b. Jan. 16th, 1865; 

m., June 6th, 1888, Mary Gertrude Bach- 
man, b. Aug. 28th, 1867, dr. of John Baird 
Bachman and Isabella Knox Bachman, of 
Columbia, Pa. She d. Aug. 21st, 1888. 

(1119) VI. 5. Samuel John Atlee, b. Jan. 29th, 


(1120) V. 6. Benjamin Franklin, b. April 30th, 1833; 

a merchant in Columbia, Pa. 

(1121) V. 7. Emily Boude, b. Dec. 23d, 1834 ; m., Feb. 

13th, 1862, Charles McClintock Jackson, who 
d. in Philadelphia Oct. 1st, 1888. 

Issue (Jackson) : 
(1123) VI. 1. Sarah Atlee, b. Dec. 11th, 1862; d. 

June 23d, 1864. 
(1121) VI. 2. Albert Atlee, b. May 28th, 1867. 



(1125) V. 8. Charles Clifford, b. April 21st, 1837 ; m., 

Aug. 31st, 18H7, Mary Emily McGoldrick. 
fie d. in New York city, Sept. 11th, 1889. 

(im) V. 9. Albert, b. May 18th, 1839; m., Jan. 12th, 

1868, Elizabeth Keichler, b. Dec. 8th, 1849. 

Issue (Haldeman) : 

(1129) VI. 1. Bertha, b. Oct. 25th, 1868. 

(1130) VI. 2. Albert, b. March 4th, 1870; d. May 

14th, 1871. 

(1131) VI. 3. Charles, b. Feb. 9th, 1872. 

(1132) VI. 4. Peter, b. Sept. 9th, 1875. 

(1133) VI. 5. Walter, b. Nov. 9th, 1878. 

(1134) VI. 6. Emily, b. May 13th, 1881. 

(1135) VI. 7. Florence, b. Nov. 16th, 1883. 

(1136) VI. 8. Ashton, b. Nov. 8th, 1885. 

(1137) V. 10. William, b. Feb. 11th, 1841 ; d. Aug. 22d, 



(1138) III. 2. Margaret, b. Jan. 9th, 1777; m., Mar. 4th, 

1802, John Evans, of Lampeter township, a promi- 
nent merchant of Columbia. She d. Aug. 3d, 1830. 

Issue (Evans) : 

(mo) IV. 1. WILLIAM, b. Aug. 29th, 1803; m. Mary 

Trump. He d. Mar. 30th, 1854. 

Issue (Evans) : 
(1142) V. 1. Margaret Ann, b. Mar. 30th, 1830; m., 
Feb. 4th, 1855, Henry Bletz, who d. Jan. 29th, 
1876. She d. . 

Issue (Bletz) : 

(1144) VI. 1. William Evans, b. Oct. 27th, 1856; d. 

Oct. 28th, 1856. 

(1145) VI. 2. Jacob, b. Aug. 1st, 1858. 


(lue) VI. 3. Isaac Evans, b. Aug. 6th, 1860 ; d. Dec. 

19th, 1864. 
(iut) VI. 4. Henry, b. Aug. 14th, 1863; d. Nov. 

18th, 1864. 


(1148) V. 2. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 29th, 1832; unm. 

(mg) V. 3. Mary Barber, b. May 12th, 1834 ; m., Mar. 

10th, 1855, Jacob Kunkel. 

Issue (Kunkel) : 

(1151) VI. 1. James Myers, b. Feb. 24th, 1856; d. 

Sept. 17th, 1862. 

(1152) VI. 2. Mary Evans, b. Jan. 20th, 1858 ; m., 

Oct. 13th, 1881, Henry Champlain. 

Issue (Champlain) : 
(1154) VII. 1. Alfred B., b. Aug. 31st, 1882. 

(1165) VII. 2. William R., b. Nov. 13th, 1883. 

(1156) VII. 3. Harry L., b. April 20th, 1886. 

(1157) VII. 4. Clara Myers, b. Jan. 21st, 1888. 


(1158) VI. 3. George, b. May 21st, 1861 ; d. Dec. 9th, 


(1159) VI. 4. Bebecca Stine (twin), b. May 21st, 

1861 ; m., Nov. 25th, 1885, John Brua 
(1161) VI. 5. Ann Wright, b. Jan. 2d, 1863; m., 

July 12th, 1888, George Reel. 

(1163) VI. 6. Elizabeth Myers, b. May 25th, 867. 

(1164) VI. 7. Harriet King, b. Aug. 4th, 1869. 

(1165) VI. 8. Henry Bletz, b. Oct. 29th, 1871 ; d. 

July 3d, 1872. 

(lice) IV. 2. NATHANIEL, b. Nov. 27th, 1804 : d. Jan. 1st, 

1855, unm. 


(1167) IV. 3. ANN, b. Xov. 2d, 1806 ; m., Feb. 27th, 1828, 

John Lowdon Wright (his 2d wife), b. Dec. 31st, 
1797, son of Samuel Wright and Susanna Lowdon. 
He d. Dec. 29th, 1856. 

Issue (Wright) : 

(ii69) V. 1. Samuel, b. Dec. 13th, 1828, in the stone 

mansion on Second St., Columbia, Pa., erected 
by James Wright, his great-grandfather, about 
1741, and garrisoned as a fort in 1755, in antici- 
pation of Indian troubles. In early manhood 
he studied practical engineering with the late 
Samuel Mifflin. In 1857 he purchased the 
Columbia Spy and edited it until 1863. when he 
sold it to enter the army. He was appointed 
Captain and Assistant Adjutant General U. S. 
Vols., June 4th, 1863 ; was brevetted Major U. 
S. Vols., Dec. 2d, 1864 ; brevetted Lieut. Col. 
U. S. Vols., April 2d, 1865 ; served on staff of 
Ninth Army Corps with Gen'l John G. Parke 
and Gen'l Rob't B. Potter, and on staff of 
Second Division of Corps with Gen'l R. B. 
Potter ; appointed Second Lieut. 29th XJ. S. 
Infantry, July 28th, 1866, but declined. He 
m., March 14th, 1865, Ellen White Bruner, dr. 
of Dr.. D. I. Bruner. Now of Columbia, Pa. 
No issue. 

(ini) V. 2. Margaret Evans, b. Feb. 27th, 1830; m., 

Feb. 13th, 1855, James Armstrong Richards. 

Issue (Richards) : 
(im) VI. 1. Lowdon Wright, b. Jan 26th, 1856. 

(im) . VI. 2. Bentley Smith, b. Nov. 3d, 1857 ; d. 

Mar. 15th, 1858. 

(1175) VI. 3. Emily Smith, b. April 29th, 1862. 

(1176) VI. 4. Margaret Wright, b. July 5th, 1871. 


(11-7) V. 3. Susau, b. Oct. 22d, 1831 ; imm. 

(11-8) V. 4. Ann Elizabeth, b. Feb. 17th, 1833 ; d. Dec. 

6th, 1833. 

(1179) V. 5. Mary Evans, b. Xov. 3d, 1834 ; unm. 

(1180) V. 6. Ann, b. Dec. 16th, 1836 ; d. Oct. 6th, 1837. 

(1181) V. 7. John Lowdon, b. Oct. 1st, 1838 ; enlisted 

May 15th, 1861, in Fifth Reg't Penn'a Reserves ; 
commissioned Second Lieut. Co. K., same Reg't, 
June 19th, 1861 ; com. Adjutant, same Reg't, 
May 27th, 1863 ; com. Captain Co. F., same 
Reg't ; com. Capt. IT. S. Vols, by brevet, Mar. 
13th, 1865, for gallant and meritorious conduct 
in Wilderness campaign. Served on Brigade 
Staff of Penn'a Reserve Div. as Acting Ass't 
Adj't Gen'l, and with Reg't up to expiration of 
service. He m., Aug. 17th, 1862, Mary A. 

Issue (Wright) : 
(1183) YI. 1. Eleanor Mifflin, b. July 1st, 1863 ; m., 

Feb. oth, 1887, Henry Zook Staraan. 
(1185) VI. 2. Mary Beiter, b. April 17th, 1865; d. 

May 14th, 1870. 
(use) VI. 3. Ann Evans, b. June 25th, 1866; m., 

Jan. 7th, 1888, Charles Wesley Wilson. 

(1188) VI. 4. John Lowdon, b. Aug. 12th, 1868 ; d. 

May 17th, 1870. 

(1189) VI. 5. Andrew Beiter, b. April 21st, 1871. 

(1190) VI. 6. Samuel Houston, b. Sept. 22d, 1873 ; d. 

Oct. 29th, 1873. 

(ii9i) VI. 7. Sarah Grafius, b. Nov. 4th, 1877. 

(119.) VI. 8. Bessie, b. Jan. 7th, 1882. 

(1193) V. 8. AVilliam, b. April 30th, 1841 ; enlisted in 

Co. E, 150th Reg't Penn'a Vols., Aug. 28th, 
1862; promoted Commissary S'g't Sept. 1st, 


1862; commissioned Adj't of Reg't Sept. 11th, 
1863; taken prisoner, Oct. 27th, 1864, at 
" Hatcher's Run," and imprisoned ten days in 
Libby and one hundred and seven days in 
Danville; exchanged Feb. 22d, 1865. He m., 
(im) Nov. 26th, 1866, Frances Caroline Cresson. 

Issue (Wright) : 

(1195) VI. 1. Mary Hannah Cresson, b. Sept. 6th, 


(1196) VI. 2. Margaret Evans, b. May 19th, 1869. 

(1197) VI. 3. Frances Cresson, b. May 9th, 1871. 

(1198) VI. 4. Samuel, b. June 27th, 1875. 

(1199) V. 9. James Mifflin, b. Dec. 26th, 1842 ; m., June 

12th, 1866, Lovica Hudson, b. June 20th, 1846. 

Issue (Wright) : 

(1201) VI. 1. Edward Bruner, b. July 5th, 1867. 

(1202) VI. 2. Elizabeth May, b. May 26th, 1869. 

(1203) VI. 3. Mary Evans, b. July 9th, 1871. 

(1204) VI. 4. Emily Lovica, b. Dec. 31st, 1872. 

(1205) VI. 5. Ann Evans, b. Oct. 20th, 1874 ; d. Oct. 

13th, 1881. 

(1206) VI. 6. John L., b. June 12th,.1876. 

(120-) VI. 7. Olive Margaret, b. Feb. 16th, 1878. 

(1208) VI. 8. AVilliam Hudson, b. Nov. 28th, 1880. 

(1209) VI. 9. James Mifflin, b. May 1st, 1883. 

(1210) VI. 10. Samuel Albert, b. Oct. 3d, 1885. 

(1211) VI. 11. Ann Evans, b. Jan. 1st, 1887. 

(1212) V. 10. Annie, b. Nov. 1st, 1844; m., June 28th, 

1866, James Ewing Mifflin, b. Oct. 22d, 1841. 
(See 15, 16; also 122, 123.) 

Issue (Mifflin) : 

(i2u) VI. 1. James Ewing, b. April 19th, 1867; 



(1215) VI. 2. John Lowdon Wright, b. Dec. 25th, 


(1216) VI. 3. Howard E., b. Sept. 27th, 1874 ; d. June 

9th, 1875. 


(1217) IV. 4. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. April 24th, 1808 ; 

m. Nancy Braddy. He d. Dec. 24th, 1858. 

Issue (Evans) : 

(1219) V. 1. Charles, b. ; d. . 

(1220) IV. 5. JOHN, b. Mar. 17th, 1810; d. Dec. 8th, 

1829, unm. 

(i22i) IV. 6. CHARLES, b. May 9th, 1812 ; d. June 26th, 

1861, unm. 

(1222) IV. 7. MARY, b. Jan. 3d, 1815; m.. May 16th, 
1834, Jacob Strickler Atlee, b. May 29th, 1810, 
son of Samuel John Atlee, of Lewistown, Pa., who 
was the third son of Col. Samuel John AtLee, of 
Lancaster Co., Pa. Jacob S. Atlee moved to 
Virginia in 1835 ; was a member of the State 
Legislature from 1869 to 1871, and served in 
Richmond for many years as a magistrate, before 
and during the war, where he died Feb. 17th, 
1885. She d. . 

Issue (Atlee) : 

(1221) V. 1. ]\Iargaret Evans, b. June 2d, 1835; m., 

Oct. 18th, 1853, Jesse L. Johnson, of Charlottes- 
ville, Va., b. Aug. 16th, 1824. 

Issue (Johnson) : 
(1226) VI. 1. MaryEvans,b. Feb. 21st, 1855; m., June 

29th, 1880, Charles W. Childrey, b. Oct. 8th, 
1851, of Henrico Co., Va. 

Issue (Childrey) : 
(1228) VII. 1. Albert Barber, b. Sept. 2d, 1881. 



(1229) VL 2. Atlee, b. Jan. 9th, 1857 ; m., Dec. 26th, 

1882, Helen Caroline Baker, b. Nov. 17th, 

(i23i) VI. 3. Jessie Lewis, b. Mar. 27th, 1860. 

(1232) VI. 4. Alice Barber, b. July 26th, 1862; d. 

Sept. 8th, 1867. 

(1233) VI. 5. William Wright, b. May 13th, 1865. 

(1234) VI. 6. Henry Houston, b. Oct. 8th, 1868. 

(1235) VI. 7. Margaret Emily, b. April 30th, 1872. 

(1236) VI. 8. Howard Archer, b. Sept. 1st, 1875. 


(1237) V. 2. Samuel John, b. Sept. 17th, 1836; d. May 

17th, 1837. 

(1238) V. 3. Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 21st, 1837; d. Dec. 

24th, 1837. 

(1239) V. 4. Jacob Strickler, b. Mar. 8th, 1839; m., 

June 30th, 1864, Sarah Ann Smith, b. Sept. 
24th, 1838. Of Edenton, N. C. 

Issue (Atlee) : 

(mi) VI. 1. Margaret Bell, b. April 17th, 1865 ; d. 

Nov. 16th, 1869. 

(m2) VI. 2. George Smith, b. May 20th, 1867. 

(1243) VL 3. Eleanor Lavinia, b. Mar. 4th, 1869. 

(1244) VL 4. Mary Evans, b. Mar. 28th, 1871. 

(1245) VL 5. Jacob Strickler, b. Sept. 9th, 1872. 

(1246) VL 6. Sarah Ann, b. Jan. 14th, 1874. 

(1247) VL 7. Henry Houston, b. April 14th, 1876. 
(ms) VI. 8. Lillian Gertrude, b. Oct. 26th, 1878. 

(1249) VI. 9. Lorena Knight, b. June 15th, 1880. 

(1250) VL 10. Ida James, b. Aug. 15th, 1882. 

(1251) V. 5. Mary Virginia, b. Jan. 1st, 1841 ; d. Aug. 

17th, 1841. 



(1252) IV. 8. ISAAC coNARD, b. Oct. 26th, 1818. Of San 

Angelo, Texas. 


(1253) III. 3. Grace, b. Oct. 21st, 1781 ; m. Jacob Hubn, a 

carpenter. She d. about 1850, at Johnstown, Pa. 

Issue (Huhn) : 






2. MARY. 






III. 4. 

, Ann, b. ; d. . 


(1259) II. 6. ELIZABETH BARBER, second dr. of Robert 
and Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was b. in Lancaster Co., 
Pa., 1st mo. 24th, 1729, and d. in her minority, without 



(i26o) II. 7. MARY BARBER, third dr. of Robert and Han- 
nah Tid marsh Barber, was b. in Lancaster Co., Pa., 3d 
mo. 8th, 1732; m. (probably in 1754), Thomas Min- 
shall,^^ eldest son of Joshua Minshall (Quaker) and 
Jane Atkinson. Thomas inherited the mansion farm 
of 300 acres, about one and a half miles back of 
AYrightsville, Pa. He became a very prominent man 
in York Co. In 1758 he raised a company of volun- 
teers, and marched to Bedford to join Gen. Forbes' 
army. The Barbers and Wrights raised such a hubbub 
that he was compelled to resign. About 1772 he sold 
his farm and moved to Middletown, Pa. She d. about 
the close of the Revolutionary war, at Middletown. 
He d. about 1784 or 'S5. 

Issue (Minshall) : 

(i262) III. 1. Hannah, m. Crabb. 

Senator Crabb, who d. about 20 years ago, was of 
this branch. 
(i264) III. 2. Joshua. 
(i265) III. 3. John. 
(i266) III. 4. Robert. 

(i26-) III. 5. Thomas, m.,Sept. 20th, 1791, Rebecca Young, 
of Middletown. 

Issue (Minshall) : 

(i269) IV. 1. henry, b. in 1797 ; m. a dr. of Maj. John 


Issue (Minshall) : 

(1271) V. 1. A son, who was appointed midshipman by 

Gen'l Simon Cameron, and was lost at sea. 

(1272) III. 6. Jean. 

(1273) III. 7. Elizabeth. 

33 T. M. in this year requested to come under the care of Friends of Sads- 
bury Meeting. He was a birthright member. 



(m4)IL 8. SARAH BARBER, fourth dr. of Robert and Han- 
nah Tidmarsh Barber, b. in Lancaster Co., Pa., . 


(1275) n. 9. JAMES BARBER, fifth son of Robert and 
Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, was born in Lancaster Co., 
Pa. He married Elizabeth, dr. of William Wright, 
of Manor township, who m. a dr. of John Cartlidge, 
the old Indian trader, who settled near the mouth of 
the Conestoga about the year 1710. James Barber 
built a grist mill near the mouth of " Barber's Run " 
during the Revolutionary period, having received from 
his mother 40 acres of land, on April 19th, 1770, ac- 
cording to an arrangement made by his father before 
he died. He was Captain of the first company of 
Hempfield township in 1775. He became a Captain 
in Colonel Bartram Galbraith's Battalion in 1776, and 
Sub-lieutenant of Lancaster County. On Aug. 8th, 
1777, he took the oath of allegiance to the State of 
Pennsylvania in Hempfield township. In a letter to 
Col. Samuel John AtLee, in 1780, President Joseph 
Reed wrote : " In Consequence of your Recommenda- 
tion Commissions have issued to Messrs. Carpenter, 
Barber and Clark, which vou will receive herewith." 
The Barber mentioned was undoubtedly James, the 
subject of this sketch. He commanded a company in 
the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27th, 1776, being the 
Captain Barber referred to by his nephew, John Barber 
in his letter which appears elsewhere (Appendix E) in 


From an Ivory Miniature in the possession of 3Irs. E. B. Ilgenfritz, Woodbine, Pa. 
Supposed to have been painted in 1829. 


this book. He d. near Columbia, Pa., about the year 
1786. She d. at same place in March, 1782. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(mi) III. 1. William, b. Nov. 8th, 1769; m., March 27th, 
1803, Elizabeth Laub, of York, Pa. Being the 
oldest son, he seems to have inherited the mansion 
farm from his father, and in the spring of 1790 he 
sold the mill and fifty-seven acres of land to Hon. 
William Augustus AtLee,^*^ Judge of the Supreme 
Court of Pennsylvania. This property is situated 
in the southeastern limits of Columbia, and is now 
owned in part by Mr. E. K. Smith, whose residence 
is built with brick taken from the old Barber house, 
and stands on the same spot. William Barber moved 
to York soon afterwards and was admitted to the 
York Co. bar on March 2d, 1793, where he practiced 
his profession until his death. He was Prothono- 
tary of York Co. from May, 1806, until January, 
1824. He accumulated a considerable estate, but 
d., without issue, Aug. 19th, 1830, at York, of which 
place he was for many years a prominent citizen, and 
universally esteemed. She d. at York, Aug. 29th, 

(1279) III. 2. Robert, b. March 8th, 1771, in Columbia, Pa.; 
m., May 4th, 1807, Catharine Mathiot, who was b., 
Oct. 24th, 1786, in Columbia. She was the daughter of 
John Mathiot, a Huguenot, who came from Alsace to 
Lancaster County during the Revolution. Robert 
Barber was a stone mason, and built many houses 
in Columbia about seventy years ago. He d., Feb. 

36 In a letter written by a daughter of Judge AtLee, dated April 1st, 1790, 
the writer says, " Papa has made a purchase of young Billy Barber, house 
and land, and is beginning to have it put in handsome order." The date of 
the deed is May 7th, 1791. 


13th, 1854, at Columbia. She d. at the same place, 
Feb. 16th, 1865. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(i28i) IV. 1. SUSAN MATHiOT, b. in Columbia, April 24th, 

1808; ra., in Sept., 1836, Owen Bruner Goodman, 
b. in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan 19th, 1812, son of 
Peter and Ann Mary Goodman. He d. at Wells- 
borough, Pa., Feb. 1st, 1849. She d. at Columbia, 
June 7th, 1855. 

Issue (Goodman) : 
(i283) V. 1. Catharine Barber, b. at Columbia, May 24th, 

1837 ; d. Mar. 16th, 1839. 
(i284) V. 2. James Bruner, b. at Pike Mills, Potter Co., 

Pa., Sept. 14th, 1841. Now of Chicago, 111.; 

(i285) V. 3. Mary Anna, b. at Pike Mills, Jan. 30th, 

1843; d. Dec. 4th, 1847. 
(1286) V. 4. Robert Franklin, b. at Pike Mills, Pa., Oct. 

13th, 1844; now of Buffalo, N. Y. He m., 

June 20th, 1866, at Auburn, N. Y., Margaret 

Davidson Allen, dr. of Josiah B. Allen, of 

Zanesville, O. 

Issue (Goodman) : 
(i288) VI. 1. Charles Allen, b. at Athens, Pa., Jan. 

17th, 1868. 
(i289) VI. 2. Robert Barber, b. at Towanda, Pa., Nov. 

16th, 1871. 
(i29o) VI. 3. James, b. at Towanda, Jan. 14th, 1877. 

(i29i) V. 5. Margaret Ada, b. at Pike Mills, May 10th, 

1846; d. Dec. 25th, 1847. 
(1292) V. 6. William Owen, b, at AVellsborough, Pa., 

Sept. 24th, 1848; m., Oct. 31st, 1868, at Osh- 


kosh, Wis., Erna Melvina Sawyer, dr. of Sena- 
tor Philetus Sawyer. Now of Chicago, 111. 

Issue (Goodman) : 

(1294) VI. 1. Kenneth Sawyer, b. at Chicago, Sept. 

19th, 1883. 


(1295) IV. 2. JAMES, b. Sept. 19th, 1809, in Columbia, Pa. 

He was a merchant in that place for many years, and 
at one time in partnership with his uncle, John 
Barber. He d. Nov. 20th, 1885, unm. 
(i296) IV. 3. MARY E., b. Mar. 5th, 1816, in Columbia ; m., 

June 20th, 1848, Chester Robinson. She d. in 
Wellsborough, Pa., May 14th, 1878. 

Issue (Robinson) : 

(i298) V. 1. Mary Barber, b. Dec. 12th, 1854; grad. 

Vassar College in 1876. 


(1299) IV. 4. CATHARINE R., b. Sept. 27th, 1820, in Co- 

lumbia; m., Nov. 22d, 1849, Horace Williston. 
She d. in Candor, N. Y, June 19th, 1888. 

Issue (Williston) : 

(i3oi) V. 1. Anna Barber, b. Oct. 7th, 1852 ; m., Sept. 

2d, 1878, Lucius A. Sherman, Ph.D. ; now a 
professor in Lincoln University, Neb. 

Issue (Sherman) : 

(1303) VI. 1. Horace Williston, b. Oct. 21st, 1879. 

(1304) VI. 2. Winifred Speranza, b. April 26th, 1884. 
(isos) V. 2. Katharine Mathiot, b. June 18th, 1854; 

now of Slaterville, N. Y. 
(1306) V. 3. Horace, b. Nov. 6th, 1856. A Methodist 

minister at Slaterville, N. Y. 



(i3o-) IV. 5. EMELTNE E., b. Dec. 30th, 1824, in Columbia ; 

m., Nov. 22d, 1849, James C. Evans. 

(1309) IV. 6. ANNA E., b. Jan. 17th, 1828, in C; m., Aug. 

2d, 1865, Col. Samuel Shoch. He was b. in Har- 
risburg, Pa., May 28th, 1797. He was at one time 
a prominent lawyer in H., and was for years an 
active politician. In 1848 he was appointed an 
aid to Governor Wm. F. Johnson. He was 
cashier of the Columbia Bank and Bridge Co. 
for thirty-nine years. In 1878 he was made 
president, and at the time of his death he en- 
joyed the distinction of being the oldest living 
bank president in the world. He was always one 
of Columbia's most public-spirited citizens. His 
death occurred in C. May 24th, 1889. 

(i3ii) IV. 7. SARAH H., b. in C, Feb. 13th, 1831 ; d. Dec. 

18th, 1844. 

(131-2) III. 3. Hannah, b. Sept. 28th, 1772 ; m. Ziba Webb, 
who was b. Aug. 16th, 17 — . She d. at York, Pa., 
Mar. 15th, 1843. 

Issue (Webb) : 
(i3u) IV. 1. JAMES B., b. Dec. 8th, 1798; m. Mary Beard. 

Issue (Webb) : 

(me) V. 1. Aaron, who m. C. Barnet. 

(1318) V. 2. William. 

(1319) V. 3. Joseph. 

(i32o) IV. 2. ZIBA, b. Nov. 24th, 1800. 

(i32i) IV. 3. JOSEPH, b. Nov. 4th, 1802; d -. 

IV. 4. . 


(1323) III. 4. Mary, b. Mar. 13th, 1774; m. (1st) Capt. 
Jacob Stake, an officer in the Revolutionary army 


(whose first wife was Margaret Lowdon, by whom 
he had three children, Charlotte, Catharine, John 
Lowdon. Charlotte ra. John Quest ; Catharine m. 
Arthur Chenoweth. All are now dead). He kept 
the ferry at Wrightsville, and died there. She m. 
(2d) John Dicks, b. Dec, 1775. He was a house 
carpenter in Columbia, having learned his trade 
with Jacob Huhn, who m. a dr. of Nathaniel 
Barber. John Dicks w^as engaged at one time in 
several shad and herring fisheries below Columbia. 
He was a Colonel of the 75th Regt. Penna. Militia 
in the War of 1812; was commissioned by Gov. 
Snyder, in the year 1815, Brigadier-General 2d Bri- 
gade, 4th Div. Lancaster Co. Militia. He was the 
first Assistant Burgess of Columbia borough, under 
the first charter, in 1814, and became Chief Burgess 
in 1815. In 1817 or '18 he moved with his family 
to the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio, where he passed the 
remainder of his life. She d. Nov. 4th, 1846, near 
Dayton. He d. Nov. 1st, 1859. 

Issue, by 1st m. (Stake) : 

(i326) I v. 1. ELIZABETH; d. . 

(ib27) IV. 2. MARY, m. Jacob Stehman, living near 

Dayton, 0. They had ten children, the oldest 
(i329) daughter being Eliza. 

(1339) IV. 3. JOHN LOWDON, d. . 

Issue, by 2d m. (Dicks) : 

(i34o) IV. 4. ^viLLiAM B., b. July 9th, 1806, in Columbia ; 

m., May 30th, 1833, Christena Darst. He d. Jan. 
14th, 1875, at Maumee, Ohio. 

Issue (Dicks): 

(1342) V. 1. Julia A., m. P. B. Johnson, of Logansport, 



Issue (Johnson) : 

(1344) VI. 1. Kate. 

(1345) VI. 2. Carrie. 

(1346) VI. 3. William. 

(1347) VI. 4. Bertrand. 


(i348) V. 2. Mary Elvina, d. . 

(1349) V. 3. William B., d. 

(1350) V. 4. Phebe C, m. William M. Bachelder, of 

Camden, Maine. Now of Maumee, Ohio. 

Issue (Bachelder) : 

(1352) VI. 1. Lucille, b. July 5th, 1880. 

(1353) VI. 2. Gladys, b. Oct. 25th, 1884. 


(1354) IV. 5. GEORGE JEFFERSON, b. in Columbia, Pa., 

May 15th, 1809 ; m. (1st), May 14th, 1833, Eliza- 
beth A. Ried, who d. in 1841. He m. (2d), in 
1845, Anna Eliza Bass, who d. June 13th, 1876. 

Issue, by 1st m. (Dicks): 

(1357) V. 1. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 17th, 1834 ; m. Franklin 

Beaumont, of New Orleans, La. She d. in 
March, 1876. He d. in Texas. They had four 
children. Three of these now reside in Texas. 

(i363) V. 2. George Stephenson, b. May 11th, 1838; m. 

in New Orleans. Issue one child. 

(1366) V. 3. William Robert, b. Nov. 20th, 1840 ; m. 

Julia Grafton. He d. Nov., 1870. 

Issue (Dicks) : 
(i368) VI. 1. William. Now of Wilkinson, Miss. 

Issue, by 2d m. (Dicks) : 
(1369) V. 4. Martha Virginia, b. Oct. 3d, 1847 ; d. Mar. 

26th, 1849. 










V. 5. Alice Josephine, b. Dec. 16th, 1849 ; d. 

June 7th, 1854. 
V. 6. Henry Bass, b. Feb. 18th, 1852 ; d. April 

14th, 1883, in London, England. 
V. 7. Fred Augustus, b. Oct. 10th, 1853; m., 

Dec. 30th, 1875, Lee I. Gence. 

Issue (Dicks) : 

VI. 1. Annie Lee. 
V. 8. Annie Rosalie, b. Aug. 20th, 1855; m., 

April 5th, 1877, John Edwards Gibbs. Issue, 

six children, all residing at Natchez, Miss. 
V. 9. Charles Barber, b. Oct. 14th, 1857 ; m., Feb. 

14th, 1884, Margaret D. Fleming. Now of 


Issue (Dicks) : 

VI. 1. George E. 
V. 10. Margaret Bass, b. Oct. 8th, 1859 ; d. June 

1st, 1862. 
V. 11. Robert E. Lee, b. Aug. 14th, 1865. Now 

of Natchez. 


(1388) IV. 6. JOHN BARBER, b. Aug. 24th, 1811, in Colum- 

bia, Pa. In 1836 or '37 he moved to Natchez, 
Miss. He m., Feb. 8th, 1838, Anna Grafton, dr. 


of Allen Grafton, a planter residing six miles from 
N. John B. Dicks was elected treasurer of 
Adams Co., Miss., about the year 1845, and held 
that office until after the Civil War, covering a 
period of twenty years. He was an ardent Odd 
Fellow and filled the ofiice of Grand Secretary of 
Miss, for many years. He d. near Natchez, Dec. 
24th, 1870, respected and beloved by all who 
knew him. She d. Oct. 6th, 1853. 

Issue (Dicks) : 

(i39o) V. 1. James Grafton, b. Jan. 12th, 1839; d. in 

New Orleans, Oct. 1st, 1867. 

(i39i) V. 2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 24th, 1843; m., 

Nov. 1st, 1866, Hon. T. E. Cooper, now on 

Supreme Bench of Miss., residing at 'Jackson, 


Issue (Cooper) : 

) VI. 1. Barber Dicks, b. Aug. 23d, 1867. 

) VI. 2. Mary, b. Aug. 23d, 1869. 

) VI. 3. Ruffin T., b. June 8th, 1871. 

) VI. 4. William Barber, b. Sept. 16th,1874; d. 

July 10th, 1881. 
397) VI. 5. Timothy E., b. Oct. 3d, 1876. 

) VI. 6. Ella Dicks, b. Mar. 7th, 1878. 

) VI. 7. Mayes, b. April 15th, 1880. 

) VI. 8. Bartlett, b. May 20th, 1882. 

401) VI. 9. John A. Dicks, b. April 19th, 1884. 

) VI. 10. Joseph F., b. May 31st, 1889. 

3) V. 3. John Allen, b. near N., March 15th, 1845 ; 

he enlisted as a soldier of the Southern Con- 
federacy in the month of Dec, 1861, and served 
sixty days in the Army of Tenn., under A. S. 
Johnston. He was honorably discharged in 
Feb., 1862, and reenlisted in March of the same 


395 ~ 




401 ' 




year and served in the infantry to the close of 
the war, having surrendered at Meridian, Miss., 
in April, 1865, to Gen'l Canby, U. S. A. He 
attained the rank of 2d Lieut ; was wounded 
at Chickamauga, and at Atlanta, July 28th, 
1864; ra.,Dec. 8th, 1870, Anna E. McArn. 
Now in business in Natchez. 

Issue (Dicks) : 

(i^os) VI. 1. John William Duncan, b. Jan. 19th, 

(1106) VI. 2. Anna Catherine, b. Nov. 1st, 1877; d. 

July 4th, 1883. 

(1407) VI. 3. Ella Jane, b. Mar. 18th, 1880. 

(1408) V. 4. Elvina J., b. Feb. 15th, 1847 ; m. J. F. 

Cooper. Now of Fort Worth, Texas. 

Issue (Cooper) : 
(i4io) VI. 1. Anna Belle. 


(uu) V. 5. Thomas Grafton, b. May 9th, 1849 ; m. 
Louisa McCalet. She d. . Issue, two chil- 

(uis) V. 6. Nannie Jeanette, b. April 7th, 1851 ; d. 

June 4th, 1852. 

(1416) V. 7. William Barber, b. Feb. 19th, 1853; m., 

Nov. 20th, 1881, Anna G. Kirksey. Now of 

Issue (Dicks) : 

(1418) VI. 1. Isaac Kirksey, b. Nov. 20th, 1882. 

(1419) VI. 2. Janette, b. Dec. 13th, 1884. 
(i42o) VI. 3. John Barber, b. July 2d, 1889. 

(u2i) IV. 7. JAMES BARBER, b. Oct. 10th, 1813, in Colum- 

bia, Pa.; m., Oct. 8th, 1835, Mary Margaret 


Weaver, of Montgomery Co., Ohio, b. Oct. 16th, 
1816. He d. Mar. 29th, 1878, at Dayton, Ohio. 
He was Postmaster of West Alexandria, Ohio, 
during the administrations of Jackson and Van 
Buren. He was Treasurer of Lanier Township, 
Preble Co., Ohio, from 1837 to 1844. 

Issue (Dicks) : 

(u23) V. 1. John Van Buren, b. Jan. 25th, 1837 ; m., 

Nov. 11th, 1863, Adelaide Reber, of Dayton. 

Issue (Dicks) : 

(u23) VI. 1. Minnie May; m. William Kuhns, of 

Dayton, April 29th, 1886. Issue, one child, 
which d. in infancy. 
(u28) VI. 2. Ada. 

(i429) VI. 3. James Reber. 

(u3o) V. 2. James Barber, b. Oct. 6th, 1838; d. in 

(i43i) V. 3. Thomas Jefferson, b. Jan. 2d, 1841 ; m.. 

May 26th, 1875, Nannie Jane Deardorf, of 

Dayton. Issue, one child, which d. in infancy. 
(1434) V. 4. Mary Catherine, b. Sept. 17th, 1843; m.. 

May 31st, 1870, E. Walter Keith, of Grafton, 

Mass. Now of Dayton. 
(u36) V. 5. Ella, b. Oct. 26th, 1846 ; m., Oct. 23d, 1868, 

George E. Hall, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Issue (Hall) : 
(1438) VI. 1. Mary R. 


(h3«) V. 6. William Barber, b. Feb. 22d, 1849; m. 

(1st), May 30th, 1871, Leonora Newlove, of 
Springfield, Ohio. She d. Oct. 21st, 1884. 


He m. (2d), Dec. 29th, 1886, Mary Gebhart, 
of Bellefonte, Pa. Now of Dayton. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Dicks) : 

(u42) VI. 1. Anna Newlove. 

(i"3) VI. 2. John Newlove. 

(h«) V. 7. Michael Weaver, b. Oct. 28th, 1852. Now 

of Dayton. 

(i«5) V. 8. Robert Howe, b. May 22d, 1854. Now of 


(i446) IV. 8. ELVINA, b. in Columbia, Pa., Jan. 26th, 

1815; m., Feb. 1st, 1838, at Natchez, Miss., 
Robert Jones Howe, b. at York, Pa., Feb. 1st, 
1811, son of Isaac Howe and Mary Jones. Elvina 
Howe d. Jan. 19th, 1873. Robert Howe d. Aug. 
24th, 1870, in Natchez. 

Issue (Howe) : 

(u48) V. 1. George, b. at Rossville, Ohio, Oct. 22d, 

1838 ; studied medicine in New Orleans, La., 
and graduated in 1861 ; went into Confederate 
service as Assistant Surgeon in April, 1861, and 
was taken prisoner at the fall of Forts St. 
Philip and Jackson. He m. (1st), Oct. 25th, 
1862, Olympe Marie de Lesseps, b. in New 
Orleans, Nov. 27th, 1842, eldest dr. of Auguste 
de Lesseps (cousin of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the 
great French engineer) and Carmen Ribas. She 
d. Sept. 13th, 1878, and he m. (2d), Oct. 2d, 
1879, Marguerite Henriette Lanauze de Lougue- 
ville, b. in New Orleans, April 7th, 1853, dr. 
of Jean Adolph Lanauze de Longueville and 
Henriette Feraud (a lineal descendant of Cava- 
lier de La Salle, the discoverer of the mouth 
of the Mississippi River). Dr. George Howe is 


now a practicing physician in New Orleans, and 
member of commission of experts appointed by 
State Board of Health, to examine supposed 
yellow fever and cholera cases, and declare 
their character. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Howe) : 

(i45i) VI. 1. Georgina Elvina Carmen, b. July 23d, 

1863 ;d. Jan. 21st, 1865. 
(u52) VI. 2. Marie Inez Isabella, b. Sept. 14th, 1864 ; 

d. Sept. 21st, 1878. 
(u53) VI. 3. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 17th, 1866; d. Dec. 

17th, 1866. 

(1454) VI. 4. Corinne, b. July 23d, 1868; d. July 

23d, 1868. 

(1455) VI. 5. Augusta Manette, b. July 23d, 1869. 

(1456) VI. 6. Robert Harper, b. Mar. 14th, 1871 ; d. 

Sept. 25th, 1878. 
(i45t) VI. 7. Ruth Harriet, b. Dec. 12th, 1874. . 

Issue, by 2d marriage (Howe) : 
(i458) VI. 8. Louise Eugenie, b. June 18th, 1880. 

(1459) VI. 9. George, b. Sept. 22d, 1881. 

(1460) VI. 10. Marie Elvina, b. Aug. 4th, 1883. 
(i46i) VI. 11. James, b. Dec. 27th, 1884. 

(i462) V. 2. Robert, b. at Natchez, Miss., Nov. 17th, 

1840 ; enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861, 
and served one year in the First Louisiana Bat- 
talion of Infantry, and afterward three years 
and one month in Fenner's Battery, Light 
Infantry ; surrendered at Meridian, Miss., May 
12th, 1865. He m., at Louisville, Ky., Nov. 
16th, 1865, Hadassah Jane Waters, b. at 
Natchez, Miss., Sept. 20th, 1840, dr. of Ste- 
phenson and Amanda O. Waters. He now 


resides in Orlando, Fla., where he is engaged 
in the manufacture of ice and cultivating 

Issue (Howe) : 

(1464) VI. 1. Stephenson Waters, b. June 26th, 1869, 

at Louisville, Ky. 

(h65) V. 3. William, b. at Natchez, April 24th, 1843. 

He was killed in the battle of Jackson, Miss., 
July 10th, 1863. 

(u66) V. 4. Charles M., born at Natchez, Oct. 30th, 

1846; m. Eugenia Marie Wood. Now of 
Cairo, 111. Issue, two children. 

(uvo) V. 5. Frank, b. at Natchez, Aug. 22d, 1849; 

unm. Now of Cairo. 

(i47i) V. 6. Albert L., b. at Natchez, Jan. 11th, 1854; 

m., Nov. loth, 1877, Annie Laurie Forbes, dr. 
of Col. Wm. Henry Forbes, of the celebrated 
Black Horse Cavalry of Confederate fame. 
Albert L. Howe was elected Alderman of the 
3d Ward of Natchez in Dec. 1886, and re- 
elected to same position Dec. 1888 ; appointed 
Trustee of Public Schools in 1877, and still 
retains both positions. He is now in the 
wholesale grocery and commission business in 

Issue (Howe) : 
(1473) YI. 1. William Robert, b. Oct. 27th, 1878. 

(i«4) YL 2. Frank, b. Oct. 26th, 1880; d. Sept. 15th, 

(u75) VI. 3. Albert Henry, b. Oct. 2d, 1882. 
(i476) V. 7. John Dicks, b. at Natchez, Jan. 4th, 1857 ; 
m. . Now of Cheyenne, W. T. 



(u78) III. 5. Eleanor, b. Oct. 28th, 1776; m. Elisha 
Moore. She d. at Bellefonte, Pa., Mar. 16th, 1827. 
He also d. at Bellefonte. 

Issue (Moore) : 

(u8o) IV. 1. ELIZA ; m. (1st) Mr. Smith, who d. Aug. 

16th, 1834. She m. (2d) Mr. Ennis. They lived 
at Hollidaysburg, Pa., and afterward at Lyons, 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Smith) : 
(i483) V. 1. William B., who d. about 1825. 


(1484) IV. 2. WILLIAM B., went to Virginia. 

(i485) IV. 3. ELLEN J., d. at Bellefonte, unm. 


(i486) III. 6. James, b. Oct. 19th, 1778; d. at Petersburg, 
Va., Dec. 25th, 1814, unm. 

(i487) III. 7. John, youngest son of James and Elizabeth 
Wright Barber, was b. Feb. 22d, 1782, probably 
in the two-story brick house which was afterward 
bought by Judge William Augustus AtLee (on the 
property now owned by Mr. E. K. Smith), on the 
southeastern outskirts of Columbia. The old man- 
sion was torn down about twenty years ago. 

In 1804 he entered the mercantile business in 
partnership with Nathaniel Barber, his cousin, taking 
the store of Samuel Miller. He was in partnership 
in the dry goods' business with James Wright from 
1807 until about 1820, on Locust St. He was 
afterward in business with Messrs. Houston and 
Gossler, at Front and Walnut Sts., and for some 

JOHN BAKBER (1487). 
From an Oil Portrait on Wood, oivned by Mrs. William M. Bachelder, of Maumee, Ohio. 

Painted about IS 17, before his marriage. 



time after 1827 was in the lumber business with 
Isaac Vaughan. He also was a partner of James 
Barber, his nephew, in the same business, from 1847 
to 1849. In the year 1814, he, with Killian Epley, 
purchased a tract of land lying in the town of 
Columbia, from Christian Brenneman, which, with 
several other pieces of land, in and near the town, 
they divided into lots and sold. They laid out an 
addition to the town, on Third St. below Union. 
He was always a public-spirited citizen and promi- 
nently identified with all public enterprises in his 
native town. 

In 1812 he was a member of the 75th Penna. 
Reg. of Militia, and was afterward appointed pay- 
master to pay off the regiment. He was Secretary 
of the Susquehanna and York Borough Turnpike 
in 1809, and was afterward a Director in the Colum- 
bia and Portsmouth Turnpike. In 1825 he was 
elected a State Director of the Columbia Bridge 
Co., and on Dec. 14th, 1827, he was reelected by the 
House of Representatives, and was continued in 
this office for several years. On June 3d, 1829, he 
was unanimously appointed, by the Penna. Canal 
Commissioners, Superintendent of the Columbia 
and Philadelphia Rail Road, and held that im- 
portant position until the spring of 1833. In 1830 
(June 9th) it was ordered by the Canal Commis- 
sioners that the Eastern Division of the Penna. 
Canal, from Columbia to Middletown, be attached 
to the Superintendency of the Columbia and Phila. 
R.R., thus coming under his supervision. This 
branch of the railroad w^as commenced in 1829, 
and a single track was completed and opened April 
16th, 1834. On Oct. 7th of the same year the 
second (double) track was opened to the public. 


shortly after his connection as Superintendent had 

He was Chief Burgess of Columbia Borough, 
under the first charter, in 1824, and again in 1829, 
and was Ass't Burgess in 1831. He was elected to 
the General Assembly in 1828. In 1833 he was 
Treasurer of the Columbia, Marietta and Ports- 
mouth Road, and subsequently held a number of 
minor public positions. 

He married, Feb. 22d, 1821, Sarah Elizabeth, dr. 
of John Sanderson Whitehill and Mary Ann AtLee, 
and grand dr. of Col. Samuel John AtLee, of the 
Revolution. She was b. Sept. 17th, 1800. In 1849 
he moved to Baltimore, Md., to join his sons, Wil- 
liam and Samuel, who were engaged in the lumber 
business in that city. In 1856 he moved to West 
Chester, Pa., and died at that place on Oct. 23d, 
1868. She d. at West Chester Jan. 13th, 1858. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(i489) IV. 1. WILLIAM EDWIN, b. in Columbia, April 21st, 
1822 ; graduated at Lafayette College, in 1840, 
with the English Salutatory, and afterwards re- 
ceived the degree of A. M. from that Institution ; 
studied Law under U. S. Senator James Cooper, 
at Gettysburg, Pa., and was admitted, in 1844, 
to the bar of Adams and Lancaster Counties. In 
January, 1846, he was admitted to the Chester 
County bar. He m. (1st) Oct. 31st, 1850, in AYest 
Chester, Pa., Anne Eliza Townsend, b. Aug. 17th, 
1825, dr. of David Townsend and Rebecca Sharp- 
less. He moved to Baltimore, Md., in 1848, on 
account of impaired health, where he was engaged 
in the lumber business until 1856. In 1857 he 
moved with his family to Davenport, Iowa, where, 





in partnership with his brother Samuel, he opened 
a Law and Land office. She d. in Davenport, 
Sept. 28th, 1857. He then returned to West 
Chester in 1858, where he resumed the practice 
of law. Here he m. (2d), Jan. 24th, 1866, Lydia 
Cresson Stiles, dr. of James and Ellen K. Stiles. 
He was Assessor of Internal Revenue for the 7th 
Penna. Dist. from 1869 to 1873 ; was for several 
years, during the War of the Rebellion, Chairman 
of the Republican County Committee. He re- 
ceived the first prize of $500, offered by the Union 
League, of Philadelphia, in 1868, for the best 
essay on Political Organization, and was for many 
years prominent in the Presbyterian Church and 
in politics. He d. at Kirkland, near West Ches- 
ter, on April 13th, 1882. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Barber) : 
(u92) V. 1. Edwin AtLee, b. in Baltimore, Md., Aug. 

13th, 1851; Lafayette College, Class of 1873; 
m., Feb. 5th, 1880, in Phila., Nellie Louise 
Parker, b. July 7th, 1857, dr. of the late Maj. 
William H. Parker, U. S. Marine Corps, and 
Mary Louise Young. In 1874 and '75 was 
Assistant Geologist and Naturalist on the U. 
S. Geol. and Geog. Survey of the Territories, 
in Colorado, etc. ; was Superintendent of the 
West Phila. Post Office from 1879 to 1885, 
and Chairman of the U. S. Civil Service Ex- 
amining Board of the Phila, P. O. Now in the 
Investment business in Philadelphia, and resides 
in West Chester, Pa. 

Issue (Barber) : 
(u94) VI. 1. Louise AtLee, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., 

April 6th, 1883. 


(1495) V. 2. William Townsend, b. in Baltimore, Md., 

Dec. 14th, 1853; graduated at Yale College, 
Class of 1873; m., Oct. 19th, 1875, Anna Rei- 
gart Haldeman, b. Oct. 19th, 1855, dr. of John 
Haldeman and Anna Reigart, of Lancaster Co. 
Now practicing Law in West Chester, Pa. (See 
1090, 1091.) 

Issue (Barber) : 

(1497) VI. 1. Kate Smith, b. in West Chester, May 

11th, 1880. 

(u98) V. 3. Anne Townsend, b. in Davenport, Iowa, 

Sept. 28th, 1857; m., Oct. 31st, 1883, George 
Hepburn Watson, b. Aug. 14th, 1857 ; member 
of New York Stock Exchange, and now resides 
in Roselle, N. J, 

Issue (Watson) : 
(1500) VL 1. Helen, b. in Roselle, Nov. 27th, 1884; 

d. at Roselle, Dec. 2d, 1884. 
(looi) VL 2. Walter Malcolm, b. Oct. 8th, 1886. 

(1502) VI. 3. Louisa Townsend, b. Mar. 3d, 1888; d. 

July 2d, 1889, at Ocean Beach, N. J. 

Issue, by 2d marriage (Barber) : 

(1503) V. 4. Eleanor Cresson, b. in West Chester, Pa., 

July 20th, 1867; m., June 18th, 1889, James 
Cadwalader Sellers, member of the Philadel- 
phia Bar, residing in West Chester. 

(1505) V. 5. Walter, b. August 8th, 1869. 

(1506) V. 6. Elizabeth Stiles, b. Oct. 20th, 1872. 

(1507) IV. 2. SAMUEL WHiTEHiLL, b. Oct. 22d, 1824; grad. 

Lafayette College, Class of 1840; m. (1st), Nov. 
4th, 1847, Mary Jane Boyd, of Philadelphia, b. 
Aug. 27th, 1820; d. Aug. 15th. 1849. He was 
in the lumber business in Baltimore, Md., from 


1848 to 1856 ; in the land business in Davenport, 
Iowa, in 1857-'59 ; has resided in St. Louis, Mo., 
since 1859. He m. (2d) Caroline S. Tilford, of 
St. Louis. 

Issue, by 1st marriage (Barber) : 

(i5io) V. 1. Emma, b. Sept. 2d, 1848; d. Feb. 20th, 


(i5ii) IV. 3. ELIZABETH WRIGHT, b. Jan. 6th, 1826; m,, 

April 28th, 1846, Sydenham Rush Clarke, M.D., 
of Baltimore, Md. She d. at Memphis, Tenn., 
Sept. 16th, 1878. He d. at same place Sept. 
19th, 1878. 

Issue (Clarke) : 

(i5i3) V. 1. Lucy Emma, b. Feb., 1847; d. Aug. 14th, 


(i5u) V. 2. Helen Rush, b. Dec, 1849 ; d. May 19th, 


(1515) V. 3. Edward P., b. Nov. 8th, 1850; m. (1st), 

Feb. 21st, 1877, Maggie Stratton, of Memphis, 
Tenn., b. Sept. 25th, 1855 ; d. at Memphis, 
July 10th, 1880. He m. (2d), Dec. 4th, 1884, 
Florence May Anderson, of Jersey City, N. J. 
He is now in business in New York. 

Issue, by 2d marriage (Clarke) : 

(1518) VL Lucille Downing, b. Feb. 2d, 1886. 

(1519) V. 4. Walter Rush, b. Mar. 17th, 1853 ; d. Sept., 


(i52o) IV. 4. MARY ANN, b. Feb. 2d, 1828 ; m., May 15th, 

1849, Richard Treat Leech, of Pittsburg, Pa., b. 
at Harrisburg, Pa., Aug. 19th, 1823. Now of Oil 
City, Pa. 


Issue (Leech) : 
(1522) V. 1. John Frederick, b. at Baltimore, Md., 

Sept. 24th, 1850 ; m., April 6th, 1875, Marga- 
retta Park, b. April 29th, 1851, dr. of the late 
David E. Park, of Allegheny City, Pa. Now 
residing in Washington, D. C. 

Issue (Leech) : 

(1524) VI. 1. Marian Edgar, b. Jan. 28th, 1876, at 

Allegheny City. 

(1525) VI. 2. Frances Frederica, b. Dec. 26th, 1878, 

at Allegheny City. 

(1526) VI. 3. David Edgar Park, b. Oct. 27th, 1883, 

at Allegheny City; d. Jan. 14th, 1884. 

(1527) VI. 4. Katherine Olivia, b. Jan. 19th, 1889, at 

Washington, D. C. 
(i528) V. 2. Kichard Treat, b. at New Brighton, Pa., 

May 15th, 1853; d. Feb. 5th, 1854. 
(1529) V. 3. Jessie Marian, b. at Sewickley, Pa., Feb. 

5th, 1860; in., June 18th, 1889, Oscar Fulton 

Davisson, a lawyer of Dayton, Ohio. 
(1531) V. 4. Charles Colton, b. at Sewickley, Aug. 30th, 

(i5:«) V. 5. Marian Atlee, b. at Pittsburg, Oct. 20th, 

1864; d. at West Chester, Pa., Oct. 1st, 1865. 

(1533) V. 6. Richard Barber, b. at Pittsburg, Oct. 7th, 

1868; d. Oct. 28th, 1868. 


(1534) IV. 5. EMMA COLTON, m., June 6th, 1865, James 

J. Creigh, of West Chester, Pa. ; lawyer, District 
Attorney, Episcopal clergyman. Now of West 

Issue (Creigh) : 
(1536) V. 1. Mary Dunbar, b. Dec. 17th, 1866. 



(1537) IV. 6. JOHN JAMES, b. June 18th, 1833 ; m., Oct. 

12th, 1859, Henrietta Malinda Worthington, dr. 
of Carver Worthington, of West Chester, Pa. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(1539) V. 1. Mabel Worthington, b. Sept. 21st, 1860, in 

Scott Co., Iowa; d. Dec. 31st, 1866. 

(1540) V. 2. Carver Worthington, b. Mar. 17th, 1862, 

in Chester Co., Pa.; m., Sept. 20th, 1883, 
Catharine Lavinia Codmus Gilmore. 



(1512) II. 10. SAMUEL BARBER, sixth son of Robert and 
Hannah Tidmarsh Barber, m. Martha Henry, of 
Lancaster, Pa. He erected a fulling-mill near the 
mouth of " Barber's Run." He was second lieutenant 
of the first company of Hempfield Township in 1775. 
He took the oath of allegiance to the State of Penn- 
sylvania in Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co., on 
Aug. 8th, 1777. He moved to Buffalo Valley, North- 
umberland Co. (now Union), about 1787, in which 
year he was a resident of White Deer Hole Valley, 
and was taxed with one horse and two cows. He 
lived for some time at the mouth of Switzer Run, west 
of New Berlin, and was killed by the falling of an old 
building, which he was taking down, in 1792. Martha 
Barber, his widow, lived in East Buflfalo in 1793, in 
which year she was taxed on 150 acres of land, one 
horse and one cow. She was an inhabitant of same 
place in 1796, when she is mentioned as the owner of 
a cabin. She lived in the old place (now, or lately, 
the property of Philip Seebold) as late as 1812.^^ She 
was quite a noted character in her neighborhood, and 
known to every one as "Aunt Mattie." She d. about 
1826 or '27. 

Issue (Barber) : 

(1544) HI. 1. Elizabeth, m. Wm. McConnell. 

(1546) IIL 2. Mary, m. Mr. Swinehart. 

Issue (Swinehart) : 

(i548) IV. 1. ANDREW. 

Both families moved to Ohio, and all trace of them 
has been lost. 

V 37 See Linn's Annals of Buffalo Valley, pp. 276, 278. 



















Recorded in Book C, p. 130, Register's Office, Philadelphia. 

I Robert Barbae of Chester in the County of Chester in 
the Province of Pensilvania Cordwiner being sick & weak 
of Body but of sound mind and memory do make this my last 
Will & Testament in maner following that is to say Impr My 
Will is that my just Debts and funeral Charges be paid by my 
Executrix as soon as may be after my Decease. Item I give 
& devise to my dear & loving Wife Hannah Barbar All the 
Lotts or Peices of Ground where my Barn stands in Chester 
aforesaid together with the said Barn & all other Improvem*^ 
thereon and the appurtenances thereunto belonging Together 
also with the Peice of Ground or ffeild at Ship Creek near 
Chester aforesaid both which sd Peices of Ground I purchased 
of David LLoyd To Hold to my said Wife & her Assigns 
during her Natural Life. Item I give & devise unto my said 
W^ife Hannah Barbar All my Brick Messuage or Tenement 
where I now dwell at Chester aforesd with y*" Lott or Peice of 
Ground Well Pump and all other the Rights and Appurten- 
ances thereunto belonging & all the Lott of Ground lying 
opposite thereunto Bounded with Jasper Yeates Garden on the 
Easterly side And y"" Back Ends of Piecles Simpsons and 
LLoyd's Lotts on the Westerly side To Hold to my said Wife 
during her Natural Life. And my Will is that she shall by 
herself or undertenants keep the said Messuage in good Repair. 



And from & after my Wife's Decease my Will is that the sd 
Messuage & Ground thereunto belonging with the Well Pump 
& other the Appurtenances Together with the Eastermost 
Moiety or half part of the said Lott of Ground lying opposite 
thereunto shall be & remain to my Nephew Robert Barbar now 
living with me And to the Heirs of his Body Under the Con- 
dicon hereinafter expressed And for Want of such Issue to 
Thomas Barbar brother of the sd Robert my Nephew And to 
the Heirs of the Body of the said Thomas — Under the con- 
dicon hereafter expressed. And for want of such Issue To the 
Use of my next Heir Male forever. Item I give to my said 
Nephew Robert Barbar All my Lasts and half my working 
Tools & when he sets up his Trade I give him my Brick Shop 
standing at the West End of my sd now dwelling house with 
free Liberty of Ingress Egress & Regress at all convenient & 
seasonable Times unto my said dwelling Jbouse during my 
Wife's Life time to put fBre in & feed the Stove that is in the 
said Shop. Item I give & devise to Thomas Barbar eldest 
son of my Brother John Barbar a certain Peice of Ground 
Begining at the West Corner of the said Brick Shop And 
thence along the North side of the Thirty Eight foot to the 
Corner & thence up the other Street to Jasper Yeates's Brick 
Wall thirty foot & thence North Easterly to the Corner of 
the said Yeates's Wall with ffree Liberty of Egress & Regress 
to the said Wall & Pump And the free Use of the said Well 
& Pump (Paying one half of the Charge of repairing the sd 
Pump & cleansing the Well) And I give to the said Thomas 
Barbar after my Wife's decease the Westermost Moiety or y® 
other half part of the sd Lott of Ground lying opposite to my 
said Brick Messuage & Joyning upon the said Back ends of 
the sd Pickles Simpson's and LLoyds Lotts with all my said 
Peice of Ground or ffeild at Ship Creek aforesd cleared & un- 
cleared To Hold the said severall Peices of Ground & all 
other the premisses hereby devised to the said Thomas Barbar 
To the use of him the sd Thomas Barbar & the Heirs of his 


Body Upon Condicox That he the sd Thomas comes over 
iuto this Province within Twenty years after my Decease. 
But if he comes over here within that Time Then to the Use 
of him the sd Thomas Barbar & the Heirs of his Body 
Under the Condicon hereafter expressed And for want of 
such Issue And in default of his the sd Thomas's coming 
over here as aforesd, Then in either of those Cases To the 
use of my Nephew Robert Barbar & the Heirs of his Body. 
Under the Condicon hereafter expressed And for want of such 
Issue To the use of my next Heir Male for ever. Item I 
will & devise That after my Wife's Decease Isaac Williams 
(who is my wife's Sister's Son) shall have & enjoy the sd 
Barn & Ground thereto belonging With all its Improvements 
& appurtenances To the Use of him the sd. Isaac Williams 
& the Heirs of his Body Under the Condition hereafter Ex- 
pressed And for want of such Issue To the right Heirs of him 
the said Isaac forever. Item I give & devise to my Cozin 
James Barbar now living with me all my Plantation Att 
Crum Creek which I bought of Walter ffaucits Executrix 
containing ffive several Lotts of Land Marsh Meadow & 
Cripple the West ffeild meadow containing twenty one Acres 
& one quarter The East ffeild with that the House stands on 
containing Nineteen Acres One Lott of Woodland over against 
George Van Culm containing Seventeen Acres & three quar- 
ters of an Acre And one other Lott of Woodland lying next 
the fford on each side of the Queen's Road containing Twenty 
four Acres & a Quarter of an Acre To Hold to him the sd 
James Barbar Upon Trust that he shall permit my wife to 
receive & take all the Rents & Profitts of the said Plantation 
with the Lands Meadows & all other the Hereditaments & 
Appurtenances thereunto belonging until he the said James 
is married And from & after his Marriage To the Use of him 
the said James Barbar & the Heirs of his Bodv Under the 
Condicon hereafter expressed And for want of such Issue To 
the Use of my said Nephew Robert Barbar & the Heirs of his 


Body Under the same Condicon & for want of such Issue 
Then to my next Heir Male forever Paying to my Wife the 
Rent or Sume of ffive pounds currant money of Pensilvania 
on the ffirst day of the Month called March yearly during her 
natural Life. And permitting my Wife & her Assigns 
during her Widdowhood to mow ffive Acres of my Meadow 
at the lower End of the sd Tenn Acres^Lott next the Creek 
And to have ffree Egress & Regress to & from the Same to 
make the Grass so mowed into Hay & to carry it away And 
If the said Yearly Rent of ffive pounds shall be behind and 
unpaid on any of the Days w^hereon the Same ought to be 
paid as aforesaid Then it shall be lawfuU for my Wife her 
Executors Administrators or Assigns to enter upon the said 
Plantation & Premisses & make Distresse for the said Rent 
& Arrearages thereof (if any shall be) And the Distresse & 
Distresses there taken & had to Lead Drive take & Carry 
away Impound Detain & Keep untill She be fully satisfied of 
the sd Rent & Arrearages thereof (If any be). Item I do 
hereby declare & my Will & Meaning is That the Severall 
& respective Uses & Limitations to the Heirs of the Bodys 
of the said Robert Barbar, Thomas Barbar Isaac AVilliams & 
James Barbar respectively are & shall be upon Condicon 
That all & every such Person, & Persons As for the Time being 
shall respectively have the Imediate Estate of Inheritance 
or ffee Tail in Possession of & in the Respective Lands Here- 
ditaments & Premisses so as aforesd devised or any of them Or 
of & in any part thereof By Vertue of the sd respective Limi- 
tations or any of them shall respectively have full Power & 
Authority And it shall & may be lawfuU to & for them 
respectively after such Estate or Estates Tail so fallen or come 
to them respectively in Possession By any Deed or Deeds in 
Writing duely Executed to Grant Assure Limitt & Convey to 
every or any of their respective Issues So much of the sd 
Premisses or else such Yearly Rents charge With a Clause 
of Distress for every such Rent as unto them shall be thought 


convenient to be yearly Issuing & going out of the same 
Premisses or any part thereof To Hold to their respective 
Issues & their Heirs Or for any other Estate or Estates what- 
soever. Item It is my Will that my Lott of Ground ffront- 
ing Chester Creek adjoining to the sd Jasper Yeats' Granary 
be sold by my Executrix & Trustees hereafter named And 
that the Money or Price thereof be return'd to England & be 
equally divided & given to my three Brothers Thomas John 
& Richard To whom I also give Tenn pounds apiece. Item 
I give to Rachel Williams my Wife's Sister's Daughter Twenty 
Pounds to be paid her At her Age of one & twenty Years. 
Item I give to Hannah Williams my Wife's Sister's Daughter 
Six Shillings. Item I give to the said Isaac Williams ffifty 
Shyiings And to Lydia the Wife of Thomas Vernon Six Shil- 
lings. Item I give & devise unto James Lowns his Heirs & 
Assigns All my Right Title & Interest of in & to the ffifty 
Acres of Land Marsh & Meadow scituate upon Rapahapa 
in West Jersey which he & I purchased of Andrew Lock & 
his Brother. Lastly I give to my dear Wife the sd Hannah 
Barbar her Heirs Executors & Administrators All the Rest 
& Residue of my Estate both real & personal whatsoever & 
wheresoever And I do hereby Constitute & appoint her sole 
Executrix of this my last Will & Testament And I do name 
& Appoint my ffriends William Hudson & James Lowns to 
be overseers of this my last Will, And I do give the said 
William Hudson ffive pounds & to Paul Saunders Twenty 
Shillings. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand 
& Seal Dated the Thirteenth day of the Month called eluly, 
In the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & 
Eight. Also my Will is thatt Isaac Williams shall be put 
Apprentice at the Age of ffourteen Years to a Trade. 

Robert Barbar [Seal] 

Signed Sealed Published & Declared by the above named 

Robert Barbar to be his last Will & Testament in the presence 

of John Hoskins. The Mark of George Woody ear George 


Simpson Chester October 2*^ 1708. Then personally appear'd 
George Woodyear and George Simpson two of the Witnesses 
to the foregoing Will & on their solemn Affirmacons according 
to Law did declare that they saw Robert Barbar y^ Testator 
Sign Seal Publish & Declare the same to be his last Will 
and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound 
Mind Memory and understanding to the best of their Knowl- 

Be it Rembred that on the 2^ 8ber 1708 The last Will & 
Testament of Robert Barbar was prov'd in due form of Law 
And Probat & Lres Admen was granted to Hannah Barbar 
Sole Executrix therein named being first Attested well & truely 
to Administer And to bring an Inv'y of the Dec^^ Estate into 
the Reg' Office at Phila on or before the 2*^ Jany next And 
also to render Ace* when required. Given under the seal of 
the sd Office 

Pet Evans D. Reg"" 



Showing Inteemaeriages with the Baeber Family. 
Furnished by Lieut,-Col. Samuel Wright, of Columbia, Pa. 

L JOHN WRIGHT, b. April 15th, 1667, in Lanca- 
shire, England; m., at Penketh Meeting, Lancashire, 
Patience Gibson, b. May 31st, 1674; d. Sept. 27th, 1722, 
at Chester, Pa. He d. in Hempfield, Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Oct. 1st, 1749. 

Issue (Wright) : - 

II. 4. ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 25th, 1702, at Manchester, 
England ; m.. May 8th, 1728, Samuel Taylor, of Tini- 
cum Island, Chester Co., Pa. She d. Oct. 4th, 1761. 

Issue (Taylor) : 

III. 1. Sarah, b. Feb. 3d, 1729 ; m., Sept. 26th, 1746, 
Robert Barber, son of Robert and Hannah Tid- 
marsh Barber, b. Dec. 10th,1722 ; d. Oct. 4th, 1782. 
She d. Oct. 6th, 1793. 

Issue (Barber) : 

IV. 9. ELIZABETH, b. in Columbia, Pa., July 13th, 
1762; m., Oct. 30th, 1788, James Wright, son of 
James Wright and Rhoda Paterson, b. Aug. 8th, 
1766 ; d. Oct. 25th, 1838. She d. April 7th, 1830. 



Issue (Wright) : 
V. 1. Samuel, b. Sept. 4th, 1789 ; d. Sept. 12th, 

V. 2. Sarah, b. Sept. 7th, 1790 ; d. Sept. 13th, 

V. 3. Rhoda, b. Dec. 27th, 1791 ; d. April 14th, 

1864, unm. 
V. 4. Sarah, b. Sept. 5th, 1793; d. Sept. 13th, 

V. 5. Susanna Bethel, b. May 4th, 1795 ; d. June 

26th, 1795. 
V. 6. Charles N., b. June 4th, 1796; m. (1st) 
Emily Strickler ; m. (2d) Susan Stump, b. May 
30th, 1799 ; d. April 12th, 1874. He d. May 
30th, 1861. 
III. 3. Susanna, b. Feb. 24th, 1733 ; m. Samuel 
Bethel, who d. June 30th, 1775. She d. Dec. 28th, 

Issue (Bethel) : 
IV. 7. PATIENCE, b. Mar. 17th, 1773 ; m. Solomon 
Heise, b. March, 1762; d. Mar. 15th, 1833. She 
d. Mar. 28th, 1855. 

Issue (Heise) : 
V. 5. Elizabeth A. B., m. John Houston Mifflin. 
She d. May 9th, 1855. 
II. 6. PATIENCE, b. July 6th, 1706, at Manchester, 
England ; m., June 5th, 1728, Richard Lowdon. She 
d. Dec. 11th, 1747. 

Issue (Lowdon) : 
III. 1. John, b. July 5th, 1730; m.. Mar. 27th, 1760, 
Sarah Conner. 

Issue (Lowdon) : 
IV. 1. MARGARET, m. Jacob Stake. She d. , 

and he m. Mary Barber, dr. of James and Eliza- 


beth Wright Barber. He d., and Mary Barber 
m. John Dicks. 

Issue (Stake) : 

V. 1. Charlotte, m. Jacob Quest. 

V. 2. Lowdou, d. unm. 

V. 3. Catharine, m. Arthur Chenoweth. 
II. 7. JOHN, b. Mar. 18th, 1710, at Manchester, Eng- 
land ; m., April, 1734, Eleanor Barber, b. 11th mo. 1st, 
1718, dr. of Robert and Hannah Tidmarsh Barber. 
He d. Oct., 1759, at Wright's Ferry, York Co., Pa. 

Issue (Wright) : 

III. 1. James, b. June 30th, 1735; d. . 

III. 2. Patience, b. Mar. 24th, 1737 ; m. Gen'I James 
Ewing. She d. . 

Issue (Ewing) : 
IV. ELEANOR, m. John Mifflin. 

Issue (Mifflin) : 

V. James Ewing, b. May 25th, 1791 ; m., July 
4th, 1839, Susan Eleanor Houston. He d. 
April 1st, 1842. 

III. 3. James, b. Sept. 21st, 1739 ; d. . 

III. 4. Robert, b. 1741 ; d. May, 1767. 

III. 5. John, b. Sept. 12th, 1744; m. ; d. 

Issue (Wright) : 

IV. ELEANOR, b. ; d. Feb., 1792. 

III. 6. Susanna, b. Nov. 18th, 1747 ; d. . 

III. 7. Susanna, b. Aug. 24th, 1752; m.. May 6th, 

1773, Dr. John Houston, b. ; d. June 5th, 1809. 

She d. Aug. 9th, 1829. 

Issue (Houston) : 
IV. 1. PATIENCE, b. Oct. 31st, 1774; d. Aug. 4th, 


IV. 2. jOHNWRiGHT,b. Dec. 27th, 1775; d. Mar. 4th, 

IV. 3. MARTHA, b. Sept. 29th, 1777 ; m. Joseph 

Mifflin. She d. Feb. 12th, 1819. 
IV. 4. JAMES, b. May 24th, 1779; m. Anna Rhoda 

Wright. He d. Aug. 7th, 1809. 
IV. 5. ELEANOR WRIGHT, b. Feb. 3d, 1781 ; d. Aug. 

27th, 1867, unm. 
IV. 6. ANN SUSAN, b. Dec. 24th, 1782; d. Jan. 16th, 

1863, unm. 

IV. 7. WILLIAM FREDERICK, b. Jan. 5th, 1787 ; 

m. Amy Hunter McCorkle, who d. Mar. 27th, 

1819. He d. Feb. 2d, 1838. 
IV. 8. ROBERT WRIGHT, b. Sept. 20th, 1788 ; m. 

Sarah Ann Jones, b. Dec, 1809 ; d. Dec. 27th, 

1836. He d. Jan. 24th, 1855. 
IV. 9. SAMUEL NELSON, b. Nov. 25th, 1791 ; m. 

Susan Strickler, b. Jan. 25th, 1797 ; d. July 31st 

1864. He d. Nov. 14th, 1878. 

II. 8. JAMES, b. Nov. 19th, 1714, at " Cadishead," 

Chester Co., Pa.; m. (1st) ; (2d), in 1753, 

Rhoda Patterson,^ b. Sept. 14th, 1728; d. Nov., 1798. 

He d. Mar. 5th, 1775, in Hempfield, Lancaster Co., 


Issue (AVright) : 

III. 1. Samuel, b. May 12th, 1754; m., Oct. 22d, 
1795, Susanna, dr. of Capt. John and Sarah Conner 
Lowdon, b. June 15th, 1763; d. April 28th, 1800. 
He d. July 7th, 1811. 

1 " James Right & Rohda Patterson appeared and deelar'd their Intention 
of Marriage" at a Monthly Meeting of Sadsbury, 4th, 12th mo. 1752. 

John Wright and James Wright went out in marriage in 1753 (Minutes of 
Sadsbury Meeting, 4th of 10th mo. 1753). 

James Wright testified against himself in regard to his Jirst marriage (lb., 
5th of 8th mo. 1754). 


Issue (Wright) : 

IV. 2. JOHN LOWDON, b. Dec. 31st, 1797 ; m. (1st), 
June 6th, 1820, Elizabeth Strickler, b. Jan. 17th, 
1800; d. Dec. 7th, 1822; m. (2cl), Feb. 27th, 
1828, Ann, dr. of John and Margaret Barber 
Evans, b. Nov. 2d, 1806. 
III. 5. John, b. Dec. 12th, 1760; m., Nov. 6th, 1782, 

Amelia Davies. He d. April 20th, 1806. 

Issue (Wright) : 

lY. 1. ANNA RHODA, b. Aug. 27th, 1783; m. James 
III. 7. James, b. Aug. 8th, 1766 ; ra., Oct. 30th, 1788, 
Elizabeth, dr. of Robert and Sarah Taylor Barber, 
b. July 13th, 1762 ; d. April 7th, 1830. He d. Oct. 
25th, 1838. 

(See Elizabeth, IV, 9.) 


Catharine Klinesmith was a daughter of Baltzer Kline- 
smith, a soldier of the Revolution, who was killed by the 
Indians in 1780. The account of this outrage, as given in 
Linn's Annals of Buffalo Valley, p. 189, differs somewhat 
from the following version, which has been kindly furnished 
for this work by Mr. John V. Barber, of Mifflinburgh, Pa., 
who often heard the story from the lips of one of the heroines, 
Catharine, or Aunt Katy, as she was generally called. 

" On the 14th of July, 1780, the date we get from pension 
papers, Baltzer Klinesmith, with his daughters, Catharine 
and Elizabeth, were harvesting in a field almost surrounded 
by forest. When near the edge of the timber, the girls 
being some distance off, he was shot, but was able to call to 
the girls to hide themselves. The Indians scalped Kline- 
smith and soon found the others. There Avere three Indians, 
an old man and two young men. They made their way to the 
spring north of New Berlin, where they remained over night. 
In the evening the old Indian washed the scalp and held it 
up before the girls, making sport of it. Then Elizabeth told 
her sister that she would kill him, but Katy tried to persuade 
her not to do so, on account of the great danger. She replied 
that she did not care for the consequences, the Indian must 
die. In the morning the young men went off down the valley. 
They had stolen a good many things, amongst them a sack of 
flour and an old axe. The old man told the girls, as it com- 
menced to rain, to cover the flour with bushes. He sat with 
his head against a tree and the axe near at hand. Elizabeth, 



in gathering the brush, worked near the axe, but the Indian 
motioned her away with his hand. Finally he closed his eyes, 
and the girl got near enough to secure the weapon. As she 
raised it to strike with the butt end, Katy, who was closely 
watching her, motioned with her hand to turn it around and 
strike with the edge, which the other did, splitting the old 
man's head open to the chin. There was a log fort about 
three-quarters of a mile east of White Springs, where Joseph 
Chambers, who married Mary Barber, afterwards lived. 
Elizabeth, although the younger of the two, was the faster 
runner, and soon reached the fort. Catharine became bewil- 
dered, and was soon discovered by one of the Indians who was 
returning, and who shot at her a great distance in the woods. 
The ball struck her a little to the left of the backbone, and 
came out at the left breast, just missing the vital parts. She 
crawled through the brush and under a large fallen tree. 
The Indian ran over her hiding place without seeing her. The 
people from the fort soon gave the alarm and started after the 
Indians. One of them seeing her under the log, raised his 
gun, thinking she was an Indian. She held up her apron, 
with which she had closed the wound to stanch the blood, and 
thus saved her life. 

"Aunt Katy was a great friend of my mother's, and as her 
house was not a hundred rods from our house, she spent a good 
part of her time with us, and many a time she told the story 
to us children. Once, I remember, in our hall, she opened 
her dress and showed mother the mark of the ball, the dent 
being large enough for a bullet to lie in when she was stand- 

"She first married Daniel Campbell, who died in 1793, 
leaving two children, Ann and John. Afterwards she mar- 
ried Robert Chambers, by whom she had one daughter, 
Rebecca. Aunt Katy died in February, 1837." 



In the year 1830, Miss Sarah Barber, daughter of Robert 
and Sarah Taylor Barber, prepared a journal of her recollec- 
tions of Columbia and its early settlers, which included a brief 
history of the Barber family and an account of her grand- 
father, Robert Barber, Sheriff. As these incidents were 
described from memory, it is not surprising that the manu- 
script contained a number of inaccuracies, such as the state- 
ment that her grandfather had followed a seafaring life and 
been a political prisoner in French dungeons. It contained 
many facts of interest, however, and much accurate informa- 
tion. The sketch was first printed in the Columbia Spy, in 
the year 1832, and was afterwards reproduced, in a modified 
form, in several historical publications, so that the diflTerent 
versions disagreed in many points, and the errors contained 
in the original were increased and perpetuated. It is- the 
object of this book to eliminate, so far as j)ossible, these mis- 
takes. This the writer has been enabled to do in a great 
measure through the assistance of Lieut.-Col. Samuel Wright 
and Samuel Evans, Esq., of Columbia, who have kindly placed 
their notes at his disposal, and referred him to the original 
documents, in which the correct statements of the events in 
question are to be found. Miss Barber's account of the atro- 
cious massacre of the peaceable Conestoga Indians, by a band 
of ruffians and cut-throats from Paxton township, is particu- 
larly interesting, and we have every reason to believe it to be 



true in all essential details. The following extracts taken from 
this memoir are believed to be substantially correct : — 

"The journey (from Chester to the Susquehanna) in those 
days was thought a very great undertaking, the country being 
uninhabited except by the Indians, who had their cabins scat- 
tered in many places. What a grand sight it must have been, 
our noble river pursuing its undisturbed course, or only 
slightly ruffled by the Indian canoe, the shore covered with 
lofty trees which had stood since the creation. Such was this 
place when three families from Chester came to make their 

home in the wilderness Robert Barber kept the 

250 acres next the lower hills (near where Columbia now 
stands). He came from Yorkshire, I think. He settled 
further from the river than the others. He built the brick 
house now occupied by John Hinkle. His first small house 
was gone before my recollection. He was oneof the Burgesses 
of Chester under William Penn's government. He was 
Sheriff of Lancaster County, and it was intended that the seat 
of justice should be here ; in consequence of this intention 
there was a prison built near his house. I remember it well — 
a strong-looking log building — was pulled down not many years 
since. James, afterwards Earl of Anglesea,^ was once confined 
there. His story is well known, and may be found in Proud's 
History of Pennsylvania. Robert Barber had several chil- 
dren ; the oldest son, John, was killed by the Indians, some- 
where near where Pittsburgh now stands. He had gone to 
trade in fur — what w^as called trapping. His other sons 
settled on the land, but it is all owned by the Stricklers but 
about sixty acres, which was the share of the second son, 
Robert, w^ho married Sarah, daughter of Samuel Taylor. He 
had ten children, but at this time, 1830, they are all gone but 
one son and two daughters ; the daughters live on the place, 
in the house which their father built 65 years since. I well 

2 James Anneslej^, Lord Altham. 


remember the old house which their father lived in before he 
built the present brick house ; some of the wood of the old 
house is now in the brick house. There were no pine boards, 
as in the present day. The joists, window and door frames 
are of oak ; what little pine that is in it were logs which were 
found in the river, and sawed at a mill on what was called 
Barber's Run, where Nathaniel Barber once had a sawmill. 
There was a fulling mill on the same stream, kept by Samuel 
Barber, another brother 

" One of the first things in my recollection is hearing an 
account of the massacre of the poor Conestoga Indians, which 
took place in the 12th month, 1763 — three years before my 
birth. The great interest which everyone who I heard speak 
of it took in it seemed to fix it in my memory at a very early 
age. I thought to have heard some particulars from my 
brother, who well remembers it, but the recollection was so 
affecting to him, tho' it is nearly 70 years since, that I for- 
bore to ask him all I intended, but I think the principal 
parts are too strongly fixed in my memory to admit of mis- 
take. They were called the Conestoga Indians, but I think 
there were some among them of the Shawnee Tribe. There 
was one, ' Shawnee John,' and the little run where they had 
their huts is still called ' Shawnee Run ' ; they were here when 
the first white settlers came ; they w^ere entirely peaceable, and 
seemed as much afraid of the other Indians as the whites were; 
they often had their cabins here by the little mill ; my oldest 
brother and sister used to be whole days with them 

" The government of Pennsylvania now got into other 
hands, and the peaceable nature of Penn's administration was 
changed to one of more hostile nature towards the poor natives. 
The Friends did their best to keep peace in every way, but 
there were too many against them, and it was thought by 
many that they should all be destroyed. Accordingly, a com- 
pany from Paxton Township, under the name of ' Paxton 
Boys,' agreed to come by night and destroy the poor Indians 


at their town Such was the situation of things, 

when, a very cold morning in the 12th month, 1763, a German 
neighbor came to my father's house requesting him to go with 
him in pursuit of some persons who had been at his house the 
preceding night, whom he termed robbers ; they had behaved 
in a very disorderly manner, such as melting the pewter on the 
stove, and other things of the same kind. My father, sup- 
posing they had been some persons in a frolic, advised him to 
take no notice of it. He was scarcely gone when five or six 
men came in ; they had guns Avhich they left outside ; they 
were very cold — their coats covered with snow and sleet. I 
don't think my father was personally acquainted with any of 
them, though he knew from what part of the county they came. 
He made up the fire to warm them, and according to the 
hospitality of the times treated them with the customary 
morning refreshments. While they warmed themselves they 
enquired why the Indians were suffered to live peaceably 
there. My father told them they were quite inoffensive, living 
on their own land and injuring no one. They asked what 
would be the consequence were they destroyed. My father 
told them he thought they would be as liable to punishment 
as if they had destroyed so many whites. They were of a 
different opinion. At length they went away without telling 
what they had been about. In the meantime my two brothers,^ 
ten and twelve years old, had been out looking at the stran- 
gers' horses (as such boys are wont to do), which were hitched 
in a wagon shed which stood near the door ; after they were 
gone, my brothers said they had tomahawks tied to their sad- 
dles, and they were bloody ; that they also had Christie's gun 
(Christie was a little Indian boy about the age of my brothers ; 
they were much attached to him ; he was their playmate in 
all their sports — made their bows and arrows, and was, indeed, 
as a brother). While they wondered what it could mean, a 

3 Robert and John. 


messenger came giving information of the dreadful deed. My 
father and some others went down to see them buried — shock- 
ing, indeed, was the sight — the dead bodies lay among the 
rubbish of their burnt cabins like half-consumed logs. I 
think there were fourteen murdered. It was said that at the 
beginning of the slaughter a mother had placed her child — 
almost an infant — under a barrel, charging it to make no 
noise ; a shot was fired through the barrel, which broke the 
child's arm, and it still kept silent. I do not vouch for the 
truth of this, but I have often heard it told with the other 
parts of the shocking story. The rest of the Indians, I think, 
to the number of twenty-eight, who were absent from the town 
at the first slaughter, were collected together and put into the 
jail in Lancaster for safety, as it was said, but the merciless 
wretches, not satisfied with their first work, went thither and 
(I cannot say in spite of opposition, for it does not appear 
there was any made) broke open the jail, and cruelly, and in 
a shocking manner, destroyed them all — old men, women and 


Letter written by John Barber, son of Robert and Sarah 
Taylor Barber, at the age of twenty-three, shortly after the 
battle of Long Island, the first pitched battle of the Revolu- 
tion, in which he participated. It was addressed to " Mr. 
Robert Barber, Sr., in Hempfield. Forwarded by Capt 

" West Chester (N. Y.), Sept. 23, 1776. 

" Dear Father : — I sopose you are not well pleased with mee 
for not riteing before, but I can give you the sattesfactiou of 
letting you know that I am very well at presant hoping theas 
lines may find you the same. Wea lay at preasant in such an 
out of the way place that wea scearce hear any news at all. 
Wea have been hear about three weeks, which wea think a 
great while, as wee have not been neer so long at any place 
before. West Chester is about seventeen miles from York. 
Wee had a sad bury on Long Island, but I dare say you can 
tell the particulars better than wee can tho' wee ware in the 
midst of it, as wee hear many differant ways of it. Wee ware 
about three miles from our lines when the engagement began, 
which was about one o'clock in the morning and it lasted 
till four in the afternoon. Wee lost Leutenant Paterson and 
John Chambers and four more wee sopose to have been killed 
as wee saw them neer the breastworks. The euemi had got 
quite 'round us but wee had the heels of them and got. The 
first firing wee herd was the Delaware Battalion and about a 
thousand regulars which landed the same night by the nar- 
rows wee sopose to devert us a little and indeed they had like 



to have deverted us too long for before wee ware got to our 
lines they ware within gunshot 'round from another quarter. 
How they got 'round I cannot say. Some say it was by 
trechary and blame Lord Sterling. 

" The third night after we flitted of Long Island and left 
them all our fine fortifications. AYee got over the East River 
about four o'clock in the morning. It hapned very well for 
us, for about nine in the evining the fog gathered so thick that 
the enemy could not see us, for if they had, they would have 
made sad work. They did not discover our retreat til about 
nine in the morning. There came a party down to the shore 
and fired on sum boats of the last that came over and killed 
one or two. Our batallion marched about a mile out of town 
and encamped. It would have been imposable for our men 
to have kept York, after having given up the lins on Long 
Island. I often wondred at our people for leaving the lins 
as they ware very strong. 

" As for the last engagement on York Island I can give very 
little account. Wee could hear the platoons and cannon, but 
I beleave our peeple got the better of them. Wee hear that 
part of York is burnt. Wee saw a very large fier that way, 
but cant bee sure. Wee staled but one day and a night at 
York after wee left Long Island. Wee live very well and 
peaceble heer as wee are a good wais from any water whare 
the men of war can come up. 

" Christopher Taylor has been poorly, but is getting better. 
All the river boys are well. Sam Boude is but poorly yet, 
but hee is getting some better. Our people are very much 
scattered so it is hard to tell what number wee have. Wee 
have but about 30 men fit fur duty in our company. I am 
very glad that Captin Barber's * Company had not to march 
as it would have been very hurtful to the nighberhood. Chris- 
topher remembers his kind love to Mamy, give my kind love 

^ James Barber, his uncle. 


to all my relations. Tel Samy AVright I receavecl his letter 
sent by Mr. Cunningham as likewise one from Boby and Samy 
Barber, and that I will rite to them the next opertiinaty. I 
am, with great respect, your loving son, 

John Barber." 


Record received too late for insertion on page 40. 
(216) VI. 7. Charles M. (Chambers), b. Aug. 25th, 

1849; m., Dec. 28th, 1871, Mary Alice 
Struble, b. Mar. 3d, 1855, dr. of Adam and 
Susan Struble, now Of Offerle, Edwards Co., 

Issue (Chambers) : 

VII. 1. Charles Franklin, b. Oct. 26th, 1874. 

VII. 2. Daisy Anna, b. Mar. 11th, 1876. 

VII. 3. Lillie Catherine, b. Mar. 30th, 1880. 

VII. 4. Emma Ada Bell, b. Sept. 3d, 1886. 

VII. 5. Jessie June, b. June 7th, 1889. 


On page 15, fourth line, for 1709 read 1708. 

On page 40, (217), for Mary A. Strubb, read Struble. 

On page 122, (1504), for Cadwalader, r^d Cadwallader. 



Abernathy, Mary Paine, V, 694. 
Alexander, Edmund Brooke, VII, 99. 
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Susan Clark, VI. 862. 
Susan Matbiot. IV, 1281. 
Susan Sarah, VII, 744. 
Thomas, II, 1068. 
Thomas, 111,928. 
Thomas, IV, 632. 

Barber, Thomas, V, 934, 979. 

Thomas, V, 917 & 1008. 
Thomas Carrol, VI, 710. 
Thomas Edwin, VI, 678, 
Thomas A"an Valzah, V, 817, 
Walter, V, 1505, 
Watson Robert, VII, 766. 
William, III, 1277. 
William Benjamin, V, 855, 
William Bvron, VII, 860. 
William CUngan, V, 683. 
William Edward, V, 854. 
William Edwin, IV, 1489. 
William Foster. VI, 688. 
William II., V, 989: 
William Townsend,V & VI, 1091 

& 1495. 
William Youn?, VI, 669 & 758. 
Wilson, VI, 565. 
Barmore, Mary R., VI, 458. 
Bar net, C, V, 13 7 
Bass, Anna Eliza, IV, 1356. 
Beard, Mary, IV, 1315. 
Beaumont, Franklin, V, 1Zr>S. 
Becker, Carrie M.. VI, 502. 
Beiter, Mary A., V. 1182. 
Benage, George Alton, VIII, 288, 
James S., VII, 286. 
Joseph Vernon, VIII, 287. 
Mary Evelin, VIII, -289. 
Benjamin, Miss, IV, 1270, 
Bennett, Frank J,, Vll, 552. 
John, VIII, 653. 
Newcomb, VIII, 554. 
Bike, Anna, V, 623. 
Blakiston, Anna R., V. 153. 
Bletz, Henry, V, 1143. 
Henry, VI^ 1147. 
Isaac Evans, VI, 1146. 
Jacob, VI, 1145. 
William Evans. VI, 1144. 
Boganreif, Elizabeth Amelia, VI, 214. 
Bonnell, Sallie Sherrerd, V, 155. 
Boude, Marv, III, 929. 
Sarah, III, 191. 
Boyd, Marv Jane, IV, 1508. 
Braddy, Nancy, IV, 1218. 
Breese, Mr., V, 1047. 
Brenizner, B,^ssif> M., VII, 454. 
Eli, VI, 452. 
Florence C, VII, 455. 
. Lulu E.. VII, 453. 
Margaret A., VII, 456. 
Brown, Katherine, VI, 749. 

Sarah, IV, 1052. 
Bruner, Ellen White, V, 1170. 
Bucher, Anna Sarah, Vl. 590 
Bunting, Mary Delle, VI, 250. 
Butler, Elizabeth C, VI, 686. 

Cameron, Jennie C, VI, 41. 
Campbell, Ann, IV, 933. 
Cardwell, James E , VI, 870 
Carnifix, Eddie M., VII, 612. 

George M., VI, 609. 

Hattie Bell, VII, 611. 

Mary Barber, VII, 610. 



Chamberlin, Arthur, VI, 851. 

Charles Sumner, VI, 852. 

Cora May, VII, 777. 

Elizabeth Dale, VI, 784. 

Fidelia Melissa, VII, 778. 

Frank Wilson, VI, 794. 

Ida May, VII, 776. 

.James Dale, V, 771. 

James Dale, VI, 793. 

John v., VII, 645. 

Luther, VII, 775. 

Margaret Park, V, 724. 

Mary, VI, 844. 

Mary Barber, VI, 779. 

Robert H, VI, 644. 

Robert Van Valzah, VI, 773. 

Samuel B., VI, 772. 

Samuel Dale, V, 843. 

Sarah Alice, VI, 845. 

Sarah Barber, VI, 792. 
Chambers, Anna B., VI, 270. 
Anna L., VI, 422. 
Annie E.. VI, 451. 
Arthur M., VII, 431. 
Avey P., VI, 371. 
Benjamin, IV, 195. 
Benjamin, V, 260, 313. 
Benjamin Caldwell, VII, 266. 
Benjamin Garfield, VII, 322. 
Benjamin L., VII, 328. 
B. Franklin, VI, 457. 
Bessie, VII, 330. 
BessieC, VII, 367. 
Carlos L., VII, 297. 
Caroline, V, 226. 
Catherine E., VI, 208. 
Charles Lincoln, VII, 318. 
Charles M., VI, 216. 
Charles W., VI, 390. 
Clara L.. VII. 435. 
Clarence R., VI, 391. 
D. Herbert, VII, 432. 
EdnaC, VII, 370. 
Edwin B., VII, 460. 
Effie E., VII, .398. 
Effie L., VII, 364. 
Eleanor, VII, 329. 
Eleanor Barber, VI, 332, 
Elizabeth, V, 202. 
Elizabeth C, VII, .300. 
Elizabeth Rose, VII, 4.30. 
Ella May, VII, 319. 
Ellen B., V, 512. 
Ernest, VII, 417. 
Ernest A., VII, 441. 
Ernest R., VII, 363. 
Evelyn, VII, 299. 
Florence E., VII, .301. 
Floyd P., VII, 503. 
George Woolsey, VII, 267. 
Georgia A., VI, 510. 
Grace B., VII, 399. 
Grier I., VII, 215. 
Hannah B., VI, 276. 
Harry E, VII, 434. 
Hatlie May, VII, 406. 
Henrietta Boude, VI, 349. 
Henrietta E., VII, 317. 

Chambers, Isaiah M., VII, 397. 
James, V, 196 & 584. 
James Benjamin, VI, 264. 
James M., VI, 210. 
James S., VI, 209. 
Jesse, VI, 275. 
Jesse Clarence, VII, 421. 
John, V, 462. 
John Alfred, VI, 315. 
John F.. VI. 404. 
John F., VII, 433. 
John J., VI, 449 & 580. 
John L., VII, 408. 
John Reed, VI, 501. 
John W., VI, 295. 
Joseph, IV, 272. 
Joseph, V, 392 
Joseph, VI, 294, 30 <, 380. 
Joseph Edward, VII, 407. 
Joseph G., VII, 436. 
Joseph H., VI, 323. 
Joseph L., VII, 443. 
Joseph M., VI, 427. 
Joseph N., VI, 415. 
Joseph T., VII, 366. 
Joseph W., VI, 507. 
Keziah, V, 23X. 
Llovd, VII, 459. 
Lochamar R., VII, 509. 
Louis Gell, VII, 222. 
Lulu, VI, 461. 
MargaretE., Vn. 321. 
Margaiet Ellen, VI, 306. 
Margaret Reed, VI, 490. 
Mary, V, 198 463. 
Mary E., VI, 324,338,400,504. 
Mary C, VI, 353. 
Mary C, VII, 320. 
Mary M., VI, 444. 
Mary M., VII, 331. 
Maven B., VI, 206. 
Ora T., VII, 223. 
Paschal L., VI, 511. 
Paschal Lewis, V, 488. 
Paschal Lewis, VI, 337. 
Ralph Spigelmyer, VII, 268. 
Rebecca, V, 259, 312. 
Rebecca, VI, 387, 437. 
Rhoda, V, 199. 
Rhoda IL. VI, 212. 
Robert, V, 204. 
Robert, VI, 439. 
Robert B., VI, 307. 
Robert Barber, V, 273. 
Robert Barber, VI, 218. 
Robert Elmer, VII, 221 . 
Robert F., VI, 419. 
Robert J., VI, 361. 
Robert J., VII, 368. 
Robert John, VII, 303. 
RobertM., VI, 325. 
Robert Miller, VII, 310. 
Roland J., VII, 369. 
Sadie, VI, 262. 
Samuel, V, 425. 
Samuel, VII, 429. 
Samuel L.. VII, 304. 
Sarah, V, 203. 



Chambers, Sarah A., VI, 224. 

Sarah B., V. 258, 311. 
Sarah B., YI, 495. 
SarahBoude,YI, 381. 
Sarah E., Yl, 409. 
S. Franklin, YII, 442. 
Susanna, YI, 413. 
Thomas, Y, 350. 
Tillie Mav. VII, 309. 
Urban S.,' VI I, 366. 
Wilbert, YII, 418. 
William, VI, 388. 
William, VII, 220. 
William John, VI, 21.3. 
William R., \l, 389, 
William S., VI, 269. 
William W.,YI, 394. 
Champlain, Alfred B., YII. 1154 

Clara Myers, YII, 1157. 
Harry L., YII, 1156. 
Henry, YI, 1153. 
WilliamR, YII, 1155. 
Chatterton, Dr. Allen S., YII, 534. 
Carle, YII I, .535. 
Roval, YII, 542. 
Childrey, Albert Barber, YII, 1228. 

Charles W., YI,]227. 
Clarke, Edward P., Y, 1515. 
Helen Rush, Y, 1514. 
Lucille Downing. YI, 1518. 
Lucy Emma, Y, 1513. 
Dr. Sydenham Rush, lY, 1512. 
Walter Rush. V, 1519. 
Clingan, Elizabeth, lY, 633. 
Cole, Marv E., VI, 211. 
Colgan, Alice Elizabeth, YIII, 730. 
AnnaBell, YIII, 731. 
Ellen Emeretta, YIII, 729. 
r. B., YII, 728. 
Harriet Elizabeth, YI, 764. 
James Lewis, YIII, 732. 
Conner, Mary, II, 1065. 
Cooper, Anna Belle, YI. 1410. 
Barber Dicks, YI, 1393. 
Bartlett, VI, 1400. 
Ella Dicks, YI, 1398. 
John A. Dicks, YI, 1401. 
Joseph F., VI, 1402. 
J. F., Y, 1409. 
Mary, YI, 1394. 
Maves, VI, 1.399. 
Ruffin T., YI, 1395. 
Judge T. E.,V, 1392. 
Timothy E.,YI, 1397. 
William Barber, VI, 1396. 
Corlies, Editn Atlee, VI, 163. 
Crabb, Mr.,III, 1263. 
Craudel, Victoria, V, 938. 
Creigh, Rev. James J. IV, 1535. 
Mary Dunbar, Y, 1536. 
Cresson, Frances Caroline, V, 1194. 
Crocker, Anna E., VI, 726. 

Darst, Chrlstena, IV, 1341. 
Davisson, Oscar Fulton, Y, 1530. 
Deardorf, Nannie Jane, Y, 1432. 

De Haven, Harriet, III, 1068. 

de Lesseps, Olympe Marie, Y, 1449. 

de Longueville, Marguerite Henriette 

Lanauze, Y, 1450. 
Dexheimer, George W., YII, 302. 
Dicks, Ada, VI, 1428. 

Alice Josephine, Y, 1370. 

Anna Catherine. YI, 1406. 

Anna Newlove, YI, 1442. 

Annie Lee, YI, 1374. 

Annie Rosalie, Y, 1375. 

Charles Barber, V, 1383. 

Ella, V, 1436. 

Ella Jane, YI, 1407. 

Elvina, IV, 1446. 

Elvina J., \, 1408. 

Fred. Augustus, v, 1372. 

George E.. YI, 1385. 

George Jefferson, IV, 1354. 

George Stephenson, Y, 1363. 

Henry Bass, Y, 1371. 

Isaac Kirksey, YI, 1418. 

James Barber, lY, 1421. 

James Barber, Y, 1430. 

James Grafton, V, 1390. 

James Rpber, YI, 1429. 

Janette, YI 1419. 

John, III, 1325. 

John Allen, V, 1403. 

John Barber, lY, 1388. 

John Barber, VI, 1420. 

John Newlove, YI, 1443. 

.lohn Van Buren, Y, 1423. 

John William Duncan, YI, 1405. 

Julia A., V, 1342. 

Margaret Bass, V, 1386. 

Martha Virginia, Y, 1369. 

]\larv Catherine, Y, 1434. 

Marv Elizabeth, Y, 1391. 

Mary Elvina, Y, 1.348. 

Mary Jane, V, 1357. 

Michael Weaver, V, 1444. 

Minnie May, VI, 1425. 

Nannie Jeanette, Y, 1415. 

Phebe C, Y, 1350. 

Robert E. Lee, Y, 1387. 

Robert Howe, V, 1445. 

Thomas Grafton, V, 1411. 

Thomas Jefferson, V, 1431. 

William, VI,]. %8. 

William B., IV, 1340. 

William B., Y, 1349. 

William Barber, Y, 1416, 14.39. 

William Robert, Y, 1366. 
f)iemer, AdaE., VII, 961. 
Clarence. YII, 962. 
Estella,YII, 964. 
Isaac, VI, 960. 
Joseph J., YII, 963. 
Doolittle, Etta, YI, 566. 
Dunlap, Josephine, YI, 1056. 
Dunwoodie, James K.. VII, 735. 

William Dale, YIII, 736. 

Earnest, Alice Marv, YI, 820. 
Elliott, Elma W., YI, 679. 



Ennis, Mr., lY. 1482. 
Evans, Ann, IV, 1167. 

Annie Greene, A"II, 175. 

Charles, IV, 1221. 

Charles, V, 1219. 

Charles T., YI, 172. 

Elizabeth, Y, 1148. 

George Washington, IV, 1217. 

Isaac Conard, lY, 1252. 

James C , lY, i:^, 8. 

John, III, 1139. 

John, lY, 1220. 

John James Houston, YII, 174. 

Margaret Ann, V, 1142. 

Martha Houston, VII, 173. 

Mary, lY, 1222. 

Mary Barber, V, 1149. 

Nathaniel, IV, 1166. 

Sarah Fi field, YII, 176. 

William, lY, 114U. 
Ewing, Eleanor, lY, 8. 

Gen'l James, III, 7. 

May O., YI, 614. 

Fink, Daniel, YI, 974. 

George J., YII, 975. 

Lulu Ann, YII, 976. 

Fisher, Catherine Jones, Y, 138. 

Mary M., Y, 60 i. 

Tamar A., YI, 531. 
Fleming, Clara J , YI, 428. 

Margaret D., Y, 1884. 
Forbes, Annie Laurie, Y, 1472. 
Ford, Nancv Emily, VI, 296. 
horster, Franklin H., VI, SOS. 
Foster, Albert, YI, 832. 

Andrew, Y, 227. 

Andrew J., VH, 561. 

Benjamin. VI, 230. 

Charles, VII, 564. 

Dorcas Jane, YII, 562. 

Elizabeth, VI, 232. 

Elsie, YI, 519. 

Emeline Miles, Y, 796. 

Esther Elizabeth, YL 514. 

Franklin R., YII, 560. 

Hettie, YI, 229. 

James, YI, 231. 

Jennies., VII, 563. 

John Van Vaizah, VII, 835. 

Joseph C, YI,522. 

Martha, Y, 587. 

Mary Jane, V, 698. 

Mary Wilson, Y, 684. 

Robert, Y, 513. 

Robert Sutherland, YII, 834. 

Samuel R., YI, 559. 

Sarah, YI, 228. 

Sarah Boude, YI, 518. 

Warren Oliver, YII, 833. 

William E., YI, 521. 
Foust, Amelia, YI, 591. 
Franciscus, George Charles, Y, 1027. 
James Wright, YI, 1028. 
Lucy, YI, 1029. 
Frederick, Sarah, lY, 954. 

Gamble, Alexander Dill, YI, 149. 
Rev. Robert, Y, 147. 
Robert Houston, VI, US. 
Gebhart, Mary, V, 1441. 
Gence, Lee L, V, 1373. 
Gibbs, John Edward.^, Y, 1376. 
Gilmore, Catharine Lavinla Codmus, 

Y, 1541 . 
Goodman, Catharine Barber, Y, 1283. 
Charles Allen, VI, 1288. 
James, VI, 1290. 
James Bruner, V, 1284. 
Kenneth Sawyer, YI, 1294. 
Margaret Ada, V, 1291. 
Mary Anna, V, 1285. 
Owen Bruner, IV, 1282. 
Robert Barber. VI, 128 ). 
Robert Franklin, V, 1286. 
AVilliam Owen, Y, 1292. 
Grafton, Anna, IV, 1389. 
Julia, V, 1367. 
Greene, Annie Mary, YI, 179. 

Cornelia Bonuell, YI, 181. 
Eleanor Houston VI, 177. 
Mabel Martha, VI, 180. 
Sallie Houston, YI, 178. 
Stephen, Y, 169. 
Susan Strickler, YI, 171. 
William Houston, VI, 170. 
Grier, Hannah Jane, VI, 242. 

Haldeman, Albert, V, 1127. 
Albert, YI, 1130. 
Anna Reigart, Y & YI, 1090 

& 1496. 
Annie Gertrude, YII, 1079. 
Ashton, YI, 1136. 
Benjamin Franklin, Y, 1120. 
Benjamin Franklin, YI, 1093. 
Bertha, \l, 1129. 
Charles, YL 1131. 
Charles Clifford, Y, 1125. 
Charles Clifford, YI, 1099. 
Charles Howard, VI, 1117. 
Charlotte Riddle, YII, 1098. 
Donald Carmichael, YI, 1096, 
Donald Masterton, YII, 1095. 
Elizabeth, YII, 1076. 
Emily, YI. 1134. 
Emilv, YII, 1080. 
Emily Boude, Y, 1121. 
Emily Hopkins, YI, 1101. 
Florence, YI, 1135. 
George Herbert, YI, 1111. 
George Thompson, YII, 1114. 
George Washington, Y, 1108. 
Henry Howard, YI, 1104. 
Jennie Wood Thompson, YII, 

John, Y, 1071. 
John, VII, 1077. 
John P., VI, 1088. 
Kate Reigart, VI, 1100. 
Louise Wood, VI, 1110. 
Marv, A\1106. 
Percy, YI, 1073. 



Haldeman, Percy, YII, 1 75. 
Peter, IV, 1070. 
Peter, Y, 1105. 
Peter, YI, 1132. 
Philip Wager E.eigart, YI, 

Rachel Jane At lee \, 1107. 
Kobert Jenkins, YI, 1103. 
Samuel John Atlee. YI, 1119. 
Sarah Barber, VI, 1081, 
Theodore Thompson, YII, 

Thomas Wood, YI, 1112. 
AValter, YI, 1133. 
William, V, 1137 
William, YII, 1078. 
William Latta, YI, 1089. 
Hall, George E., Y, 1437. 
Marv R., VI, 1438. 
Hamilton, Ada, YI, 532. 
Harvey; Benjamin S., YI, 256. 
Haughev, Mary, YI, 603. 
Hause, Charles A., VI, 401. 
Florence, YII, 403. 
Irvin, YII, 402. 
Hayes, Annie C , VII, 479. 
Annie M., YI, 474. 
Edmund Primer, YII, 884. 
Hattie J., YII, 481. 
Jennie S., YI, 484. 
John, Y, 879. 
John Carroll, VI, 886. 
John W., YI, 473. 
Joseph, Y, 464. 
Joseph C, YI, 477. 
Margaret Barber, YI, 880. 
Mary C, VI, 465. 
Mary Elizabeth, YI, 887. 
Mary J., YII, 480. 
Myrite J., VII, 482. 
Robert Goodloe Harper, YI, 


Robert J., YI, 483. 
Samuel Gardner, VI, 885. 
Heckman, Eli, VI, 438. 
Heim, Julia, Y, 937. 

Lucinda, V, 944, 
Heise, Elizabeth A. Bethel, V, 33. 
Henry, Charles W., YI,159. 
Maltha, II, 1543. 
T. Charlton, YII, 160. 
Hoffer, Sarah Magdalene, VI, 883. 
Houston, Amy Eleanor, \1, 141. 

Ann Susan, lY, 128. 

Anna Merrill, A^II, 82. 

Annie Rhoda, VI. 67. 

Charles W., YII, 81. 

Chellie Armour, YII, 85. 

Christiana M., Y, 132. 

Cornelia Bonnell, YI, 156, 

Edith Corlies, YII, 164. 

Eleanor Anna, VI, 161. 

Eleanor Wright, lY, 127. 

Eleanor Wright, V, 167. 

Eleanor Wright, VI, 115. 

Eliza Brown, YI, 88. 

Emily Wright, VI, 97. 

Emily Strickler, Y, 166. 

Houston, George Martin, YI, 77. 

Georgianna Fisher, YI, 139. 

Gertrude, YI, 165. 

Henry Edward, VI, 142. 

Henry Howard, Y, 154. 

Henry Howard, YI, 157. 

Henry Howard, YII, 84. 

James, lY, 63. 

James, YI, 113. 

Jessie Hale, YII, 86. 

Dr. John, III, 27. 

John Frederick, Y, 137. 

John Harvey, YII 79. 

John James, V, 152. 

John Wright, IV, 29. 

John Wright, Y, 65. 

Lulu May. YII, 87. 

Martha, lY, 30. 

Martha Mifflin, Y, 168. 

Mary Blooiufield, VI, 105. 

Mary Robinson, V, 145. 

Nellie Bloorafield, VII, 83 

Patience, IV, 28. 

Rachel Vincent, VI, 114. 

Robert Wright, IV, 143. 

Sallie Bonnell, YI, 158. 

Samuel Frederick, YI, 162. 

Samuel Nelson, W, 15 t. 

Sarah Wright, YI, 104. 

Susan Eleanor, Y, 11 & 117. 

Susan Eleanor, VI, 96. 

Susan Wright, V, 146. 

William Augusta, YI, 112. 

William Frederick, lY, 129. 

William Frederick, VI, 140. 

William Martin, YII, 80. 
Howard, David, VI, 659. 

Elizabeth, VI, 656. 

Harriet Van Vaizab, YI, 666. 

Harry Gordon, YI, 664. 

John, YI, 657. 

Joseph Green, YI, 663. 

Laird, Y, 6.54. 

Margaret Barber, VI, 665. 

Robert Barber, VL 661. 

Sarah Boude, VI, 662. 

Thomas, YI, 655. 
William Baiber, YI, 658. 
Howe, Albert Henry, YI, lt75. 
Albert L., V,"l471. 
Augusta Manette, YI, 1455. 
Charles M., Y, 1466. 
Corinue, YI, 1454. 
Elizabeth, VI. 1453. 
Frank, Y, 1470. 
Frank, YI, 1474. 
George, Y, 1448. 
George, YI, 1459. 
Georgina Elvina Carmen, YI, 

James, YI, 1461. 
John Dicks, V, 1476. 
Louise Eugenie, YI, 1458. 
Marie Elvina, YI, 1460. 
Marie Inez Isabella, YI, 1452. 
Robert, Y, 1462. 
Robert Harper. VI, 1456. 
Robert Jones, lY, 1447. 



Howe, Ruth Harriet, YI, 1457. 

Stephenson Waters, VI, 1464, 
William, V, 1465. 
William Robert, VI, 1473. 
Hoyer, John Briia, VI, 1160. 
Huber, Ellen, VI, 908 & 999. 

Gertrude Stees, VII, 111. 
Ivanhoe S., VI, 106. 
John Houston, VII, 108, 
Levi Houston, VII, 107. 
Margaret Elizabeth, A^II, 109. 
Mary Bloorafield, VII, 110. 
Hudson, Lovica, V, 1200, 
Huhn, Jacob, III, 1254 

Margaret, IV, 1255. 
Marv, IV, 1256. 
Nathaniel, IV, 1257. 
Hunter, Amy, IV, 130. 
Hutcheson, Annie Laura, VII, 469. 
Edith Jane, VII, 470. 
Florence L., VII, 468. 
Joseph Orvil, VII, 472. 
Marv Bell, VII, 467. 
Wallace. VI, 466. 
Wallace T., VII, 471, 

Jackson, Albert Atlee, VI, 1124. 

Charles McClintock, V, 1122. 

Clara V., VI, 970. 

Effie, VI, 973. 

EmilvB, VI, 965. 

John'B., VI, 966. 

Juseph, V, 9i8, 

Lizzie, VII, 968. 

Mary V., VI, 978, 

Merrill, VII. 969, 

Sarah Atlee, VI, 1123. 

Sarah E., VI, 959, 

AVilliam, VI, 977. 
Johnson, Alice Barber, VI, 1232. 

Atlee, VI, 1229. 

Bertrand, VI, 1347. 

Carrie, VI, 1.345, 

Henry Houston, VI, 12.34. 

Howard Archer, VI, 1236, 

Jesse L., V, 1225. 

Jessie Lewis, VI, 1231. 

Kate, VI, 1344. 

Margaret Emily, VI, 1235. 

Mary Evans, VI, 1226. 

P, B., V, 1343, 

William, VI. 1316. 

William Wright, VI, 1233. 
Jones, Ida E., VI, 982. 

Sarah Ann, IV, 144. 

Keichler, Elizabeth, V, 1128. 
Keith, E. Walter, V, 1435, 
Kirksev, Anna G.. V, 1417, 
Kuhns,* William, VI, 1426. 
Kunkel, Ann AVright, VI, 1161, 

Elizabeth Myers, VI, 1163. 

George, A"I, 1158. 

Harriet King, A'l, 1164. 

Kunkel, Henry Bletz.VI, 1165. 
Jacob, V, 1150. 
James Myers, VI, 1151. 
Mary Evans, VI, 1152. 
Rebecca Stine, VI, 1159. 
Laub, Elizabeth, III, 1278. 
Leech, Charles Colton, V, 1531, 

David Edgar Park, VI, 1.526. 
Frances Frederica, VI, 1525, 
Jessie Marian, V, 1529. 
John Frederick, V. 1522. 
Katherine Olivia, VI, 1527, 
Marian Atlee, V, 1532. 
Marian Edgar, VI, 1524. 
Richard Barber, V, 1533. 
Richaid Treat, IV, n21. 
Richard Treat, V, 1528. 
Little, Florence, A^I, 967. 
Thomas, VI, 971. 
Verna, VII, 972. 
Lockhart, Mary A., VI, 326. 

McAlister, Mary H., VI, 660. 
McArn, Anna E., V, 1404. 
McCalet, Louisa, V, 1412. 
McCandiess, Gardner, VI, 1030. 
McCaulev, Bell, VI, 440. 

Bessie M., VII, 447. 
Charles A., VII, 448. 
Levi, VI, 445. 
Samuel A., VII, 446. 
McConnell, Wm , III, 1545. 
McCool, Charles, VII. 910 & 1001. 

Charles B , VT, 916 & 1007. 

Edward, VI, 915 & 1006. 

Eleanor, VI, 911 & 1002. 

Emily B., VI, 912 & 1003. 

Harvev Lovd, VII, 909 & 1000. 

Henrietta, VI, 914 & 1005. 

James B., VI, 907 & 998. 

Joseph, VI, 913 & 1004. 

Oliver P., V, 905 ct 996. 

Susan B., VI, 906 ct 997. 
McCune, Benjamin, VIII, 549. 

Henry, VII, 547. 

John, VIII, 550. 

Lillie, VIII, 548. 
McGoldrick, Mary P.mily, V, 1126. 
McKinney, Anna, VI, 362. 
Mahon, Josephine Dunlap, VII, 1057. 

Dr. Ormsby S., V. 1054. 

Robert Wright, VI, 1055. 
March, Prof. Francis A., Jr., VII, 238. 
Martin, Marv Bloomfield, V, 66. 

Thomaj^, V. 200. 
Masterton, Julia, VI, 1094. 
Mather, Elizabeth, V, 274. 
Mathoit, Catharine. Ill, 1280. 
Mayer, Bettie W., VI, 1U45. 

Beverly Randolph, V, 1041. 
Charles, VI, 1042. 
Henrv C, VI, 1044. 
Sarah, VI, 1043. 
Mench, Elva, VI, 395. 
Merrill, John Houston, VII, 70. 

Gen'l Lewis, VI, 68. 



Merrill, Mary, VII, 71. 

Sallie Lewis, VII, 69. 
Mifflin, Alexander Stewart, VI, 52. 
Anna E., VI, 55. 
Artliur, VI, 61. 
Betliel, VI, 34. 
Charles West, VI, 40. 
Deborab Ann, V, 42. 
Deborab Ann, VI. 49. 
Eleanor Ewiug, VI. 12 >t 119. 
George W., VI, 13 & 120. 
Hacker, VI, 60. 
Hannah H., VI, 54. 
Houston, VI, 37. 
HowardE., VI, 1216, 
Howard E., VII, 19 & 126. 
James, VI, 48. 
James A., VI, 50. 
James De Veaux, VI, 38. 
James Ewing, V, 10 & 118, 1213. 
James Ewing, VI, 15 & 122, 1214. 
James Ewing, VII, 17 & 124. 
James Houston, V, 43. 
James Warner, VII, 14 & 121. 
John, IV, 9. 
John, VI, 47. 
John Houston, V, 32. 
John Lowdon Wright, VI, 1215. 
John Lowdon Wright, VII, 18 & 

Joseph, IV, 31. 
Joseph, V, 44. 
Joseph, VI, 57. 
Julia D., VI, 58. 
Lloyd, VI, 35, 46. 
Martha, V, 62. 
Martha Elizabeth, VI, .36. 
Martha J, VI, 51. 
Mary Bethel, VI, 39. 
William S., VI, 59. 
Miller, Marv Bell, VI, 308. 
Minshall, Elizabeth, III, 1273. 

Hannah, III, 1262. 

Henry, IV, 1269. 

Jean, III, 1272. 

John, III, 1265. 

Joshua, III, 1264. 

Robert, III, 1266. 

Thomas, II, 1261. 

Thomas, III, 1267. 
Mitchell, Belle H., VII, 498. 

Burton C, VII, 494. 

Effie E., VII, 497. 

Jane E., A"II, 493. 

Laird A., VI, 496. 

Luther E., VII, 492. 

Mary C, VII, 499. 

Maud, VII, 500. 

Norton L., VI, 491. 
Moore, Elisha, III, 1479. 
Eliza, IV, 1480. 
Ellen J., IV, 1485. 
Rebecca Maria, V, 351. 
William B., IV. 1484. 
Musser, Elizabeth A., V, 426. 
Grace L., VIII, 283. 
Ida Elizabeth, VII, 285. 
Jane A,, VIII, 282. 


Musser, John A., VII, 290. 
Joseph, VI, 277. 
Joseph N., VII, 279. 
Mary C, V, 314. 
Mary H., VIII, 280. 
Mary M, VII, 284. 
Minnie H. E., VII, 291. 
Nancy Lulu, VII, 292. 
Robert C, VII, 278. 
Walter C, VII, 293. 

Newlove, Leonora, V, 1440. 

Opdycke, Catharine, VI, 236. 
Orwig, Samuel Henry, VI, 881. 

Park, Margaretta, V, 1523. 
Parker, Nellie Louise, V, 1493. 
Patton, Elizabeth J., V, 980. 
Pearce, Charles Downing, VI, 675. 
Perrine, Fannie, VI, 568. 
Powell, L. C, VI, 676. 

Reber, Adelaide, V., 1424. 
Reed, Jane W., V, 489. 
Virginia, VI, 508. 
Reel, George, VI, 1162. 
Reigart, Anna, V, 1072. 
Rezner, Elizabeth Ochiltree, V, 828. 

Mary Agnes, V, 856. 
Richards, Bentley Smith, VI, 1174. 
Emily Smith, VI, 1175. 
James Armstrong, V, 1172. 
Lowdon Wright, VI, 1173. 
Margaret Wright, VI. 1176. 
Richardson, Alice Ruth, VII, 850. 
Carlton, VII, 847. 
Edwin George, VI. 846. 
Eleanor Dorothy, VII, 849. 
Robert Edwin, VII, 848. 
Riddle, Lydia Maud, VI, 1097, 
Ried, Elizabeth A., IV, 1355. 
Riley, Delilah, V, 352. 
Rittenhouse, Louise, V, 889, 
Robbins, Edward Carmichael, VII, 1084. 
Rev. Edward Hvde, VI, 1082. 
Elsie Wolcott, VII, 1087. 
Fannie Bell, VII, 1086. 
John Haldeman, VII, 1085. 
Louise Hyde, VII, 1083. 
Robinson, Chester, IV, 1297. 

Mary Barber. V, 1298. 
Rockey, Margaret, VI, 316. 
Roe, Nellie J., VII, 298. 
Ross, Rev. M. L., VI, 263. 
Rutherford, Ada Byron, VI, 858. 

Sampsel, Effie V., VI, 420. 
Sawyer, Erna Melviua, V, 1293. 
Saylqr, Annie Gertrude, VT, 1074. 
Schrader, Susanna, V, 393. 



Scott, Amy Jane, VI, 134. 

Anna Eleanor, \1, 136. 
Anna Merrill, YIII, 74. 
David Hunter, VIII, 73. 
Edward Houston, VI, 135. 
Lieut. Hugh Lenox, VJI, 72. 
Rev. James L., V, 133. 
Lewis Merrill. VIII, 7.5. 
Mary Blanchard, VIII, 70. 
Seaver, Harry, VII, 377. 
Henry, VI, 372. 
IvaL., VII, 373. 
Joseph, VII, 376. 
Joy H., VII, 374. 
Minnie C, VII, 375. 
Ray, VII, 378. 
William H., VII, 379. 
Sellers, James Cadwallader, V, 1504. 
Sheckler, Annie E , VI, 207. 
Sherman, Horace VVilliston, VI, 1303. 
Prof. Lucius A., V, 1.302. 
Winifred Speranza, VI, 1304. 
Shively, Abner, VI, 414. 
Esther, IV, 525. 
Shoch, Col. Samuel. IV, 1310. 
Simonton, Elizabeth E., V, 261, 
James, VI, 823. 
John Irwin, VII, 799. 
Samuel Barber, VIT, 800. 
William Irwin, VI, 798. 
Slear, Elizabeth, VI, 396. 
Smith, Ada, VI, 405. 

Edith Irene, VI, 689. 
Emma, VI, 701. 
Ida, VI, 984. 
Mary Edith, VI, 853. 
Matilda, V, 205. 
Mr., IV, 1481. 
Sarah Ann, V, 1240. 
William B.,V, 1483. 
Snodgrass, Emma, VI, 814. 
Speghtman, Carl, VI, 116. 
Spigelmyer, Hannah Jane, VI, 265. 
Sprague, Louis A. W., VI, 626. 

Lelia A., VII, 627. 
Stair, Benjamin C, VII, .346. 

Carrie Beatrice, VII, 386. 
Elsie E., VII. 340. 
Ethel Victoria, VII, 384. 
Faith G., VII, 347. 
Henry, VI, 339. 
Henry C, VII, 345. 
Jeremiah Beckner, VI, 382. 
J. H., VI, 333. 
Joseph Beckner, VII, 383. 
Landis C, VII, 335. 
Lewis J., VII, .341. 
Lilian Elsie, VII, 355. 
Mabel Nina, VII. 360. 
Mary E., VII, 344. 
Mary Eva, VII, 357. 
Mary G., VII, 344. 
Nellie C, VII, 348. 
Nettie B., VII, 342. 
Ralph Thomas, VII. 359. 
Rebecca Chambers, VII, 356. 
Robert Preston, VII, 358. 
Robert U., VII, 836. 

Stair, Sidney J., VII, 348. 

Theodore Preston, VII, 385, 
Dr. Urban Preston, VI, ,3.54. 
Stake, Elizabeth, IV, 1,326, 
Capt. Jacob, III. 1324. 
John Lowdon, IV, 1339. 
Mary, IV. 1327. 
Staman, Henry Zook, VI, 1184. 
Steans, Dr. John Charlton, VI, 520. 
Stehman, Eliza, V, 1329. 

Jacob, IV, 1328. 
Stewart, Julia Duncan, V, 45. 
Stickle, Clara Belle, VII, 486. 
Herbert W., VI, 485. 
Mary Perl, VII, 487. 
Stiles, Lydia Cresson, IV, 1491. 
Stratton, Maggie, V, 1516. 
Strickler, Emily, IV, 1024. 

Susan, IV, 151. 
Struble, Mary A., VI, 217. 
Stump, Susan, IV, 1025 
Swench, Minerva S., VI, 707. 
Swinehart, Andrew, IV, 1548. 
Mr., Ill, 1547. 

Taylor, Mary Isabel, VII, 865. 

Sarah, II, 186. 

Spencer Barber, VII, 866. 

Thomas Brainard, VI, 863. 

William Silverwood, VII, 864. 
Thompson, Annie E , VI, 219. 

Emily Ca.ssel, VI, 1113. 
Tidmarsh, Hannah, I, 2. 
Tilford, Caroline S , IV, 1509, 
Townsend, Anne Eliza, IV, 1490. 
Trump, Marv, IV, 1141. 
Tucker, Harriet O,, VI, 478. 
Tumbach, Emma E., VI, 721. 
Twining, Clarence Walter, VI, 891. 
Joseph Laverne, VII, 892. 

Van Valzah, Elizabeth Ellen, VI, 646. 
Elizabeth Ellen. VII, 650. 
Flavel Barber, VI, 647. 
Dr. Franklin H., VI, 638. 
Harriet Rebecca, VI, 643. 
James Wilson, VII, 642. 
Jane Roan, VI, 637, 
John A,, V, 636, 
John Henry, VII, 639. 
Mary, IV, 696. 
Robert, VII, 640. 
Samuel Wolfe, VII, 651. 
Sarah, VI, 6.52. 
Sarah Boude, VII, 641. 
Sarah Margaret, VII, 649, 

Wallace, Elmer J, VII, 476. 

N, J., VI, 475, 
Walworth, Rev, John, V, 631, 
Warner Capt. Charles N., VI, 89. 
Charles Nelson, VII, 90. 



Warner, Eliza Sarah, VII, 94. 

Mary Bloomfield, VII, 93. 
Nelson Charles, VII, 92. 
Susan Eleanor, VII, 9o. 
William Houston, VII, 91. 
Waters, Hadassah Jane, V, 1463. 
Watson, George Hepburn, V, 1499. 
Helen, VI, 1500. 
Louisa Townsend, VI, 1502. 
Walter Malcolm, VI, 1501. 
Weaver, Marv Margaret, IV, 1422. 
Webb, Aaron', V, 1316. 

James B., IV, 1314. 
Joseph, IV, 1321. 
Joseph, V, 1319. 
William, V, 1318. 
Ziba, III, 1313. 
Ziba, IV, 1320. 
Whitehill, Sarah, IV, 131. 

Sarah Elizabeth, III, 1488. 
Whitley, James S., VI, 715. 

Jane Elizabeth, VII, 717. 
John Forster, VII, 716. 
Eay Palmer, VII, 718. 
William Simontou, VII, 719. 
Whitmore, Alice Elizabeth, VII, 783. 
Dale Chamberlin VII, 790. 
Elijah, VI, 780. 
ElsieMav, VII, 791. 
Fidelia, VI, 774. 
Herbert, VII, 781. 
James Chamberlin, VII, 782. 
J. Dale, VII, 789. 
Lizzie Chamberlin. VII, 787. 
Mary Howard, VII, 788. 
Samuel Dixon, VII, 786. 
Warren, VI, 785. 
Williams, Clara, VII, 546. 

Edward. VII, 555. 
Lizzie, VII, 551. 
Mary, VII, 55/. 
Newcomb, VI, 545. 
Price, VII, 556. 
Williston, Anna Barber, V, 1301. 
Horace, IV, 1300. 
Horace, V, 1306. 
Katharine Mathiot, V, 1305. 
Wilson, Charles C. VI, 515. 

Charles Wesley, VI, 1187. 
Dorcas, V, 527. 
Jessie E., VII, 517. 
John, V, 682. 
Robert F., VII, 516. 
Wittenmyer, Eate E.. VI, 810. 
Wolfe, Emma Jane, VI, 648. 
Woolsey, Elsie, VI, 327. 

Gertrude, V, 818. 
Wood, Jennie M., V, 1109. 

Eugenia Marie, V, 1467. 
Worthington, Henrietta Malinda, VI, 

Wright, Ann, V, 1180. 

Ann Elizabeth, V, 1178. 

Ann Evans, VI. 1186, 1205, 1211. 

Anna Ehoda, IV, 64. 

Annie, V & VF, 16 & 123 & 1212. 

Andrew Beiter, VI, 1189. 

Bessie, VI, 1192. 

Wright, Catharine G., V, 1046. 

Charles Frederick, V, 1050. 

Charles N., IV, 1023. 

Edward Bruner, VI, 1201. 

Eleanor, lA', 24. 

Eleanor Mifflin, VI, 1183. 

Elizabeth, II, 1276. 

Elizabeth, IV, 1058. 

Elizabeth. V, 1040. 

Elizabeth Ellen, V, 1053. 

Elizabeth May, VI, 1202. 

Emily Lovica, VI, 1204. 

Emily S., V,1048. 

Frances Cresson, VI, 1197. 

James, III, 5, 20, 182, 1017. 

James Mifflin, V, 1199. 

James Mifflin, VI, 12u9. 

John, II, 4. 

John, III, 22. 

John L , VI, 1206. 

John Lowdon, IV, 1168. 

John Lowdon, V, 1181. 

John Lowdon, VI, 1188. 

Margaret Evans, V,1171. 

Margaret Evans, VI, 1196. 

Mary B., V, 1031. 

Mary Beiter, VI, 1185. 

Mary Evans, V, 1179. 

Mary Evans, VI, 1203. 

Mary Hannah Cresson, VI, 1195. 

Olive Margaret, VI, 1207. 

Patience, III, 6. 

Ehoda, IV, 1020. 

Ehoda Barber. V, 1049. 

Robert, III, 21. 

Robert Barber, IV, 1051. 

Samuel, IV. 1018. 

Samuel, V, 1169. 

Samuel, VI, 1198. 

Samuel Albert, VL 1210. 

Samuel Houston, VI, 1190. 

Sarah, IV, 1019, 1021. 

Sarah Barber, V. 1026. 

Sarah Grafius, VI, 1191. 

Susan, V, 1177. 

Susanna, III, 25, 26. 

Susanna Bethel, IV, 1022. 

William, V, 1193. 

William Hudson, VI, 1208. 
Wyland, George, VI, 225. 

Yarger, Edith, VII, 412. 
Eva, VII, 411. 
John, VI, 410. 
Yoder, Anna, VI, 416. 
Young, Alice, B., VI, 711. 
Laurene, VI, 802. 
Martha Ellen, V, 668. 
Rebecca, III, 1268. 
Youngman, Alice Gray, VII, 237. 
Benjamin, C, VI, 249. 
Benjamin Chambers, VII, 

Emma Porter, VII 248. 
Ethel, VII, 239. 
George Chambers, VII, 244. 



Youngman, George Nagel, V, 234. 
Jean, VII, 247. 
John C, VI, 241. 
John Montgomery, VII, 245. 
Kate Barber, VII, 240. 
Lizzie Edith, VII, 254. 
Louise Bunting, VII, 251. 
Mary Montgomery, VII, 246. 
Michael Grier, Vl'l, 243. 

Youugraan, Robert Barber, VI, 235. 
Robert Harper, VII, 253. 
Sarah Amelia, VI, 255. 
Thomas W., VI, 257. 

Zimmerman, Daniel M., VI, .505. 
Mertie C., VII, 506. 



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